*El Debarge once opened up around his battles to reconnect with his 12 children and also why he lost one of them.

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In one interview v Jet magazine, El debated his youngsters (11 biological and one he’s welcomed as his own) by 5 different mothers (3 of whom he was married to). After ~ overcoming a 22-year drug habit that greatly kept him away from his kids, El revealed:

“I intend to it is in in their stays forever. God provided me a 2nd chance. I am so really glad through what is going on v my career, but I want to it is in a success in my connection with mine children”, DeBarge says.

He also recalled exactly how he shed his 3-year-old daughter: “I have actually one child that I shed to the device when ns was on drugs”, the admits to JET end the phone. He believes the the girl has been adopted. “I don’t know where she is.”

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El Debarge and also daughter, Adris (via Facebook)

El also spoke on two other children he’d never ever met at that time (2010):

“I recognize where castle are. But so numerous years have gone by. They recognize their dad is El DeBarge … ns am trying to earn your trust again. I am calling and texting … It’s sort of hard; they acquired used come me no being around.” he admits, “I lost them. Ns am trying to reconnect with them. From the point, that is hard on me emotionally.”

According come ILOSM, El reconnected v his earliest daughter, Adris (pictured above on she wedding day), as soon as she remained in her so late 20’s and also he claimed this around having been a teenage dad: “I remained in no means ready when my daughter was born. But I desire to it is in a great father to her.”

El with 2 of his boy (via Instagram)

Adris ~ above reconnecting v her dad, El:

“It is brand new and ns am enjoy it it come the fullest”, she says. “What gives me so much joy and so lot pride right now at this suggest in our lives is to just watch him and also be may be to see him sober and also happy, therefore happy and also whole. It really is such a gift to have him around.”

Throwback pic of El Debarge and also his children (via Pinterest)

El’s brother, singer Chico Debarge, stated he admires El for owning up to his wrongs and also making genuine efforts to do right by his children.

“He is very attentive, that is ~ above it. He is getting to out to them and communicating through them on every levels. If they room angry, he lets them vent that out. I’ve watched him do that. He lets them get it out.

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The is trying to capture up on all the years he missed. He is make the efforts to consist of for what he no do and give castle what he have the right to right now,” Chico called Jet Magazine.