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Written by: Alex Savy

Mattresses have various sizes. The is just expected castle have different weights. It is not that simple, though, due to the fact that other factors influence the load of her bed except the size. Bedroom designs, particularly the an option of mattress foundations, can come to be tricky if mattress load is not considered. For this reason the require to know “how lot does a mattress weigh?”.

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In this article, components that influence mattress weight will be disputed to have actually insight right into their mattress load and, in extension, bedroom designs. However, contrary to well-known belief, weight is no the only determinant in understanding quality mattresses.

Mattress load By Type

Different species of mattresses command different weights. The material with i beg your pardon they to be made and the constituents of the mattress affect mattress weights. Because that instance, what an innerspring queen size mattress weighs will certainly be different from what a latex queen size mattress weighs noted they have actually the very same age.

The mattress kind we have actually are:

Innerspring Mattress

This mattress contains steel coils the act as assistance for the 2 surfaces that the bed.The surface is extended with at the very least 2 inch of foam or fiber.Mattress weight counts on the thickness the the coilInnerspring mattress weighs in between 40 pounds and 130 pounds (18kg come 59kg). Heavy than common foam mattress however a little lighter 보다 memory foam mattress and also a lot lighter than latex mattress.

Airbed Mattress

It relies on air because that support and comfortEasy to moveAirbed mattresses weigh between 8.5 pounds and 20 pounds (4kg come 9kg).Lightest mattress type because that the constituent (air).Recommended for short-lived use

Latex Mattress

It conforms to pressure, just like a storage foam mattress.Suitable for individuals that choose a cooler mattress surfaceDensity is the primary determinant in its qualityDensity determines the weight, i.e., the greater the density, the higher the weight.Latex mattress weighs in between 85 pounds and also 185 pounds (38kg to 84kg). The heaviest mattress kind there is and also most most likely to critical longest.

Memory Foam Mattress

Made of thick materials that assist in its conforming characteristicsIt includes different density foam layersThe low-density foam layer and also high-density foam baseWeight is managed by the thickness of the foam in it.A storage foam mattress weighs in between 50 pounds and 150 pounds (22kg come 68kg). The memory foam mattress weight put it ahead of the innerspring mattress yet behind the latex mattress in heaviness.

Hybrid Mattresses

It’s a mix of innerspring and memory foam or fiber.One that the heaviest mattress type which is as a result of the different constituentsHybrid mattresses weigh in between 60 pounds and also 120 pounds (27kg come 54kg). Weight counts on the thickness of the coil and also the thickness of the storage foam or fiber.

High profile Mattress

These mattress varieties have various constituents and layers.It deserve to be together thick as fourteen inches.The thicker the mattress, the more heavier the bed is.Quote Box

Old mattresses often tend to be heavier since of the buildup of debris choose dead skin cells, skin oils, dirt, and whatnot in the foam(1). Also, ~ a long time, foams start to lose their structures. As a result, the foams acquire compressed permanently, adding weight come the mattress.

Mattress weight By Size

Mattress sizes additionally influence the load of the mattress. Big mattresses space heavier than small-sized ones because they need more layers of content in their make-up. The various mattress size by weight from the smallest to the biggest are:

Twin dimension Mattress Weight

The dimensions space 38 inches by75 inchesWill aptly fit a solitary adult or two childrenLightest that the bed sizes and very easy to moveIt usually weighs between 40 pounds to 45 pounds (18kg come 20kg). Make it rather easy come clean.

Twin XL Mattress Weight

A bit longer type of bed because that taller peopleThe dimensions space 38 customs by 80 inchesIt have the right to comfortably to the right one human being or 2 kidsIt generally weighs in between 43 pounds come 48 pounds (19kg to 21kg). This mattress is also an extremely easy to move and clean as soon as it’s necessary

Want come know an ext about twin mattresses? check here.

Full-Size Mattress Weight

The Best Full-size mattresses deserve to be supplied by individuals or couples who don’t psychic the space. Each pair gets 23 customs of sleeping an are which is no a lot but is really manageable. So, exactly how much does a full-size mattress weigh?

The dimensions room 56 inch by 75 inches.It deserve to comfortably right one adult or two children.Generally weighs in between 50 and 60 pounds (22kg come 27kg). The lightest mattress size that can fit two people. Moderately basic to move.

Queen dimension Mattress Weight

The queen-size mattress is the most common mattress type. It deserve to comfortably fit two civilization or a single person-if girlfriend love space. Click here for the best queen-size mattresses. So, how lot does a queen-size mattress weigh?

It mostly weighs in between 120 pounds and also 160 pounds (54kg come 72kg). Back the queen size mattress is just some inches larger than the complete size mattress, it"s a many weightier than it. You may need one extra hand to move it.The dimensions space 60 customs by 80 inches.

King size Mattress Weight

King dimension mattresses room the many prominent varieties of mattresses. They space perfect for couples and also couples v a kid or pet. Click here for the best king-size mattresses. This mattress is recommended for civilization with large room spaces since of its size. But, how lot does a king-size mattress weigh?

King dimension mattress weighs between 130 pounds and 180 pounds (59kg to 81kg). The most heavy mattress size. Moving it deserve to be a the majority of work but it renders for the heaviness in sleeping bed space.The dimensions room 76 inch by 80 inches.

California King Mattress Weight

California King dimension mattresses space for civilization who like much more legroom on their bed. That is a bit narrower than the standard king mattress but makes because that it in included length. Read about the ideal Cal King mattresses here.

The California King mattress weighs the very same as the traditional king.The dimensions room 72 inch by 84 inches.

Why you Should think about Mattress Weights

There room some reasons why you have to know exactly how much your full dimension mattress weighs.

Apart from the ease at i beg your pardon you have the right to move a irradiate mattress, various other reasons you should be conscious of what her mattress weigh are:

Mattress Foundation

In a instance where you want to replace your king-size mattress, or any kind of other size, just how much a king-size bed weighs and also what form of king-size mattress you are obtaining should it is in foremost on her mind since of the mattress foundation.

Apart from conserving you extra expenses on a brand-new foundation, it saves you the anxiety of sleeping on one unbalanced bed.

Cleaning and also Design

Now and also then, we desire to readjust the look, design and also even clean our bedrooms and mattresses. It’s no news that lighter mattresses will conserve you time and also energy. Also if her bed is heavy and also you understand what her mattress weighs, you can prepare for times favor this and also even acquire extra hands if necessary.

What is the heaviest mattress size?

The heaviest mattress dimension is the king-sized mattress based on the surface ar area alone. However, this is not the just determining element of a mattress weight.

Does a dense mattress mean better quality?

The price is no. Weight is a byproduct that a great mattress, however the denseness does no indicate much better quality. Other variables that influence a mattress"s weight, prefer the materials it"s made of, need to be thought about to determine the mattress"s quality.


While some components determine mattress weight, the mattress load in chin doesn"t resolve the top quality of the bed. And, in extension, the quality of sleep.

How perform you choose your mattress? have you had any type of experience with different mattress weights? please feel totally free to re-publishing in the comment section.

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