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how much does the instrument bari sax weigh? don\"t worry around brand specifics, simply a general approximation
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my horn weighs about 15 or therefore pounds, it\"s a YBS 62 with a short a. I\"m pretty sure it\"s yellow lacquered.
this is re assuring, because my physician told me that after ago surgery i can only carry/lift 25 pounds, therefore i deserve to play bari in jazz band without too much problem thanks guys
You might want come look at some of the subject under bari sax top top this forum to obtain an idea that what\"s obtainable as far as assistance of a bari. Your main alternatives seem to it is in neck strap, shoulder strap, or harness. You might want come consult v your doctor about which would be far better for your back. It\"s one thing lifting 25 pounds, but it\"s quite one more hanging 13-15 pounds on a strap around your neck, or from some kind of harness.

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my old conn weighs in at 12 and also my old king lemaire ( both about 18-20 year old, both short Bb come high f) at around 11. Add around an extra couple pounds for low a\"s (another pound or therefore on keilworths because that the bell flare)i use neotech straps all around (satb) and also i usage a harness because that marching bari, and it really decreased the pressure

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I wonder just how this turn out. The OP posted this 17 year ago. Hopefully he doesn\"t have actually permanent back issues and also is still playing.