rapid Facts that James Goldman

Full NameJames GoldmanNet Worth$2 millionDate that Birth17 May, 1948NicknameJimBirthplaceNew York City, new York, united StatesProfessionJournalistBuildAverageSpouseJulia, Amy Gardner(m: 1970)Online PresenceInstagram, Facebook and also TwitterChildren4

Today we will certainly talk around American news anchor Jim Gardner. He is well known for his work-related in WPVI in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania whereby he serves together a news anchor. Jim ended up being a reporter because that WFAS radio in White Plains, brand-new York, and soon came to be a News manager of the channel.

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A graduate the Columbia University, Gardner is married double in his life and shares four kids with his wives. Sadly, Jim’s an initial marriage ended with a divorce. If you want to find an ext about his an individual life, we imply you review the totality article.

About Gardner

Jim Gardner was born as James Goldman on might 17, 1948, in brand-new York City, brand-new York, joined States. Gardner hold an American nationality and also belongs to white ethnicity. The details of his at an early stage life, parents, and also siblings room not available.

As much as his education and learning is concerned, Gardner i graduated from Columbia University through a Bachelor of arts in political science in 1970. Later, he attended Brown college in bespeak to earn a Master’s Degree.

Career Overview

Jim an initial reported on the historical Student Riots at Columbia in 1968 because that the university’s radio station, WKCR-FM. He ended up being a workdesk assistant, writer, and producer because that 1010 WINS in new York City in 1970. Likewise, he additionally served as a reporter for WFAS radio in White Plains, new York and soon he came to be News Director. Gardner began his tv broadcasting job at WKBW-TV in Buffalo, brand-new York.

Picture: Jim Gardner in action NewsImage Source: Philadelphia magazine

Since June 1, 1976, that is functioning for WPVI-TV. Currently, Jim solo anchors the 6:00 PM and 11:00 afternoon weekday newscast, i m sorry he started doing top top May 11, 1977. Apart, he likewise covered every Democratic and also Republican presidential convention.

What’s His network Worth?

Jim Gardner has actually a net worth that $2 million as of 2021. Jim is working in the ar of journalism for over a decade. So, indigenous his victorious professions, he has earned a great name and fame and also a decent amount of money. Also, that receives a large chunk the his value from working through WPVI-TV, WFAs, and WKBW-TV.

However, Gardner’s specific salary is no yet revealed. Assessing his achievements, Jim can receive an annual salary of approximately $50,000. Also though Jim earns a colossal sum of cash, the is yet to disclose the details of his house and also cars. Sam Ryan, Alycia Lane, Karoun Demirjian, and Gabby Orr are some popular reporters in the united States.

Relationship through Amy Gardner

Jim Gardner is a married man. The influential journalist bound the node with Amy Gardner. Moreover, the husband and wife very first met each various other at WPVI’s sales department and began their relationship. After having a full-fledged partnership for numerous years, the couple shared your wedding vow in 1970. The duo has actually been together for practically four decades and also still, their connection is strong.

Snap: Jim Gardner v wife Amy GardnerImage Source: post bio.com

Jim and also Any’s delight was more enchanted after, castle welcomed two children, Emily Gardner, and also Jesse Gardner. The love bird share a blissful life without any signs the divorce and extramarital affairs. The family of 4 resides in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. Moreover, they regularly accompany each other in several events and occasions.

Past Relationship

On the various other hand, Jim was previously in a marital connection with his an initial life partner Julie, a psychologist. With their marital relationship, the couple shares two kids named Josh Gardner, and also Jen Gardner.

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Snap: Jim Gardner and his present wife Amy Gardner Kimmel center Source: Phillymag

Unfortunately, the 6abc anchor and Julie later obtained divorced. However the actual reason behind your separation continues to be confined indigenous the limelight. Nevertheless, there room no details regarding their wedding date and much more about this divorced couple to the media.