Parrots vary significantly in size, depending upon the species. Typical weights variety from 0.14 to 3.52 pounds. However, part parrots can be substantially lighter or heavier 보다 the average size for your species.

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The lightest parrot is the buff-faced pygmy parrot, i m sorry weighs only 0.03 lbs. In contrast, the kakapo is the most heavy parrot, weighing between 2 come 9 lbs. A parrot’s weight is primarily figured out by that genetics, diet, exercise, and living environment. 

If you’re wonder what her parrot must weigh to discover out if that underweight or obese, we’ve consisted of a comfortable table that the average weights that the most popular types of parrots.

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1 Parrot load Chart
1.1 african Greys
1.2 Parakeets
1.3 Lorries
1.4 Caiques
1.5 Lovebirds
1.6 Cockatoos
1.7 Macaws
1.8 other Parrot species
2 those The world’s Lightest Parrot?
3 those The world’s Heaviest Parrot?
4 just how Much go An african Grey Parrot Weigh?
5 just how Much walk A Quaker Parrot Weigh?
6 just how Much walk An Alexandrine Parrot Weigh?
7 how Much go A Senegal Parrot Weight?
8 just how Much walk An Eclectus Parrot Weight?
9 exactly how Much go A Hyacinth Macaw Parrot Weight?
10 just how Much walk A Scarlet Macaw Parrot Weigh?
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Parrot load Chart

Captive parrots often tend to be larger than wild parrots since they have accessibility to a consistent food supply. That being said, wild parrots eat a high-fat diet consisting of seeds, nuts, and sugary fruits, which renders some parrots naturally heavier than others.

A parrot is overweight if that weighs 15% or much more than its typical weight. So, consistently weigh it come ensure that not acquiring too heavy. The weights (in pounds) that the most renowned parrot varieties are together follows:

African Greys

Parrot SpeciesAverage weight (lbs)
Congo afri Grey0.84 come 1.22 lbs
Timneh african Grey0.66 come 0.79 lbs


Parrot SpeciesAverage load (lbs)
Alexandrine Parakeet0.55 lbs
Barraband’s Parakeet0.31 lbs
Bourke’s Parakeet0.11 lbs
Budgerigar Parakeet0.05 come 0.13 lbs
Crimson Rosella Parakeet0.32 lbs
Derbyan Parakeet0.71 lbs
Golden-Mantled Rosella Parakeet0.22 lbs
Grey-Cheeked Parakeet0.10 to 0.13 lbs
Indian Ringneck Parrakeet0.25 lbs
Plum-Headed Parakeet0.20 lbs
Quaker or Monk Parakeet0.20 come 0.33 lbs
Red-Breasted Parakeet0.24 to 0.30 lbs
Red-Fronted Kakariki Parrakeet0.22 lbs
Red-Rumped Parakeet0.13 lbs
White-Winged Canary Parakeet0.15 lbs


Parrot SpeciesAverage weight (lbs)
Blue Streaked Lorrie0.35 lbs
Chattering Lorrie0.44 lbs
Dusky Lorrie0.34 lbs
Rainbow Lorrie0.29 lbs
Red Lorrie0.37 lbs


Parrot SpeciesAverage weight (lbs)
Black-Headed Caique0.32 to 0.37 lbs
White-Bellied Caique0.36 lbs


Parrot SpeciesAverage weight (lbs)
Fisher’s Lovebird0.11 lbs
Masked Lovebird0.11 lbs
Peach-Faced Lovebird0.10 come 0.15 lbs


Parrot SpeciesAverage weight (lbs)
Citron-Crested Cockatoo0.66 to 1.10 lbs
Red-Vented Cockatoo0.64 lbs
Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo1.72 lbs
Yellow-Crested Cockatoo0.75 lbs
Umbrella Cockatoo1.10 to 1.39 lbs


Parrot SpeciesAverage weight (lbs)
Blue-And-Yellow Macaw2.20 lbs
Hyacinth Macaw2.7 come 3.7 lbs
Military Macaw1.98 to 2.43 lbs
Red-And-Green Macaw0.50 lbs
Scarlet Macaw2.20 lbs

Other Parrot Species

Parrot SpeciesAverage weight (lbs)
African Ringneck Parrot0.23 lbs
Buff-Faced Pygmy Parrot0.03 lbs
Cockatiel0.2 lbs
Eclectus Parrot0.83 to 1.21 lbs
Kakapo Parrot2 to 9 lbs
Kea Parrot2.20 lbs
Pacific Parrotlet0.07 lbs
Red-Bellied Parrot0.28 lbs
Senegal Parrot0.24 to 0.29 lbs
St. Vincent Amazon1.28 to 1.54 lbs
Zebra Finch0.02 come 0.04 lbs

What’s The world’s Lightest Parrot?

The world’s the smallest parrot is the buff-faced pygmy parrot. It’s only three inches long, which is almost half the parakeet’s average size. To put this into context, this isn’t much bigger than an adult human’s thumb.

As one adult, the buff-faced pygmy parrot weighs just 0.03 lbs (12 grams), do it exceptionally light and nearly impossible to discover in the wild.

The buff-faced pygmy parrot is greatly bright green and lives in subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests in new England and brand-new Guinea.

Because of their tiny size and weight, do the efforts to save them in bondage so far have failed. Stress and dietary deficiencies room the major cause.

Besides the buff-faced pygmy parrot, the world lightest parrots include:

Asian hanging parrot (0.06 lbs)Pacific parrotlet (0.07 lbs)Fig parrot (0.09 lbs)Australian budgerigar (0.06 to 0.08 lbs)African lovebird (0.09 to 1.13 lbs)

What’s The world’s Heaviest Parrot?

The world’s largest parrot is the kakapo, which weighs in between 2 to 9 lbs, ~ above average. When the hyacinth macaw is the world’s biggest parrot, the kakapo is heavier and longer. Interestingly, males are heavier 보다 females.

Unfortunately, as described by Cambridge university Press, kakapos are currently threatened through extinction, after your numbers have seriously decreased in recent years. This is due to predation and a fungal infection that they’re at risk to catching.

Partially because of their weight, kakapos can’t fly. They also have soft feathers, i beg your pardon aren’t stubborn or strong enough because that flight. Instead, they hop along the floor, using their wings for balance. This renders them fragile to predators.

How much Does An african Grey Parrot Weigh?

The average weight that an afri grey parrot is between 0.69 and 1.19 lbs. However, there space two varieties of afri grey parrot: the Congo and also the timneh. Both live in Africa, but they’re uncovered in various regions.

The timneh is the lighter the the two, weighing in between 0.66 and 0.79 lbs. The Congo is a bit heavier, weighing in between 0.84 and also 1.22 lbs.

Both Congo and timneh afri grey parrots are differentiated by their bright red tails and also grey plumage. Castle fussy eaters and prefer one all-seed diet. As a result, they’re vulnerable to nutritional deficiencies and also lack:

ProteinCalciumMineralsVitamin A

In captivity, owners should feed your African greys a healthy, balanced diet to stop unhealthy load loss.


How much Does A Scarlet Macaw Parrot Weigh?

Scarlet macaws are among the world’s largest parrot species, weighing approximately 2.20 lbs. Similarly, from the mine to the tail, they deserve to reach 33 inches, make them very tall.

In their herbal rainforest habitat, wild scarlet macaws eat nuts, leaves, berries, and seeds. Unlike other parrots, they’re additionally able come eat plants and berries that space toxic to other birds. It’s assumed that this is because they ingest clay indigenous salt licks discovered in Peru, i m sorry neutralizes the poisons prior to they’re absorbed by the body.

In captivity, they call for a greater food intake 보다 lighter birds. Together a result, they deserve to quickly end up being underfed and also malnourished.

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As we’ve already mentioned, it’s not healthy and balanced or typical for parrots to be fat. While some parrots space heavier 보다 others, this is standard, listed that they’re no overfed or supplied with a diet that’s also high in fat.