Tamela and David Mann are among those lucky Hollywood couples that have withstood the trials that marriage against all odds. They have been together for three years now, and their love is as stronger as ever.

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Tamela and also David Mann have actually become couple goals for plenty of of your fans, and also with all reason. Although your love story has had actually its ups and downs, they have regulated to rise above every bang on the road and remain married in an sector known to have actually a high price of divorce.

With a blended family members of four, a truth show, and also a released book where lock share their tricks to a happy marriage, the Manns have collection the requirements high because that those that follow their journey closely. Here’s whatever we know around this couple.

David Mann and Tamela Mann in ~ the 40th NAACP image Awards organized at the Shrine Auditorium top top February 12, 2009, in Los Angeles, California. | Photo: Getty Images


Tamela Mann is a gospel singer and also actress who started her job as component of the gospel group Kirk Franklin and the Family. She has released five studio albums as a soloist and also has to be nominated double for a Grammy award in the gospel category.

Tamela is likewise known for playing the character of Cora Simmons in some of Tyler Perry’s plays and movies, including “Diary that a Mad black color Woman,” “Madea’s household Reunion,” “Madea Goes to Jail,” and “Meet the Browns.”

Tamela Mann and David Mann answer questions at Georgia civilization Congress facility on august 8, 2015, in Atlanta, Georgia. | Photo: Getty Images

David Mann is an actor and stand-up comedian who, curiously, has played the duty of Mr. Brown, Cora Simmons’ father, in many of Tyler Perry’s plays, movies, and series. Yes, that way Tamela and David act favor father and also daughter in most of your joint projects.

Both are natives the Texas and met as adolescents when Tamela’s finest friend introduced her to David. They have been working with each other for many of their careers, and although they have their separation, personal, instance projects, this two are each rather number one cheerleaders.

David and Tamela Mann attend TV One Upfront push junket of upcoming 4Q17 and 2018 programming slate at existing at Chelsea Piers ~ above April 20, 2017, in brand-new York City. | Photo: Getty Images


David and also Tamela bound the node on April 24, 1988, however they didn’t gain a ideal wedding ago then. Still, the couple built a family, welcoming two children together: David Jr. And Tia.

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However, David is also a dad of two much more daughters he had exterior the marriage, Porcia and Tiffany. And also although Tamela has adopted the two girls together her daughters, Tiffany came right into the household as a surprised that nobody was expecting once David and also Tamela were 5 years into their marriage.

According to Tamela, she knew David had actually a past, and she knew Porcia’s mom, however she never ever expected someone else to punch at your door and also tell David the had another child. That situation practically broke their relationship as Tamela said, “I felt prefer I accepted one child. I can’t accept an additional child.”