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I was wondering, is over there a legal fill limit because that shotguns because that the use of home defense or defense once traveling. I live in Texas and also had never ever heard of together law, however; newly a girlfriend of mine native California to buy a Mossberg SPX 930 end the internet and also recently found out the his shotgun is illegal as result of its high capacity. I dont think 7+1 volume is high yet apparently California does. Fine anyway, my girlfriend is pooping bricks cuz he thinks his gun is illegal. If over there is such a law, which states have it. Does Texas have a legal pack limit top top shotguns for home defense? any kind of information would be considerably appreciated.
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For hunting purposes, plenty of states have a mag volume limit, normally 3-5 rounds, mostly 3 in shotguns because that birds. Fed laws use for migratory birds such as ducks, geese, etc. (3 rds). Outside of hunting regs, i don"t know of any kind of other limits.As for your friend, he demands to check the special, of CA regulation as it uses to "shotguns" only. Climate he needs to move to one more state and get a life.
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For hunting purposes, many states have a mag capacity limit, generally 3-5 rounds, mainly 3 in shotguns because that birds. Fed laws apply for migratory bird such as ducks, geese, etc. (3 rds). External of searching regs, ns don"t know of any type of other limits.As for your friend, he requirements to inspect the specifically, of CA regulation as it uses to "shotguns" only. Then he demands to move to one more state and get a life.
For bird searching it"s 5, and for migratory bird (ducks, geese, etc) it"s 3 rds. Various other than that , over there is no border here. California has actually so countless unique regulations it"s absurd.

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The 930 SPX is legitimate in California. Constraints on shotguns in California are relative to folding stocks, pistol grips and detachable magazines.Refer come 12276.1 (a) 6 PC

Game laws and regs. Is not what the OP is questioning for.As fine the sub-area is toward "defensive" rifles & shotguns...Which wholly eliminates discussion/reference to searching for an answer.No, there is no limitation federal on newspaper capacity toward shotguns as made domestically (See significant exceptions Benelli and FNH SLP)As to state legislations the prize is again no together in general...Excluding of course states and locales together as an initial to concerned mind due to the fact that it"s mine hometown Wash., DC wherein longguns are expressly disallowed and also crud states choose MA and also CA whereby longguns v detachable magazines are by the singular topic to magazine volume restrictions.I"d had actually a college student ask me this exact same query last sat. In a basic Hunter Ed. Course together I was in a breakout group introducing the mechanical specifics the longguns.He"d checked out all the chatter top top the news and wanted to understand if shotguns in particular had "high capacity magazines".- Janq
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