How to convert Days to Seconds

To convert a job measurement to a second measurement, multiply the moment by the switch ratio.

due to the fact that one work is same to 86,400 seconds, you deserve to use this straightforward formula to convert:

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How plenty of Seconds room in a Day?

There space 86,400 secs in a day, i beg your pardon is why we use this worth in the formula above.

1 day = 86,400 sec

Days and seconds space both units offered to measure time. Keep reading to learn much more about every unit of measure.


one day is the moment it takes because that the earth to complete a single rotation approximately its axis in relationship to the Sun. There room 24 hours in a day.

The job is one SI embraced unit because that time for use v the metric system. Days have the right to be abbreviated as day; for example, 1 day have the right to be created as 1 day.


The second has in the history been defined as 1/60 that a minute or 1/86,400 the a day. According the come SI definition, the second is the term of 9,192,631,770 periods of the radiation matching to the transition between the 2 hyperfine level of the unperturbed soil state of the caesium 133 atom.<1>

The second is the SI base unit because that time in the metric system. Seconds have the right to be abbreviated as sec; because that example, 1 2nd can be written as 1 sec.

Day to 2nd Conversion Table

Day dimensions converted to secs days secs
0.0001 day 8.64 sec
0.0002 day 17.28 sec
0.0003 day 25.92 sec
0.0004 day 34.56 sec
0.0005 day 43.2 sec
0.0006 day 51.84 sec
0.0007 day 60.48 sec
0.0008 day 69.12 sec
0.0009 day 77.76 sec
0.001 day 86.4 sec
0.002 day 172.8 sec
0.003 day 259.2 sec
0.004 day 345.6 sec
0.005 day 432 sec
0.006 day 518.4 sec
0.007 day 604.8 sec
0.008 day 691.2 sec
0.009 day 777.6 sec
0.01 day 864 sec
0.02 day 1,728 sec
0.03 day 2,592 sec
0.04 day 3,456 sec
0.05 day 4,320 sec
0.06 day 5,184 sec
0.07 day 6,048 sec
0.08 day 6,912 sec
0.09 day 7,776 sec
0.1 day 8,640 sec
0.2 day 17,280 sec
0.3 day 25,920 sec
0.4 day 34,560 sec
0.5 day 43,200 sec
0.6 day 51,840 sec
0.7 day 60,480 sec
0.8 day 69,120 sec
0.9 day 77,760 sec
1 day 86,400 sec

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