I've just never understood how a 6 character patent plate have the right to work when we have actually over 300 million people in the US? no all drive cars the course but how have the right to they work-related without overlapping? Edit: holy shit you males are good. Thanks for the info! :D


Each of those six characters can be a letter (26 options) or a number (10 options).

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The math formula for 6 independent spaces v 36 options each is 366 total combinations. The comes out to 2,176,782,336 possible combinations of license plate. And since every state has actually their own license plates, that's 2.1 billion cars possible per state.

Note: part states also have 7-character plates. The ups the possibilities to 78.4 billion every state.

There are 50 states, and they reuse numbers when per state.

Each digit deserve to be A-Z or 1-9 (assuming no 0 since it looks too lot like resources O) therefore we have actually 35 feasible choices for each spot (ignoring "blank" as a choice).

If there to be 2 digits on a plate, you'd have 35x35 = 1225 combinations.

With 3 digits, 35x35x35=42875 combinations.

With 6 digits, 35x35x35x35x35x35=1,838,265,625 combinations.

With 7 digits, main point by 35 again.

Ok, for this reason what about the says that have 3 consecutive letters prior to the 3 digits? would certainly it just be separated by 3, or an additional equation every together?

There are 50 states, and they reuse numbers once per state.

Don't forget DC patent plates and also those issued straight by the commonwealth government.

It's actually much more than this because of the rules involving spaces, yet lets ignore those because I'm lazy:

Assume we have actually 6 personalities that have the right to be any of the 26 letters or any digit. That's 36 potential personalities for every slot. That method 366 possibilities or 2,176,782,336. 2+ exchange rate is much more than enough to cover us (and again, given that over there are additionally rules including spaces and there are, technically, more than six personalities as a result, it's actually considerably more).

In reality, the rule for patent plates way there space actually much LESS 보다 that variety of options, but mathematically it provides no difference. There room still an ext than enough available options to meet every human alive having actually multiple cars.

Well, various states have different species of patent plates. Some have actually 6 characters, yet some have more. Plus, a Wisconsin patent plate the "ABCDEF" would be considered different indigenous a Georgia patent plate the "ABCDEF".

But if you desire to recognize how countless different license plates you deserve to make with 6 characters, assuming that you permit letters and also numbers (that's 36 characters per digit), the formula for calculating the variety of possible combinations is 366, which comes out to 2,176,782,336. So there are an ext 6-character license plate combinations 보다 there are civilization in the US.

All the point out in this thread plus the fact that states have the right to (and frequently do) use an ext than one formula for license plates. Some may cycle through an entire set of a single formula, yet most don't. They change them occasionally for other reasons and also use various formulas for different species of vehicles.

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So a irradiate passenger car might it is in ABC123, advertising trucks and fleet vehicles (taxi, limo, shuttle, etc) could be assigned to 123ABC i m sorry doubles the potential full unique identifiers. Ten years from now the state may alter the style of the photo (background) and also decide the 12ABCD looks or fits better with the brand-new design (effectively resetting the counting to zero)...and so on. There are literally billions that potential combinations because that each state, multiply by the state ID being a third factor and also there is no trouble having enough vehicle tags come go approximately :).