The apple iPod has evolved over the years because it was presented to the world. Because then, it has actually grown right into a selection of forms; the iPod Shuffle, Nano, Classic and also Touch. V these different models come a range of sizes and also song capacities. So prior to you go and also purchase your iPod, this guide will present you how countless songs every model can hold.

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How many songs have the right to a 4GB iPod hold? - which iPod?

For starters, the is essential to realize how song volume works v iPods. A gigabyte (GB) equates to 1024 megabytes (MB). Tune sizes vary however for most songs they operation between around 3-5 MB in size. This all relies on the quality and also length that the song due to the fact that many songs range between around 2-5 minutes we’ll go off of this measurement. For this reason if every track you had actually was 4MB in dimension then you will certainly get about 256 songs every gigabyte. Again, due to the fact that song dimension varies this will certainly not be precise but to obtain an idea on size it’s an easy method to walk from. Therefore if you are purchasing an iPod that is 4GB in size, climate you will be able to hold about 1,000 songs. Currently the only iPod that comes in a 4GB size is the larger iPod Shuffle models.

iPod Shuffle

The iPod Shuffle is the the very least expensive of every one of the apple iPods on the market. The is the most basic iPod and holds the smallest amount of music. Over there are currently two types of iPod shuffles to select from, the 2GB and also the 4GB size iPod Shuffles.

The 2GB iPod Shuffle will certainly hold around 500 songs. A 4GB iPod deserve to hold about 1,000 songs on it.

iPod Nano

The iPod Nano is the next step up from the iPod Shuffle. Not only does the Nano pat video, yet it comes v a bigger capacity because that music. The 2 iPod Nanos readily available are 8GB and also 16GB models. Through the 8GB iPod Nano, girlfriend will have the ability to put about 2,000 song on it. Through the 16GB iPod Nano, you will have the ability to hold about 4,000 songs.

iPod Classic

The iPod standard is the giant of every the simple iPods. What I average by straightforward iPods is the it has actually the scroll wheel and video clip screen, uneven the iPod Touch, i beg your pardon is fully touch display screen oriented. The iPod Classic likewise holds the many music of any kind of Apple iPod ~ above the market.

The iPod classic comes in a single monstrous size of 160GB. This iPod has the capacity to host a whopping 40,000 songs. This should hold your music library for rather some time without you ever before having come worry about it obtaining full. With that said, it also is the most expensive iPod of any of the spin wheel styled iPods top top the industry today.

iPod Touch

The iPod Touch is the flashiest iPod the the four varieties currently top top the market. It resembles the iphone phone in almost every aspect except because that the phone feature. The iPod Touch, favor the Nano and Shuffle, come in different sizes. You have the an option of a 8GB, 32GB and 64GB iPod. The 8GB iPod, prefer the Nano, will hold around 2,000 songs. The 32GB size iPod Touch will certainly hold about 7,000 songs. Finally, the 64GB sized iPod Touch will hold about 14,000 songs.

The price boosts quite a little as you go up in size, so make certain you know how much space you need prior to purchasing your iPod.

If you space going come buy a brand-new iPod, it’s vital to make sure you look in ~ the tune capacity for various iPod models. IPods come in plenty of different sizes, colors and also styles, so picking the appropriate one is important. If you have actually a huge music library, then it may be a an excellent idea to pick one the the larger sizes. If you room a casual music listener, you might be happy through a smaller sized sized iPod. The choice may also save you part money. Apple offers you through so many choices that girlfriend can find the iPod that fits your demands perfectly.

I hope this overview helps girlfriend answer the question; how countless songs can a 4GB iPod have the right to hold? ns hope the even allows you to distinguish the size differences between the bigger sizes and also find the best iPod for your needs. The ideal advice is to look at her music library folder and also click ~ above info and see how huge the folder is. Then go off of that size as soon as purchasing an iPod. If you nothing have any music to buy yet, then hopefully this helps.

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It was brought to my fist by a leader that some of my information was incorrect about ipod storage size. The leader was actually correct through my 4GB dimension statement. I have actually corrected the post accordingly. Thanks to that reader (Danr) because that the comment and the correction. Keep in mind the the volume all counts on song size which then relies on quality and also length that a song.