Asking around if a guy catches a disc running complete speed and also takes rather a couple of steps come stop. I understand if the runs out of bounds ~ the catch, he's claimed to take it it earlier to the sideline nearest wherein he went out and tap it ago in.

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However, what if a man takes 6 to 7 steps to protect against within the field of play? Some males seem come play from wherein they prevent while rather walk it earlier a few steps. Deserve to the defender speak to travel, in either case? (Either travel throughout the record or take trip by go after stopping)


So over there is no set amount because that the measures you must take to protect against your inert after a catch. If you're in ~ a full sprint when you catch the disc climate you'll should take plenty of steps. If you record it indigenous a stand still you probably don't require to move much. USAU 11th dominance XV.B.

XV.B. After catching a pass, a player is forced to concerned a avoid as easily as possible and establish a pivot.People keep saying "you have the right to only take 3 measures after a catch." that is merely untrue. They space referencing a dominion for as soon as you space running and receive the disc, you are allowed to do a throw while quiet running provided they execute not rate up, change direction, or take much more than three actions to do the throw. So when people capture a disc from a was standing still they execute not obtain "three steps" to establish a pivot. USAU 11th dominance XV.C.

XV.C. If a player records the disc while running or jumping the player may release a happen without attempting come stop and also without setup a pivot, noted that: 1. The player go not adjust direction or rise speed while in possession that the disc; and also 2. The happen is released prior to three additional points of call with the ground are made ~ possession has actually been established.If a player moves earlier after recording the disc it is a travel and also the defense should call it. Just the defense can speak to a travel to make the offense relocate to whereby they were before. The offense does not obtain to move ago if the think he might have stopped his momentum sooner. It's the defenses obligation to call travels.

Here's the whole section on traveling USAU 11th XVI.J.

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XVI.J. Traveling: The thrower must establish a pivot at the suitable spot ~ above the field and keep every or component of the pivot in contact with that spot till the throw is released. Failure to do so is a travel and results in a stoppage the play and a check. 1. In addition, each of the following is a travel: a. A player catches the disc and also either speed up, changes direction or go not stop as conveniently as feasible before developing a pivot (XV.B). B. A player obtain a happen while running or jumping, and releases a happen after the third ground contact and also before establishing a pivot (XV.C). C. Purposeful bobbling (including tipping, delaying, guiding, brushing, or the like) to oneself in stimulate to advance the key in any kind of direction from wherein it initially was contacted (XV.A). D. The thrower fails to touch the disc to the floor when forced (XIII.B). 2. Exceptions: a. If a non-standing player loses call with the pivot spot in stimulate to stand up, it is no a travel, listed the new pivot is established at the very same location. B. The is no a take trip if a player catches the disc and also releases a pass prior to the third ground call (XV.C). C. If beat stops, the thrower might reset the pivot.