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I heard this today and could not think of one inland lake in Ohio the wasn"t man made. We were not talking about ponds or floodings however a lake. Can anyone think the one?

i dont know of any...
just the great lakes...:biggrin:

I had to think around this too. About my area whatever is man-made. Every ar that is called a "lake" is in reality a reservoir. Ohio is fixed pristine or wild, yet it seems to me that actual old organic lakes would have actually been wherein we dammed up few of the reservoirs.I do remember reading a history book of the west Reserve and when the initial surveyors began plotting this large area out, they wrote around a enormous impassible swamp a days trek south from Lake Erie. It"s where Pymatuning is now. Ours geology says our herbal lakes had huge wetlands connected with them. 100 years ago they viewed wetlands as worthless because you can"t farm yard it. Thus dam "em up.


I believe Chippewa lake in Medina county is an yes, really lake.Did a small research, there space several, however we"re not specifically the land of 10,000 lakes........ Hub mobile, the outdoor info engine
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Ok, found this old publication: the looks choose Chippewa is five largest natural lake.:coolgleamA:ODNR classifies a lake as:"For purposes of this report, a lake is a human body of water deep sufficient to stratify thermally and also with sufficient fetch (distance across) to develop wave action."
On that publishing Geauga Lake is a OH herbal lake!:yikes: I"m guessing if Shouka ever before got lose in it, it would certainly no much longer be a "natural" lake. Killer whales room probably poor for the aboriginal fishery!:biggrin:
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