Do you want to visit a coffee shop in Amsterdam? read our article and we will certainly tell girlfriend all around these establishments and even about Amsterdam weed prices.

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Amsterdam is famed not just for tulips, canals, complimentary morals, cheese but also for unusual cafes – coffee shops. Outwardly, castle resemble ordinary establishments, yet only after cross the threshold, friend realize that this is not an simple cafe.

There is a particular smell here, in the room castle not only drink coffee and rolls but likewise smoke. However, they don’t just smoke cigarettes, marijuana, and coffee, the buns below are also unusual, castle have small doses of marijuana. Amsterdam weed price are quite normal here, it’s precious it. Frequently unknowingly, after ~ ordering drinks and also desserts, people readjust after a while. The quiet becomes very talkative, and also the talkers withdraw right into themselves.

Today in Amsterdam there room coffee shops on nearly every corner, their assortment does no differ lot from each other. We have actually made because that you a an option of the best, in ours opinion, coffee shops in Amsterdam.

What precisely should friend buy? Read and learn Amsterdam coffee shop prices

The menu is composed of number of sections: Joints, Weed, Hashish, and room Cakes.

Joint is a ready-to-eat cigarette. Together a rule, pack in a plastic case, or sealed in cardboard. Amsterdam weed prices: The cost of a ready-made joint is indigenous 3 come 9 euros, depending upon the content: a mixture with tobacco is cheaper than a pure, or “clean” joint. As you understand, the is far better to buy pure: the lungs are cleaner, the come is faster. True, you must prepare for the fact that one together joint deserve to easily lug three or four brothers. Especially on the very first day in Amsterdam.

Weed is a loose weed. Offered in tiny plastic bags v a clasp. The menu suggests the name of the variety (we’ll talk about this later), the weight of the bag, and the price. Pay attention to both: Amsterdam coffee shop prices: at a addressed price (8-12 euros) they have the right to sell, for example, 0.8 grams that Vanilla haze or 1.5 grams of White Widow.

You deserve to buy no much more than 5 grams at a time, however in fact, there is a many it: because that a cultural holiday, an average herbalist will need 1-1.5 grams the greens for a week and also Amsterdam weed price correspond to this pleasure.

Hashish is a compressed three resin powder. Much an ext durable than marijuana itself, which is why the is amazing mainly for proficient comrades. Weed price in Amsterdam 2021 – more expensive than weed, is supplied in the exact same way.

Space Cake – a cupcake v marijuana. The many acceptable, together it seems, different of use with your muzzle in your pocket. Amsterdam coffee shop price – 5 euros.

What it have the right to be?


According to the strength of the result on the body, every drugs are traditionally divided right into three groups: “light” – light, “medium” – medium, and “hard” – strong/heavy. Together you may have guessed, the last option is not recommended for use, unless, that course, you plan to end your walk approximately the city ahead of schedule.

Thus, there is no delving into the price list, you deserve to safely instantly turn to the bartender the the facility with the words, for example, “medium joint, please” and also they will know you perfectly. Execute not worry, professionals work in all coffee shops and also no one will market you some hard crap (if you don’t ask), since the loss of clients right into unconsciousness, fainting, and also other crucial situations room not in their interests.

The inquiry of picking a product deserve to be approached indigenous the other side: ask for “high-effect” – cheering / invigorating, or “low-effect” – soothing/pacifying. Amsterdam coffee shop prices: The expense of a irradiate or medium joint is 5-7 euros. One share is sufficient for 2-3 people.

Weed prices in Amsterdam 2021


In the Netherlands, soft drugs room officially legal. Smoking is officially enabled in Coffeeshops, however it is also feasible to exhilaration on the street. The coffee shop has a menu with various varieties of marijuana and also hashish. The bartender deserve to advise and aid in choosing. You deserve to ask miscellaneous light. Or other stronger. They generally buy coffee or other non-alcoholic drink through the joint.

Marijuana – Weed (dried hemp). Weed price in Amsterdam: on typical 1 gram expenses 9 – 12 EUR, the price depends on the varietyHashish – Hash (hemp resin). Weed price in Amsterdam: 7 – 12 EUR depending upon the varietyJamb – Joint, a mixture the marijuana or hashish through tobacco: 2.5 – 5 EURJamb of pure marijuana = 5 – 9 EUR

These were a weed in Amsterdam gram prices 2021.

Hallucinogenic mushrooms

Officially, mushrooms room not permitted in the Netherlands, however you deserve to buy them in dedicated stores such as coffee shops. Buyers are noted with thorough instructions for use, below are instances of weed prices in Amsterdam because that 100 gr.

Chantarelle – 2.50 EURPied Mouton – 2 EURShii fake – 2 EUR

Below room some instances of coffee shops in Amsterdam. Don’t worry: weed price in Amsterdam will joy you.

420 Café

It offered to it is in the trendy bar De Kuil, but since 2007 that has concentrated on the soft drug trade and is now much better known together 420 Café rather than De Kuil. The coffee shop, founded in 1987, is housed in one old structure with an amazing log ceiling.

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A very hippie coffee shop that opened in 1992 and also quickly obtained popularity amongst tourists and also local fans of “blowing”. The inner of the facility has adjusted over the years – instead of graffiti and also other madness, the walls and floors are now decorated through mosaics of heat colors, which create a rather serene atmosphere, that is, one under which it is finest to smoke marijuana.

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Do not be afraid of the surname of this coffee shop or be afraid to try the Amnesia haze marijuana right here – nothing negative will happen, yet “removing” deserve to be good and because that a long time. This little place supplied to be referred to as Whootsie Tootsie. Prices of weed in Amsterdam – indigenous 3-10 euros.


Located a block native Rembrandt Square, the Andalucia coffee shop will happiness all its customers with a very good selection of different varieties of marijuana and hashish at really reasonable weed in Amsterdam gram prices.


Baba coffee shop located on Varmustrat is considered fantastic place for those who room interested not only in marijuana but also in initial music, because that which the school is likewise famous. Weed in Amsterdam gram price from 5-17 euros.


Barney’s is a mini-empire ~ above Haarlemmerstraat that has actually been roughly for a 4 minutes 1 of a century. Barney’s coffee shop is the result of the change of a location that to be previously more breakfast-oriented and called the Breakfast Bar, but additionally did not disdain to market marijuana. Price of weed in Amsterdam – from 3-11 euros.

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This small coffee shop ~ above Cloveniersbürgwal is taken into consideration by part to be among the ideal in town. It is in that as it may, Basjoe is undoubtedly a great place because that those spring to gain some good “grass” in the facility of Amsterdam.

Betty Too

Another coffee shop in the gay quarter, aimed, however, at the heterosexual audience. Spread out over two floors, Betty Too provides all the visitors fantastic selection of hashish and cannabis.

De dampkring

An absolutely exorbitant coffee shop on Handboogstraat, i beg your pardon enjoys steady popularity among tourists. It opened in 1993 and quickly obtained its existing fame.

De Rokerij

This is the original Rokerij, from which every the others went, because that example, Rokerij II. Outside, this coffee shop is not very noticeable, but inside there is more than enough space.

Dutch flowers

Located top top the Singel Canal, the Dutch flowers coffee shop together with De Dampkring and Tweede Kamer is considered the ideal place for marijuana lovers in the area of ​​Spøy Square. Weed in Amsterdam gram prices right here is high.

Prices of weed in Amsterdam


In the ideal coffee shops in Amsterdam, price are an ext or less standard: a joint v tobacco will certainly cost about 4-6 euros and also the same joint, but without tobacco, will price 6-9 euros. A gram the marijuana will expense from 10 to 18 euros. Price of weed in Amsterdam: the price of an are cakes is indigenous 6 to 8 euros.

In tourist-oriented coffeeshops in Amsterdam gram prices 2021 it will certainly be 12-15 euros. Some coffee shops prosper marijuana top top their very own plantations. Right here you have the right to find nearly any variety, even a fairly exotic one, the top quality of the products is guaranteed!

Weed in Amsterdam gram prices goes approximately 25 euros per gram that the the strongest variety.

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Most coffee shops execute not accept financial institution cards, so it is best to lug cash through you.