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So there are plenty of words in which one syllable gets reduced.

For example, coco could it is in pronounced as CHO-KO-LATE but instead it"s pronounced as CHOK-LATE, it"s now 2 rate word.

Another instance is nursery which can be pronounced as NUR-SE-RY but instead it"s pronounced together NURS-RY.

A very common example is words every which might be pronounced as E-VE-RY yet it"s no pronounced that way, rather it"s pronounced as EV-RY.

What determines this changes?



The pronunciation of words and how plenty of syllables has is no a constant. The varies considerably with region, dialect, accent, time period, eduction, etc. Every instance you have given is said in a range of ways depending on whom you space listening. In part cases, it can depend on the rate with i m sorry the human being is speaking. To the fast-talker, a three syllable indigenous is spoken with three syllables. But, the listener might only hear two syllables if they are accustomed to listening come slow-talkers. To compound the confusion, a slow-talker could shorten a 3 syllable word once speaking to 2 syllables out of sheer habit of decided or out of the convenience the making words quicker. A little bit of an extreme example is when words no officially ascribes together contractions become one, (“you all” becomes y’all).

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In mmsanotherstage2019.com, when a stressed syllable is followed by two (or more) unrelated syllables, the vowel instantly following the stressed syllable is typically dropped in colloquial/fast speech (not every accent/dialect).

It is called elision.

Elision is defined as the deletion the one or more sounds in a word. The sound might be a consonant or a vowel.


When t comes in between two consonant sounds, it"s frequently elided. Can"t think in typical speech would be pronounced as (try both when you"re speaking fast). It"s for the benefits of ease.Comfortable is pronounce /ˈkʌm.fə.tə.bəl/ in slow speech yet in fast/casual/colloquial speech, it"s pronounced /ˈkʌmf.tə.bəl/.

Elision is a typical speech phenomenon and comes normally to aboriginal speakers the the language in whic that occurs.

Moving come OP"s question:

There are numerous words in i beg your pardon the vowel is dropped once it occurs in an unstressed syllable automatically following the stressed syllable.

Examples: Comfortable, temperature, family, vegetable, chocolate, every, nursery, average, business, evening, favourite, interest, general etc.

Presumably, the vowel complying with the stressed syllable was as soon as pronounced but then it got decreased for some reason and eventually to reduce (syncopated). This is a special kind of elision known as syncope.

Syncope is the loss of one or much more sounds indigenous the inner of a word, typically the ns of an unstressed collection (often <ə>).

In the above words, it"s post-tonic syncope.

Post-tonic syncope is only permissible in mmsanotherstage2019.com if the schwa <ə> is adhered to by a solitary consonant and also an unstressed collection as in comfortable /ˈkʌm.fə.tə.bəl/. If the vowel after the following consonant is emphasize or if the schwa is adhered to by a swarm or through a word-final consonant climate syncope is not permissible.

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In many typical three-syllable/four-syllable words, the second syllable is often dropped in casual/fast speech because that the benefits of ease. However, it could not it is in true for every accent/dialect.