The Blue nose Pitbull is a beautiful Pitbull v blue fur and also a blue sleep to match. They room the an outcome of a recessive gene, which provides them rare and also very an overwhelming to breed.

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Blue noses are a wonder to see and are just as loving and sweet as any type of other type of Pitbull. This dog will love you unconditionally and has an undying loyalty to its family.

While this dog does not fit right into every family, the thrives in a great home. As a working dog, it values a busy family members that have the right to keep its body and mind active.

There space so numerous things that make a Blue sleep Pitbull special. If you room thinking of including one to her family, check out on for a complete guide to its training, care, cost, and more.

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About Blue sleep PitbullsBlue ColorBreed Guide

About Blue sleep Pitbulls


The Blue nose Pitbull is an American Pitbull Terrier with a rarely coat color. Its defining feature is its bluish gray fur and matching nose. shade is the only difference in between a blue nose and any various other pitbull.

This beautiful blue color is the result of a recessive gene. The only method to insurance a litter the blue puppies is for both of the parents to it is in blue sleep pitbulls. You may have to do rather a bit of research prior to you finally uncover a blue puppy.

Do not let his large build and striking appearance silly you. Beneath those large muscles lies an also bigger heart. Anyone that really knows this breed knows just exactly how much of a sweetheart the is.

In the hands of a great owner, a blue nose pitbull is among the many loyal and also loving dogs around. He will look out for you simply as much as you look out for him.

However, the decision to embrace this breed is no one that need to be taken lightly. The takes a many dedication to store this dog ~ above its best behavior. These dogs are best suited to owner who desire to progressive awareness of their true nature and also fight the stigma that them gift dangerous.

Breed Origin

In spite of that is name, the American Pitbull Terrier’s history began in England. In the 1500s, packs of Terriers and Bulldogs were supplied for bull baiting. Aggression was thought about a an excellent trait, dogs that presented the most aggression were singled the end for breeding.

When bull baiting was outlawed, these dogs were then required to American in the 1800s to fight other species of Pitbulls. This bloodsport was at some point outlawed too. After dogfighting to be banned, the Pitbull was repurposed into a functioning dog and also family pet.

Their history is the reason why they have a reputation as a danger dog.

Because of their background as fighting dog the American Kennel Club has yet to acknowledge them. Just the united Kennel Club acknowledge the blue nose pit bull.

Widespread misconceptions around Pitbull aggression and biting have actually led to breed certain legislation in countless states. To this day, numerous towns and counties still half ownership that pitbulls.

Fortunately, end the previous ten years, this breed’s positive traits space becoming much more obvious. Today, he is among the most renowned rescue dogs and is an extremely well-loved by those who recognize his true nature.

It is unknown once the first blue nose pitbull was bred. However, the color was famous by the beforehand 2000s.

Breed Characteristics
Family Friendly★★★★★(5)
Energy Levels★★★★★(5)
Ease that Training★★★★★(3)
Shedding Frequency★★★★★(2)

Fun Blue sleep Pitbull Facts

In the winter, this dog’s blue nose may fade to gray or pink. This is known as a ‘snow nose’.The Blue Nose color gene is recessive, this means both parents should be carrier of the gene in bespeak to create a blue nosed puppy.The blue nose is regularly a victim that inbreeding and other bad breeding practices. While inbreeding does boost the opportunities of a pitbull blue nose puppy, it also results in many health and behavioral problems.A Pitbull can have blue fur without having a blue nose. The blue sleep is the result of a specific genetic mutation.Pitbulls of every colors love children so much that lock are recognized as ‘nanny dogs’.

Blue Color


The blue color and also matching nose room what lets you recognize that this certain Pitbull is a Blue nose Pit. Its shade can be a bluish gray of any kind of shade, however it is usually a dark gray the is practically black.

Their sleep matches your fur, for this reason a deep blue dog will have actually a deep blue nose. A powder blue or ‘slate gray’ dog will have a lighter colored nose. The blue shade can be solid or in patches against a white elevator (as pictured above).

The same gene responsible for the coat shade affects the eye and also nail color too. This dog’s eyes space usually light grey or icy blue, and the nails might be dark gray or black.

Blue nose Pitbulls have a short, stiff single coat the is cropped really close to your body. It is thin sufficient for friend to feeling the muscles underneath.

Their coat only requirements brushing when a week and does not require haircuts or shaving. It yes, really shines after ~ a an excellent brushing and also is also tight and dense to shed very much.


The blue nose shade is the result of a rarely recessive gene. The very same gene is responsible for blu-ish gray fur in other dogs such together the mini Australian Shepherd. Come understand just how these genes impact a pitbull, we should know exactly how dominant and recessive genes work:

Dominant alleles are constantly expressed very first in the dog’s appearance.Recessive alleles are just expressed if both parents carry it.

For example, in the Labrador Retriever, the allele for the black fur shade is dominant ‘BB’, while cacao is recessive ‘bb’. Mating two black labs with each other will develop a litter the ‘BB’ black color puppies. Breeding a black color lab with a cacao lab will create a litter the ‘Bb’ puppies.

Suppose the alleles for black Pitbulls is ‘BB’ and also ‘Bb’ because that blue.

If you were to each other a black color dog with a blue one, their puppies would come out as black furred ‘Bb’ puppies. Only when you breed this ‘Bb’ dogs with one more black furred ‘Bb’ dog will certainly you acquire a blue nose puppy. However, breeding them with one more black ‘BB’ dog would certainly not produce a blue puppy.

The very very first Blue nose puppy was most likely the offspring of two black furred parents v the recessive blue furred gene.

Full get an impressive Size

The united Kennel Club’s main breed conventional was released in 1978 because that this breed. It says the blue sleep Pitbull is a medium sized dog through a very solid build and visible muscle definition.

A full grown male can stand between 18 and also 21 inches and also weigh 35 come 60 pounds. Females stand between 17 and also 20 inches and also weigh 30 come 50 pounds.

Particularly large blue nose Pitbulls can weigh as much as 70 pounds.

Full get an impressive blue nose pitbull size:GenderHeight (inches)Weight (pounds)
Male18 to 2135 come 60
Female17 to 2030 come 50

Pitbulls have vast forequarters, a deep chest and big mouths. However, their smiling challenge lets you understand that they space a lover and not a fighter!

Their ears can be rounded (like one American Labrador) or erect, and should never ever be cropped. The tail have to be thin and also slightly curved, yet never docked.

How lot Does A Blue sleep Pitbull Cost


The Blue Nose color is in high demand and can be quite an overwhelming to find. This renders it among the most expensive Pitbull colors. You have the right to expect to pay at the very least $1,000 for a puppy, however prices may run come $3,000.

Blue sleep Pitbulls are hard to breed, and there is no guarantee that a litter the Blue sleep puppies will be produced. This challenge is reflected in a puppy’s high cost.

Due come the short demand and poor reputation of complete grown Pitbulls, the price of an adult dog is lot lower. A sanctuary or a rescue have the right to charge as tiny as $50 to $300 to provide a pitbull a brand-new home. These prices normally go in the direction of making certain that the sanctuary can continue caring for animals in need.

AgePrice ($ USD)
Puppy1,000 to 3,000
Adult (from breeder)300 come 500
Adult (from rescue)50 to 300

The hereditary nature the the blue color means that these dogs are susceptible to inbreeding.

When purchase a blue sleep pit bull you will must make sure that your chosen breeder is ethical. Never ever purchase a puppy indigenous a backyard breeder or a puppy mill. Virtual listings space not the best place to look for a pit bull puppy.

Lower priced puppies are more likely to it is in of poor health. If you are on a budget, that is much better to adopt and not shop! Pitbulls the every shade are really popular in shelters, and adoption fees can run as tiny as $50.

Breed Guide


The blue nose Pitbull is not the ideal dog because that every family. Keeping one is a appointment to daily training and socialization. Like every functioning dog, this breed need to have daily physical and mental task to be in ~ its best.

Pitbulls are best suited to active families who are home often enough to offer them all of the fist they need.

How to Train a Blue nose Pitbull

Training is the most important, and also most difficult, aspect of Pitbull care. As soon as training this dog, you need to be firm however never stern or harsh. Signing up for puppy school, in addition to training in ~ home, is the finest bet.

Puppy school gives both expert training and also interaction with other dogs and also people. The most well-mannered pitbull is one the is frequently socialized with other people and dogs transparent its entire life.

Your dog should have met at the very least 12 new friends in its an initial 12 weeks. Organize plenty of puppy playdates, Pitbulls desire to make together many new friends as they maybe can.

A absence of socialization and boredom space two the the leading reasons of aggressive and destructive actions in this breed. Execute not forget to practice your dog’s mind as well as its body.

An problem or rally food is the best method to keep your pup having actually lots of fun while you train. These dogs love to run and also jump, and also will appreciate the possibility to present off your athletic prowess.

You have the right to make the course as straightforward or hard as friend desire. Change it increase every job so the your dog never ever knows what to expect. Fill the food with all of his favorite toys for motivation.

Basic puppy maintain planWeek 1234
Early socialization, Handling, home training, at an early stage house trainingName response, residence training, straightforward commands (e.g. Sit, Stay and Come)Leave it, drop it, Fetch, Wait, No, Down, much more socializationJump, Stand, Paw, Kiss, Wag, Shake, off leash walking



This breed needs up come 120 minutes of practice a day. Blue sleep Pitbulls love long walks and also runs, they should be walked because that at the very least 60 minute every day.

You deserve to take your dog the end on one lengthy walk in the morning, or split it into two shorter 45 minute walks. One of two people way, her dog should constantly be kept on that is leash while you room out together.

Pitbulls are happy to run, to walk or swim. They will certainly play choose a puppy, also as they acquire older, and also excel at any type of opportunity to demonstrate their agility.

Running, jumping, tug-of-war, and a backyard obstacle course will store this each other happy for hours. Also, Rally – a mix of agility and also obedience – is the Pitbull’s very best sport.


Unlike some various other rare-colored working breeds, such together the silver Labrador Retriever, this dog deserve to look its finest with very tiny brushing. Pit bulls are really low shed, and brushing that beautiful blue coat once a week will keep it spring shiny and also clean.

You will have to bathe her dog at least once a month, paying special attention to his ears and also facial folds. Clean and also trim her dog’s pond every three weeks, or whenever they start to curl or tap versus the floor. A dog that runs and also digs this lot can end up with very dirty nails.

Finally, brush your dog’s teeth at the very least twice a week. The is not too daunting to get a Pitbull used to the toothbrush, however you have the right to purchase dentist treats because that a much more reluctant individual.

Health Problems

The Blue nose Pitbull is more vulnerable to wellness problems than other Pitbulls as result of frequent inbreeding. They are much more likely to construct food and environmental allergies and their reactions deserve to be an ext severe.

An allergic reaction normally presents itself together an itchy, dry skin rash. Sneezing and also watery eyes are likewise signs the your dog may be allergy to something. Dealing with an allergic reaction is a issue of identifying and removing the allergen. A dog with eco-friendly allergies will require a lifelong regimen of medication and allergy shots.

Congenital heart condition is one of the many heartbreaking health issues for blue nose Pitbulls. Faulty reproduction often leads to heart troubles at a really young age.

Congenital, or inherited, heart diseases occur from birth. This heart problems will present up prior to the dog’s an initial birthday, and also last for its entire life. Countless heart illness do no have any symptoms in ~ all. Rather may cause lethargy, reduced appetite, paleness, and low activity.

Heart illness must be captured early, or they deserve to lead to total heart failure later on. Any type of dog susceptible to congenital heart troubles should have actually yearly screenings at a vet.

Unfortunately, the Blue nose Pitbull has actually a shorter lifespan than other Pitbull dogs. It frequently lives native 8 to 12 years, contrasted to 15 years for various other Pitbulls.

Personality and Temperament


A trained and also well behaved blue nose Pitbull does not have a average bone in its body. The deep ‘woo’ bark could sound very scary, however you will certainly not hear it very often. The ideal behaved Pitbulls just bark once they are an extremely excited or an extremely alarmed.

Contrary to popular belief, they are not the finest guard dog, even though lock are regularly stereotyped together one. Blue noses room much an ext likely to nuzzle and also kiss an intruder than to operation one off!

Above all, this dog is loyal, loving and also fun company to keep. He will certainly curl up right beside you top top the couch and also kiss you almost everywhere when you room in a negative mood.

There is a serious trouble if a Pitbull is aggressive. However, this go not median that that is a calm and relaxed breed. This functioning dog is eager, full of energy, and also excels in all manner of canine sports.

He will desire to beat for many of the day and also so will come to be destructive and also rude there is no a safe energy outlet. This dog for sure craves fist from other people. He will be an extremely unhappy and ill-behaved if he does not acquire to spend enough time v friends.

You need to take your dog out every day to play with various other dogs and greet the neighbors. The dog park is among his an extremely favorite areas to be.

Blue sleep Pitbulls get in addition to other dogs of a comparable size and energy level, yet should not be left unsupervised around smaller dogs. Aggression is not common, but it is also not unheard of. Unfortunately, some may have actually aggression bred right into their line together a result of their history.

The best way to reduce aggressive habits is to store your dog properly socialized and stimulated. Perform not neglect your dog or leave them top top their own for an extremely long.

Aggressive and destructive habits is usually the an outcome of distress or boredom. Yet a bite indigenous those an effective jaws deserve to be an extremely dangerous, so constantly respect your dog’s limits and boundaries.


Blue sleep pitbulls room a rare and also unusual shade of Pitbull the is sure to grab attention.

There is so much to love about the beautiful blue sleep Pitbull. Pitbulls of any kind of color simply want your love, and also make it very easy come give. If friend can offer this dog just the ideal home, friend will never regret your decision to make a new blue friend.

Active family members with older youngsters make the perfect friends because that them. Pitbulls require a household that deserve to play through them and also will put them to work every day.

Pitbulls call for a the majority of patience and dedication to care for and also train, yet they will pay you earlier with all of the love in the world.

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Any Pitbull owner have to be able to provide their dog v the suitable stimulation and socialization. That is a dog that requirements your attention most of the time. However, you will be captivated from the minute you look right into this precious dog’s eyes.