As the location says. I have surfed every one of the net but could never discover the answer come this question. Why carry out atoms require 8 electron to stabilize? I median why no 7 or 5 or 10 electrons? Why especially 8? and also what walk stabilization of atoms even mean? space the atom going come burst without 8? Why carry out they require 8 electrons?

This is a concern which is not often questioned in and I need solution which really makes any type of sense. Not simply `it is due to the fact that the atoms must fill your octet.

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The valence orbitals the atoms room composed that suborbitals (s and p) there is 1 s suborbital i beg your pardon is spherical and can host 2 electron (one v up spin and one v down spin). There are 3 ns suborbitals which room dumbbell shaped (look favor two balloons tied together at the ends) and also align along the x,y&z axies and hold a total of 6 electrons (2 per axis, 3 v up spin and also 3 v down spin). Because an atom is energetically satisfied when all of the electrons room paired and 2+6 = 8, an atom must have actually 8 electron in its valence shell to pair every one of the electrons.

The octet dominion does not apply to all atoms though, for change metals and also later aspects there is a d suborbital which deserve to hold an addition 10 electrons, definition that now an atom may have 18 electron in that is valence shell to it is in satisfied. This permits for materials such as metal complexes and also the sulfate poly-atomic-ion come exist in spite of having much more than eight electron in the valence shell.

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I think the most important thing right here is to suggest out part details which ns don"t think get emphasized sufficient in classes, and also yet room extremely vital in approaching questions like this.

I typical why no 7 or 5 or 10 electrons? Why specifically 8?

I"ve remained in this case before. The one whereby I"m questioning a concern which I believe to be a question around the fundamental nature the matter, however the much more I explore it, it just seems to be a meaningless question. The actual number of electrons required to stabilize a mechanism is no a inquiry we have to really care about. The concern we care around is even if it is or no our theories deserve to predict the number. After ~ all, in science, we are asking nature the questions, and also nature gives us the answers. Therefore in this case, nature has told us 8 electrons, for this reason the price is 8 electrons. Ns think that"s one thing which is emphasized a lot more in physics 보다 in Nature is the arbiter. Us simply shot to rationalize the arbiter"s decisions.

Why do atoms need 8 electrons to stabilize?

Now that"s a concern which can be answer by a theory! This can be answer in too many of information or a tiny detail, however I obtain the feeling you room going come ask questions around why us don"t simply keep pour it until it is full up the orbitals with more electrons? This is usually what you"re asking around A.K."s answer when saying,

what perform you typical by energetically satisfied? How deserve to an atom recognize if it is satisfied?

This leads us to perhaps the biggest disservice excellent to student in your classes: the habit of personifying chemical systems. Talking about the "desires" the the system makes it much easier to know when first learning, however this candlestick to easily be exit (fluorine simply loves electrons!). The price to her question below is that the system doesn"t understand what the wants, and also that is regularly a very an excellent question come ask! this sorts of questions can be an extremely productive as soon as studying something prefer quantum entanglement. But, because that the matter at hand, something much easier suffices. Chemical systems room dynamic. Castle are changing in time by colliding with various other molecules, vibrating, rotating, soaking up photons and also emitting photons, and also doing all these points at once! for this reason then, what it way for a mechanism to it is in "energetically satisfied" is the all these points have uncovered some sort of balance. The is perfectly feasible that at any given minute some atom could lose one electron and also another one choose it up, but again we need to come ago to what nature speak us. Nature states that when we have two atom flying around, and also one that them has actually seven electrons, the atom is walking to take it an electron indigenous something else.

This need not be reserved for chemical solution though. In every one of physics, we observe that equipment tend in the direction of their lowest power state. This isn"t dictated for sure by part law, but rather it is a general rule. ~ all, us can uncover systems that aren"t at the global minimum of your potential energy surface, yet if the activation energy can it is in ignored, we will nearly always discover that system in that lowest energy state.

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It"s virtually as if nature is probing this five, seven, and ten electrons claims which girlfriend suggest, however simply walk not stay there since that is no the way the world works. To be technical, solution tend in the direction of equilibrium (you should convince you yourself of this since the mathematics to display it have the right to be involved), so as soon as I discover an atom with ten electrons, the pressures in the mechanism are out of balance. There could be eight positive charges in the nucleus, but ten negatively charged electrons. Thus, as soon as something with 7 electrons come around, it is most likely that mechanism will take among the extra electrons because this balances the end the forces (as fine as can be done in this example). Some type of equilibrium has actually been established. This is clear a simplistic example, however you can imagine then that if you had an ensemble that Avogadro"s number of particles, that all these points would be exchanging their imbalances and also staying around the equilibrium. This equilibrium, again, is it was observed to be the low energy state.

Concluding Remarks:

If and when you ever study quantum mechanics, you"ll uncover that these points all to happen quite normally out that the theoretical structure laid there. When you discover that angular momentum is quantized (and that the electron deserve to have zero angular momentum), you naturally ask what this waving electron point looks choose (say 95% of the time). So, friend plot this utilizing the equations the you"ve found from your theory, and you acquire out the orbitals that we find out all about in classes. The following question leads into what you"re asking here, both about the number of electrons every atom will normally have about it, and around the family member stability of every of those cases. If girlfriend really desire to be satisfied around those questions, examine quantum mechanics. Otherwise, what we"ve said here ought come suffice. All in all, over there comes a allude when you one of two people to must look deeper, and also be willing to grapple through some complex ideas in quantum mechanics, or you need to provide up on questioning epistemological questions since the answer come those type of concerns in science is nearly always, "because mom nature says so."