Hello All,am make the efforts to make my very own Generator 5kw , am trying to find out how countless coils i require , i have a north which is full of magnet 48 NSNSNS... For the coil i have 8 cores U form U86A size of section is 15 cm ( 56x28mm ) exactly how to find out what gauge because that the magnet wire and how many turns and also how lot they will give max together voltage and also amps ? for instance if i placed AWG 18 cable ( 1 mm ) what would certainly be the amps and also voltage ? my hand illustration showing the drum where all the magent will be transforming and the coil within fixed

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There is no whereby near sufficient information in the article to even begin to answer the question.If DIYing something, the method I"d take is put a known number of turns, eg 1turn every coil. Revolve the mechanism at the preferred speed then measure the resulting voltage. From over there you can calculate the variety of turns needed to with the target voltage, when you understand the transforms count needed, you have the right to work out your maximum wire dimension to obtain to a decent fill factor in the coils.
what wire gauge ? let say its gauge 18 how plenty of turns to perform 50 volts? if the section is 15 square cm
V=N*(dΦ/dt), N = turns count, dΦ/dt is rate of adjust of flux the coils space exposed to.Maximum existing is figured out by the heat dissipation volume of the machine.
a lot of unknown this way , if i assume the Φ ( thickness the the wire ) =0.72 x Squar that the amps for this reason if i want 2 amps then the thickness that the magnet wire need to be 1 mm is that best ?and if i assume the section to it is in 15 centimeter square then n=k/s so k=45-50 so number of turns is = 45/15 = 2.8 turns per voltsso for 50 volt ns would need 18 turns of wire AWG 17 , how much am ns ? is the calculation is ideal >?

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It is interesting that you seek to accomplish 5KW due to the fact that that brings back memories that a kit ns bought about 40 years back from a company provided in The Whole planet Catalog. The kit to be for a collection of instructions because that adapting a dodge Dart w/ Air air conditioning alternator to develop 5KW-6KW by do a wood block together a coil kind and raising the gauge that the present wire. Since this to be for a Wind driven electrical generation system and those have appreciated increased popularity, i imagine an internet search would certainly easily an outcome on part hits because that a more modern source. The benefit as I check out it is every the practical, concrete hints at just how to turn the mathematics right into an actual physics project. Possibly you would find that helpful and also encouraging. FWIW, mine functioned quite well however I needed more than 6KW and I to be lucky enough to find an old alternator owned by the operator the a lumber mill who offered a water wheel that put out over 20KW at short rpm that i happily bought for $30 USD and powered with an old VW motor at quick idle of roughly 1200 rpm.