As one mole of ammonium carbonate provide two ion of ammonium so

(NH4)2CO3 : (NH4)+

1 : 2

0.07 = 2× 0.07 = 0.14 mol


Thus 0.14 mol of ammonium ions will certainly be developed .

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The formula the ammonium carbonate is (NH4)2CO3

so as presented in the formula there are two moles of ammonium ion in each mole the ammonium carbonate .

Given : mass of ammonium lead carbonate = 6.955g

Molar fixed of ammonium carbonate = 96 g / mol

Moles = fixed / molar mass = 6.955 / 96 = 0.072 moles

So mole of ammonium ion = 2 X mole of ammonium lead carbonate

= 2X 0.072 = 0.144 moles

If 10.7 grams of NH4Cl is dissolved in sufficient water to do 800 mL the solution,what will be it"s molarity

1- Molar solutions: based on number of moles of chemistry in 1 litre that solution

2- load % solution: the weight of chemical divided by the complete weight the the solution (chemical + water) and multiplied by 100.

A molecule comprise a main atom through sp2 hybridization has actually a(n) __________ electron geometry.A. BentB. TetrahedralC. Linear E. Trigonal planar


The trigonal planar geometry is comprised of 3 equally spaced sp2 hybrid orbitals arranged at edge 120° to every other, The molecule space electron deficient and does not follow octet rule. Therefore, a molecule comprise an sp2 hybrid main atom has actually a trigonal planar geometry e.g boron hydride (BH3)

Compute the power separation between the floor and third excited claims for an electron in a one-dimensional crate that is 5.60

35.51 × 10^-17 KJ/mol


We deserve to calculate this utilizing the Planck"s equation:

E = hc/λ

Where E is the power separation

h is the planck"s constant with a value 6.63 × 10^-34 m^2kg/s

c is the rate of light through value 3 × 10^8m/s

λ is the wavelength v value 5.60Å. 1 Å = 10^-10 m. Thus , 5.60Å is 0.56 × 10^-9nm.

We plug the worths in the equation:

E = (6.63 × 10^-34 × 3 x 10^8)/ 0.56 × 10^-9 = 35.51 × 10^-17KJ

because that Planck"s continuous (h) and 3 × 108 m/s because that the speed of irradiate (c)

1 Å = 10-10 m


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In the adhering to reaction, how many moles the FeO are essential to react completely with 1.6 mol that Al? 1.2 1.8 2.4 3.0
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