A Look in ~ The Rapper’s cannabis Habits and also Preferences

It doesn’t take it a genius to watch that Wiz Khalifa loves weed. After all, he referred to as his breakout studio album rojo Papers, and he’s buddies with other stoner Snoop Dogg. He’s even been photographed cigarette smoking a blunt on the red carpet lot of times.

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But just how much weed, exactly, walk Wiz smoke?

The “Black and also Yellow” rapper walk on the Joe Rogan endure – a stoner-approved podcast – come talk around joints, CBD, and also more. That even carried his very own mason seasoned of weed come the show’s taping, i beg your pardon proves he’s committed to the cause.

What sort Of Weed walk Wiz go For?


“I acting the K.K. – Khalifa Kush,” the rapper told Rogan. That’s the surname of Khalifa’s personally-made cannabis strain. This hybrid stress, overload isn’t available to the public, as it stems from the rapper’s an enig formula. K.K. Is rumored come be similar to OG Kush, v a dabble of tart lemon and also pine, and also an active cerebral buzz.

“I got exhausted of smoking cigarettes different species of weed,” Khalifa told Rogan. “It’s prefer a drink. Human being only drink dark liquor or whiskey… I just smoke K.K.”

Answering The golden Question – how Much walk Wiz Smoke?


Rogan asked Khalifa the burn question: exactly how much does the weed-obsessed rapper smoke?

“Probably around an ounce a day,” the replied, leave Rogan flabbergasted. Rogan, meanwhile, claims he smokes around one joint a day, yet it ultimately depends ~ above what the busy podcast host’s day looks like: “I obtain stoned every day when I don’t have actually sh*t to do,” he said.

Wiz’s famed Ex offers CBD Too


Rogan started telling Khalifa of a story he saw on the news, in which an elderly woman was arrested for having actually CBD at an plane in Dallas.

Khalifa replied by explaining the his high-profile ex, Amber Rose, used CBD during her critical pregnancy.

“She’s maybe to take it CBD throughout her pregnant to assist her through nausea and all that,” he explained. “Why would you dislike on CBD? it’s the sh*t.”

It’s crucial to keep in mind that over there is no proof to indicate that making use of cannabis or CBD assets is safe during pregnancy. In fact, the FDA strong advises versus the use of cannabis in any kind – including CBD – throughout pregnancy or if breastfeeding. Constantly follow the accuse of your physician if you are considering using cannabis or CBD when pregnant.

Wiz’s next Venture: cannabis Food Delivery?

Khalifa’s initiatives to incorporate weed right into his brand room not slowly down. He freshly announced the he would be launching a mobile food delivery organization in the fall. HotBox by Wiz will open this October in Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, mountain Diego, Chicago, Denver, D.C., Indianapolis, Houston, and also NYC. The menu’s munchies-approved dishes incorporate everything native burgers to mac and also cheese to desserts, and Khalifa is letting fans vote on much more dishes under the line.

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Clearly, weed is a large part that Khalifa’s life.

Photo Credit: The High roadway Summer tour 2016 in ~ the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre featuring Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, Jhené Aiko, Casey Veggies and also Dj Drama. Photography by Charito Yap https://www.flickr.com/photos/thecomeupshow/28573771741/