How numerous atoms of each aspect does potassium nitrate (KNO3) contain?

A. Potassium = 3 atom, Nitrogen = 3 atom, Oxygen = 3 atoms

B. Potassium = 3 atom, Nitrogen = 1 atom, Oxygen = 3 atoms

C. Potassium = 1 atom, Nitrogen = 3 atom, Oxygen = 3 atoms

D. Potassium = 1 atom, Nitrogen = 1 atom, Oxygen = 3 atoms

Answer :

The correct choice is D. Potassium = 1 atom, Nitrogen = 1 atom, Oxygen = 3 atoms


Potassium nitrate deserve to be defined as a chemical compound which is anionic salt. It has actually positive K+ ions and an unfavorable NO3- ions.

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The formula reflects that over there is only one atom the potassium element.The formula shows that there is one atom of nitrogen facet present in potassium nitrate.As we deserve to see, the number 3 is written after O. This mirrors that there room 3 atom of oxygen existing in the link potassium nitrate.
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