I agree through Krylon32 i have been to run a Ford 302 in an off topic car and I am really please v the price performance.Also it does a tiny drag piece duty top top the weekends together well.Sent from mine iPad making use of The H.A.M.B. Mobile app

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I fully agree v vtx1800 above. Unless you just acquired a the majority of money laying around and also don't take actual pride and what you deserve to do or develop then hell yes go buy one engine.But together for me I have a huge huge lot of satisfaction and pride in learning that i did virtually everything including the engine & Jag rear end and transmission (except for the interior) as soon as I developed The Judge. To each his own...

I might have $2200 into my quick block which to be done at a local shop (LAB in Lindenhurst NY). But I picked out every piece with the aid of the owner, Lee. Speedway had a 420HP 350 because that $3800 at the time. Yet I'd have actually to adjust to a front sump pan and also drill a hole for the oil pump pickup retaining bolt right into the block web. I beg your pardon I'm certain would hurt the warranty. Plus the was an ext fun to do and it come out great. I have nobody else to reprimand if it went bad.

View attachments 4623853 this is my two cents! I started my 32’ a pair years ago. Ns had uncovered a kind 265, not super however would do! still guess mine wife can sense my absence of enthusiasm because that the tiny Chevy. She’s fairly a shopper. Roughly my birthday a crate 350 mirrors up. Ns think it came from Summit. It’s the truck version rated in ~ 195 horse with the TBI or 260 with a 4 barrel. Bottom heat she purchased the on special, $1395, with free delivery. It has a 3 year warranty. I setup on a cam adjust and a 600 Holley dual pumper, my ride is stick and also a quick change. Even found some rarely 62 Chevy valve covers. Anyway inspect it out. Don’t forget just how much your old motor will gain if you sell it! Plus every things taken into consideration the prices might start to fall as time goes by!
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