If you’re looking for a boat that’s ideal for more quiet waters favor the Ozarks, the Everglades, or also the bayou, climate the Jon boat would it is in the perfect match.

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As among the most renowned southern boats, the Jon boat is the perfect mobile aquatic communication that has a wide selection of size at different price points.

A usual question Jon watercraft owners have is what is Jon Boat’s weight capacity? In this article, I’ll go into information on the average Jon boat weight volume for different sizes of Jon Boats.

What is the Jon watercraft weight capacity? listed below is the typical weight capacity for different Jon watercraft sizes:

Jon boat SizeAverage weight Capacity
10 Foot325 Pounds
12 Foot425 Pounds
14 Foot610 Pounds
16 Foot990 Pounds
18 Foot1,425 Pounds
20 Foot1,800 Pounds

The Jon boat is among the most handy flat-bottomed boats around. They are either do from wood, fiberglass, or aluminum. Most Jon boats weigh an mean of 200 pounds or 90 kilos, not included the motor. They usually have actually one, two, or even three benches and vary in design and also size.

Jon boats Length Classifications:

8 come 12-foot watercrafts work best in tiny area-explorations.14-16 foot Jon boats are ideal used in water sports and also utility work.18 and above boats are for one of two people commercial or utility use.

Read on to learn an ext about the Jon watercraft weight volume for various sized Jon boats.

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Jon boat Weight Capacity

A 10 Foot Jon Boat’s typical Weight

On average, a 10 foot long Jon boat weighs 100 pounds not included the motor and can handle an additional 300-350 pounds because that people and equipment.

It is perfect boat because that backwater explorations, light-to-medium energy work, and also fishing in small-to-medium waterways. 10 foot Jon watercrafts have a maximum horsepower of 5HP, with a optimal speed the 5 mph. Below are some instances of Jon boat weight capacity:

Examples of 10-Foot Jon Boats’ typical Weight:

Alumcraft 10 Foot Jon boat: 95 pounds, plus 325 transferring capacityTracker Topper 1036: 112 pounds, to add 380 pounds transferring capacityLowe L1032 Jon: 80 pounds, to add 275 pounds transferring capacity

A 12 Foot Jon Boat’s average Weight

A 12 foot Jon watercraft weighs an typical of 120 pounds excluding the motor and also can hold second 400-450 pounds of load for people and gear.

Planning to do some extended exploration, light-to-medium utility work, or fishing in small-to-medium backwaters? climate a 12 foot Jon watercraft should be the perfect fit. V an average of 5 to 7 preferably horsepower and a peak speed the 10 come 15 mph, the is quicker and much more ideal as soon as traveling short distances at a practically speed.

Examples that 12-Foot Jon Boats’ average Weight:

Lost Creek 12 Foot: 90 pounds, to add 389 pounds transporting capacityAlumcraft 12 Foot Jon boat: 105 pounds, to add 455 pounds of transporting capacityTracker Topper 1236: 126 pounds, to add 480 pounds of transporting capacity

A 14 Foot Jon Boat’s average Weight

A 14 foot Jon boat normally averages 160 pounds, excluding the motor, and secondary 610 pounds transporting capacity for people and also equipment.

The exclusive right of a 14’ Foot Jon boat are the ease of navigation in nearly all lakes, an excellent for watersports, and ideal for much longer fishing trips. It have the right to easily carry 3 adult passengers too.

With a maximum speech of 15-20 HP, it clocks in a peak speed of 20 and over mph. The speed it offers is perfect because that water sports, such together water skiing and also wakeboarding.

Examples of 14-Foot Jon Boats’ mean Weight:

Tracker Topper 1436: 162 pounds, to add 580 pounds carrying capacitySmoker handmade 1436: 182 pounds, plus 720 pounds of delivering capacityWaco Jon 1432 series 14 Foot: 104 pounds, add to 430 pounds of moving capacity

A 16 Foot Jon Boat’s mean Weight

A 16 foot Jon watercraft weighs an typical of 360 pounds, excluding the motor, and an additional 990 pounds of carrying capacity for people and also gear.

Great for energy work, water sports, and navigating with all lake locations. A 16 foot Jon watercraft can quickly accommodate 4 adults plus their gear. V a maximum speech of 30-35 HP, it clocks in at 35 mph faster if you have less gear.

Example the 16-Foot Jon Boats’ median Weight:

Alumcraft 16 Foot Jon boat: 320 pounds, plus 1010 pounds of delivering capacitySmoker craft 1648: 295 pounds through 900 pounds of transporting capacity because that people and gearG3 boats 16 Foot: 375 pounds, to add 975 pounds of transferring capacityXpress watercrafts 1659 VJ: 341 pounds v 980 pounds of additional carrying capacity

An 18 Foot Jon Boat’s median Weight

An 18 foot Jon watercraft weighs an median of 590 pounds, excluding the motor, and second 1,425 pounds of carrying capacity because that people and gear.

Ideal for navigating with lake locations, utility works, and also water sports. It has actually a maximum horsepower of 50-60 HP and also a optimal speed that 45 mph. This size can accommodate 6 adult passenger plus their gear easily.

Examples of 18-Foot Jon Boats’ typical Weight:

Crestliner 1800: 475 pounds, plus 1,375 pounds of carrying capacityG3 Boats: 375 pounds, add to 975 pounds of extr weightTracker Grizzly 1860 Jon: weighs 794 pounds, plus 1550 pounds of transporting capacity

A 20 Foot Jon Boat’s average Weight

A 20 foot Jon watercraft weighs an typical of 830 pounds, not included the motor, and second 1,800 pounds of transferring capacity because that people and gear.

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With this size, the Jon watercraft weight volume can easily accommodate 6-8 adult passengers and gear. It has actually a maximum speech of 70-120 HP and also top rate max of 45mph.

Examples the 20-Foot Jon Boats’ mean Weight:

G3 watercrafts Gator Tough: 1,065 pounds, plus 1550 pounds of delivering capacityLowe Roughneck 2070: 710 pounds, plus 1,900 pounds of delivering capacityCrestliner 2070 retriever: 710 pounds, plus 1,900 pounds of delivering capacity

This video clip can provide some reassurance for the stability and also capacity pin money for Jon Boats: