When 2 terabyte is carried up, the is a stunner amount of warehouse space. If you are looking to number out exactly how much music 1 TB have the right to hold, climate you space in the ideal place. Below, i am walking to present a table that will present you exactly how lot music you deserve to expect this storage capacity to store.

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I need to let it be well-known that every the information that is presented below is based turn off real-world estimates and that storage capacity can hold means more/less relying on our hold of factors. This is just right here to give insight.

How many Songs have the right to Fit top top 2TB?

To find out exactly how much music will certainly hold, we just have to do some basic math to obtain the answers.


MP3 sizes vary and this deserve to be due to the fact that of the songs length, the bitrate it to be encoded at, and also a organize of other factors.For this guide, us are simply going to say the the median MP3 size is about 4 come 5 MB.To do the calculations easier, 2,000,000 MB is an ext or less equal come 2 TB (more or less)2 TB = 2,000,000 MB2,000,000 MB split by 4 MB =500,000 mp3 songs2,000,000 MB split by 5 MB = 400,000 mp3 songs.

Below is a small chart showing you how much song the storage space should hold, dependence on the MP3 average paper size.

MP3 Size# of MP3’s

So as you deserve to see, 2 TB of memory should be able to hold roughly 284,000 – 5000,000 songs.

Once again, the figures presented above are really simply estimates and also 2 TB might really organize a lot more or much less data, the numbers above are just ballpark figures.


OK, so know that we have actually the music to the way, few of you might want to know how much albums deserve to be save on computer on 2 TB. Since we have the information already, the is just more math that needs to be done.

An album is about 12-16 songs on averageWe will then say that an typical album will have actually 14 tracksUsing the MP3 size of 4 MB, 500,000/14 = 35,714 albumsUsing the MP3 dimension of 5 MB, 400,000/14 = 28,571 albums
MP3 Size# the Albums

So this should provide you some good insight right into the storage capacity of 1 TB, as it relates to music and also albums.

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