Think a mr of the Rings-esque quest to conserve their kingdom. This quest would also involve detours, yet I deserve to just factor those in later. The continent is around the dimension of Australia, v a most grassland and a dense jungle in the middle. There"s also a relatively huge mountain variety they have to cross, yet they have actually paths to follow to do it less complicated going.


Let"s carry out some simple math;

Australia is roughly 4000km wide, and also a great figure because that an typical walking speed is 5km/h, meaning that in total it would certainly take approximately 800 hrs come walk from one side of a continent favor Australia come the other.

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BUT:It"s never as straightforward as that. Because that a start, it"s no a perfect plain, food and water is no going to be spread evenly across the continent, and also inns aren"t walking to be in directly lines or evenly spaced. Also, you have to sleep, rest, etc.

So let"s i think that we think that this trek as a job. That means, that us make 8hrs precious of development each working day. Let"s additional assume the we only "work" 6 days a week. This offers us some time to dual back when we forget our favourite elven sword, walk sideways to discover food or a water source, and likewise account because that the fact that sometimes the ideal inns to stay at are just 6hrs walk indigenous the critical one.

That means, the we"re talk 48 hrs of progress per week, and that equals 240 km. Let"s ring it as much as 250 since our warriors are eager to pursue their quest and because it provides the math much easier - It"s going to take you 16 weeks, or nearly 4 months.

Of course, that"s setting a more blistering pace 보다 you can like. 8 hrs marching every day sound wasteful, however remember her questors need to carry armaments and also supplies, at the very least some water, potentially food make reservation - unless they have actually carts and also the like, that"s actually quite hefty going, and also even with carts that is going come wear them out pretty quickly. So, there space going to be stages where they need an ext rest, and this additionally doesn"t factor in inclement weather and the like. If you factor in another 50% because that fatigue and bad weather, let"s speak to it approximately 6 months.

There"s a lot of you have the right to do to change this figure in your world of course; the basics room all in this explanation, the rougher you do it on your questors, the longer they"ll take. If you give them horses and the choose to carry their stuff, and also support groups along the way, they may actually do it faster.

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The one point that"s absolutely details - don"t shot this in actual Australia. The middle of our same continent is essentially desert and also many world have passed away out there in cars and also the like because they didn"t bring enough water and other necessary supplies and have broken down. I point out this since if friend put any desert or dangerous terrain in between your beginning point and your destination, you significantly increase time, risk and supplies necessary to reach your final point safely.