History >>Middle ages for KidsThe most valuable items to a knight to be his armor, weapons, and also his war horse. These 3 items were an extremely expensive, meaning that just the wealthy can afford to it is in knights. Plenty of knights hoped to reclaim some the the expense through plunder when they overcame enemy towns and cities.

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ArmorDuring the Middle eras knights wore heavy armor do of metal. There were two main kinds of armor: chain mail and also plate armor.Chain mailChain mail was made indigenous thousands of metal rings. The usual chain mail armor to be a lengthy cloak called a hauberk. Knights wore a padded cloak underneath the armor to aid them bring the weight of the armor. A chain mail hauberk might weigh as lot as 30 pounds.Although chain mail to be flexible and also offered an excellent protection, it could be pierced by an arrowhead or thin sword. Part knights began to placed plates of steel over an essential parts of their bodies for included protection. Soon they were totally covered in key armor and also they stopped wearing chain mail.
Knight in Chain letter by Paul Mercuri
Plate armorBy the 1400s many knights to be wearing complete plate armor. This armor offered far better protection, but it was less flexible and heavier 보다 chain mail. A full set of bowl armor weighed roughly 60 pounds. Plenty of pieces the the armor had actually a unique name.Here are several of the various pieces of bowl armor and what they protected:Greaves - ankles and also calvesSabatons - feetPoleyns - kneesCuisses - thighsGauntlets - handsVambrace - reduced armsPauldron - shouldersBreastplate - chestRerebrace - upper armsHelmet - head
Armor for Fighting on Horseback native the Walters art Museum (labels through mmsanotherstage2019.com)
WeaponsKnights of the Middle periods used a selection of weapons. Some tools were an ext effective once charging top top a steed (like the lance), while rather were better for hand come hand combat (like the sword).Lance - The lance to be a long wooden pole with a metal tip and also hand guards. Since the lance was so long, the knight could assault from his horse. This offered the knight a serious advantage against foot soldiers. The lance could additionally be offered to knock opponent knights off of their horses.Sword - The sword was the preferred weapon once the knight had dismounted or if his lance was damaged during battle. Part knights desired a one-handed sword and also a shield, while others desired a bigger two-handed sword.Mace - The mace to be a club through a big steel head. These tools were designed come crush one enemy.Longbow - countless knights considered the longbow to be a cowardly weapon. However, the longbow came to be a major part that winning battles in the middle Ages. The longbow could assault from a distance or a lock wall.
Armored knight by Paul Mercuri
War HorseOne of the knight"s most vital possessions was his battle horse. This equine was trained because that battle. The wouldn"t shy away from blood or combat. A good war horse could mean the difference between life and also death for a knight.The knight"s war steed was dubbed a destrier. The horse also wore armor because that protection including metal plates come cover that is neck, head, and sides.Siege WeaponsKnights likewise had come know just how to use siege weapons. This were one-of-a-kind weapons used to record castles.Belfry - The belfry was a high rolling tower that would enable soldiers come safely technique the castle walls. Once they reached the castle, lock would departure the tower onto the optimal of the walls.Catapult - A catapult might throw large boulders top top the wall surfaces of the castle. This boulders could breakdown the walls and also destroy buildings inside the castle.Battering ram - The battering ram was a vast heavy log used to smash down the gateways of the castle.Interesting Facts about a Knight"s Armor and WeaponsKnights had to practice putting on and also wearing your armor. It took ability to journey a horse and also fight through such heavy armor on.A plate letter armor suit was sometimes recognized as a harness.Sometimes war horses were fitted through iron steed shoes which might be offered as weapons against foot soldiers.Some two-handed swords were fine over 5 feet long.

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