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How numerous amps or watt does the alternator put out in ~ idle? ns am thinking of purchase a power inverter to operation a automobile polisher that provides a max the 900 watts and also will probably be used on and off because that a full of 2-3 hours twice a year.I want to make certain that I deserve to power this there is no draining the battery to damaging levels.So does anyone have any type of idea?
Well, I little bit the bullet and ended up purchasing this: I already have this, which is what I"m using it Flex XC3401VRG Orbital activity Polisher: home Improvementand also a 500 watt halogen lamp for inspection that paint. However, that will not it is in on the entirety time.

My two cylinder diesel (12 hp)engine in my sailboat, has an alternator the puts the end 70 amps and also looks favor an old Chevy alternator.Multiplying that by 14 volts or for this reason while charging would certainly yield 980 watts in theory.Is over there a data bowl on the stang"s alternator?
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Running that much wattage with your alternator because that an extended period of time is a great way to burn out an alternator. Castle aren"t cheap. Extension cords, however, are.
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I live in an metropolitan apartment. Uneven I can find an extension cord that is 1500 feet long that is cheaper 보다 an inverter, it"s out of the question.My garage an are is around 1000 feet far from mine apartment, and we live ~ above the 7th floor. Also, ns don"t desire to purchase a generator because I have no ar to save it (especially with the fuel in it), and also I want to store noise levels down for my neighbors.Also, if I can do damages by to run a polisher turn off of mine car"s battery/alternator in simply 3 hours of on and also off use, Ford have to be embarrassing of themselves, no?

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Hmmm... Fine I uncovered somewhere the the share battery is about 40 amp hours. I figure I will spend fifty percent the time actually using the polisher and also the other fifty percent wiping down what I"ve done and inspecting it with an LED flashlight and maybe momentarily a 500 watt halogen lamp. For this reason the polisher, once run ~ above its maximum speed, is 900 watts, and also since ns will only be making use of the 500 watt lamp because that 10-20 seconds or so in ~ a time, I will not include this in my calculation. Therefore 900 watts at 12V is 75 amps, however I only plan to use it 1/2 the the time, for this reason maybe approximately 37.5 amps average (let"s say 40).I likewise found that a 100 amp alternator should carry out 30 amps in ~ idle. Therefore, surely a 130 amp alternator should provide 40 amps in ~ idle.I don"t understand how numerous amps are attracted by mandatory accessories such together the instrument panel and likewise the spark plugs and such. Yet maybe it"s 5 amps. So i will have 35 amps of current obtainable from the alternator, and also I will certainly be drawing about 37.5 amps. An interpretation I will have actually a net attract on the battery the 2.5 amps. So if ns am law this for a full of 4 hours or so, I deserve to expect to take around 10 amp-hours the end of the battery, provided the original 40 amps. Is this calculation completely wrong? any kind of electricians here?Then again, if I have actually a net draw on the battery that 2.5 amps and start with 40 amp-hours, this calculator says I will only last 2.2 hours... Hope it has actually a big safety factor developed in!