Captain Morgan rum price for its original spiced selection is around $8 for a 200 ml bottle. That is relatively great quality renders this Jamaican brand among the best-selling rums in the world. Captain Morgan is manufactured by Diageo, a manufacturer that premium alcohol addict beverages around the globe.

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If you drink, chances are that you have took pleasure in Captain Morgan rum at least once in her life.

Captain Morgan Rum Prices

TypeSizeAvg. Price
Captain Morgan initial Spiced Rum750ml$16
Captain Morgan original Spiced Rum1L$23
Captain Morgan original Spiced Rum1.75L$24
Captain Morgan Watermelon Smash750ml$17
Captain Morgan apple Smash750ml$22
Captain Morgan Cannon Blast750ml$17
Captain Morgan Loconut750ml$17
Captain Morgan Coconut Rum750ml$17
Captain Morgan Jack-o’blast750ml$17
Captain Morgan Pineapple Rum750ml$17
Captain Morgan silver- Spiced Rum750ml$17
Captain Morgan Grapefruit Rum750ml$17
Captain Morgan black Spiced Rum750ml$24.50
Captain Morgan 100 evidence Spiced Rum750ml$24
Captain Morgan White Rum750ml$17
Captain Morgan exclusive Stock Rum750ml$25
Captain Morgan Parrot only Rum750ml$10.75

Is Captain Morgan Rum good?

A connoisseur of strong sugarcane juice rum, accustomed to drink it in that is pure form, will likely not select this brand. Captain Morgan walk not have that depth that taste, that fragrant bouquet and that long end up that is memory of premium rums.

However, now most people buy rum in bespeak to use it together a base because that making cocktails. And because that such purposes, the products of the brand Captain Morgan, as with Bacardi, room great.

Indeed, when tasting cocktails, the drinker does no feel much difference between a drink mixed with expensive elite rum and a cocktail made v Captain Morgan rum.

When there is no difference, why pay more?

Is Captain Morgan Rum Sweet?

Rum is make by fermenting Sugarcane juice or Molasses. Thus it generally possess varying levels of sweetness and also warmth in both the aroma and also taste.

Often warming seasonings such as cinnamon, nutmeg, cassia bark and also caramel are included to the rum. This lends additional sweetness come its all at once taste.

Most Captain Morgan rums room mildly sweet.

Types that Captain Morgan Rums

Captain Morgan has more 보다 15 different rums or ready-made rum based drink in the market. Below is the perform with tiny descriptions.

Captain Morgan initial Spiced Rum (35%) A rum of gold color with a soft sweetish taste and vanilla-caramel aroma.
Captain Morgan Cannon Blast (35%)A drink v a pronounced citrus aroma and also amber color. The party is do in the form of a cannonball, the label of i beg your pardon depicts the famous Captain Morgan. But under ultraviolet light, a skeleton shows up with a laugh skull.
Captain Morgan LocoNut (20%)This rum has actually an also white color, many thanks to coconut milk. The bottle is made in the form of a coconut.
Captain Morgan Coconut Rum (35%)A white rum with the aroma and taste of coconut and tropical fruits.
Captain Morgan Jack-O’Blast (30%)This light golden colored rum is only obtainable for Halloween. The bottle is make in the kind of a pumpkin, and also the taste each other an American pumpkin pie v spices and ginger.
Captain Morgan silver- Spiced Rum (35%)A white rum v a vanilla odor that progressively reveals the characteristic note of cinnamon. This drink is infused solely on the pods of vanilla and Chinese cinnamon (aka cassia bark).
Captain Morgan Pineapple Rum (35%)A white rum through a irradiate taste and aroma that pineapple.
Captain Morgan Spiced Black (47.3%)A black color rum through a caramel-spicy taste the is well balanced by the astringent bitterness of scorched oak, which renders the rum look favor aged whiskey. If you choose this rum, friend may also be interested in Kraken rum.
Captain Morgan Grapefruit Rum (35%) A white rum with the taste and also aroma the red grapefruit.
Captain Morgan 100 evidence Spiced Rum (50%)A strong gold rum through a well-off vanilla flavor.
Captain Morgan White Rum (40%)This rum has actually a clear color and also a fruity-vanilla flavor. White rum is aged for around one year in white oak barrels.
Captain Morgan personal Stock Rum (40%)A young rum through a deep amber shade that is aged for 2 years in oak bourbon barrels. And then insists on spicy spices.
Captain Morgan lengthy Island Iced Tea (17%)A ready-made cocktail of golden color which consists of rum, gin, whiskey, vodka and also Triple Sec liqueur.
Captain Morgan 1671This rum has not only an interestingly designed bottle, but also a complex taste that combines the seasonings of bread, nutmeg, vanilla, cinnamon, almonds, molasses and cherries. These room complemented by note of pepper and also ginger.
Captain Morgan Lime Bite (35%)Based on timeless light rum. With the aid of flavorings, the drink has actually a express taste and also smells of lime.
Captain Morgan Parrot Bay (21%)Is a group of ready-made rum cocktails available by Captain Morgan. Bananas, coconuts, enthusiasm fruit, strawberries, pineapple and lime space the different flavors available.

History the Captain Morgan Rum


In the beginning of the 20th century, Canadian Samuel Bronfman was among the many successful alcohol tycoons. He traveled the world and also bought all the amazing brands that alcohol to develop an assortment in his very own company. And in 1924, along with his brother, he moved to Canada among the distilleries the closed in America and began its own production.

After 4 years of wonderful work, the brothers to buy the successful Canadian agency Joseph E. Seagram & Sons. And the firm got the name Seagram.

To discover the best flavor combinations, Bronfman checked out Jamaica, whereby in 1944 he bought lengthy Pond, an old distillery. Over there he tasted the tart and also spicy rum infused with herbs and botanicals by consistent customers the the levy distillery.It is to their merit that the civilization saw the non-standard taste of one otherwise traditional drink.

The work of marketers was successful, because they come up with the story that the brand-new rum was made follow to the old cooking recipes of the renowned pirate Captain Morgan.

In 2001, Diageo got the legal rights to develop Captain Morgan rum and also relocated come the UK.

How to drink Captain Morgan Rum

There space several methods to drink Captain Morgan rum properly.

Neat – this an approach involves the enjoyment of a tart, solid taste, and also requires some strength of mind (and throat). Many rum connoisseurs think that there can simply it is in no various other answer to the inquiry of exactly how to drink Captain Morgan. During meals, it is encourage to use vodka glasses as a container because that rum, and if alcohol is set aside for dessert then cognac glasses or thick-walled ring “old-fashioned” glasses.Cocktails – the most popular version of the use of Captain Morgan rum by young people. Naturally, the true taste of the drink is lost after the mixing. It is worth including even the most neutral flavor come it, however often any experiment is worth it. Right here you deserve to give cost-free leash to your creative thinking and try a range of combinations, additives in the kind of syrups, fruits, spices, various other alcoholic beverages.

Price compare with comparable Rums

Captain Morgan original Spiced rum’s price is nearly 30% lower than the of Kraken rum. However it is similar to the prices of Bacardi White rum and slightly lower than Malibu Coconut Rum.

Below is a price/quality table for spiced rums like Captain Morgan. Together you will see, Captain Morgan spiced rum does not fair well v its competition.

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Bayou Spiced rum offers the ideal quality because that its moderate price.

NameSizeAvg. PriceRating
Bacardi Oakheart Smooth Spiced Rum750ml$116/10
Sailor Jerry’s Spiced marine Rum750ml$156/10
Captain Morgan initial Spiced Rum750ml$165/10
Kraken black Spiced Rum750ml$186.5/10
Bayou Spiced Rum 750ml$208.5/10
Captain Morgan personal Stock Rum750ml$247/10
Brinley gold Shipwreck Spiced Rum750ml$248/10
Chairman’s make reservation Spiced Rum750ml$288/10