If you"re looking for a quick to the question, "how numerous game balls room used during the at sight Bowl?" the NFL has a rapid answer: 54, follow to a 2015 update to the main rules. Yet have you ever wondered about the ins and outs that the footballs offered for the huge game or the NFL games much more generally? for instance, world refer come footballs as pigskins, however as Time point out out, they"re actually created from cowhide. Is the league feeding friend a bunch of bull by passing their balls off as bacon-adjacent? Let"s handle the meat that the football together.

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Footballs provided to it is in a pork product. Together Time describes, ago in the 1850s, the precursor to current-day football associated playing through a leather-encased pig bladder that people inflated by mouth. The idea of pushing your lips versus a pig"s pee sack sounds vaguely revolting and raises the uncomfortable concern of the "other white meat" has actually a yellow flavor.

That alone seems choose a reason to switch to cowhide. ~ all, if you"re walking to death an animal and also turn component of that carcass right into a plaything, girlfriend don"t want to need to wonder whether it tastes prefer a toilet. Yet people had actually a different beef v these balls. The pig bladders leaked and also tore as well easily and also would then have to be packed through straw or a comparable filing. Lock were later on replaced with less incontinent rubber bladders. Obviously, this beefy balls have the right to take much more of a beating since you don"t see countless time outs because that stuffing them with straw. But even if a beefy NFL player taken place to bust a round or deflate one, every football team has lot of of balls come play with.

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Since 1941, all of the NFL"s balls have actually been supplied by Wilson Sporting Goods, every Sports Illustrated. Every year, the firm manufactures 700,000 footballs, and according to the NFL, Wilson furnishes every team with approximately 780 game balls, amounting to around 24,960 balls for whole season. During the continuous season each team brings 12 main balls and 12 backup balls, because that a total of 24 per team and also 48 every game. The number jumps come 54 because that the at sight Bowl.

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Prior come every contest, designated officials examine the balls to ensure they loss within the embraced PSI range (12.5 come 13.5 pounds per square inch) and don"t have any other disqualifying characteristics. The NFL estimates that seven to 10 balls are generally discarded prior to the super Bowl. Hopefully, these Wilson balls have actually faces attracted on them before officially being cast away.