You have a couple of grapefruits in storage because that a couple of days already, and also you don’t want them come spoil. That provides you think:how long does a grapefruit last?

Or possibly you came house with a bunch that pink, red, or white grapefruits, and also you’re wonder what’s the proper way to save them.

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Can you store them top top the countertop in a fruit bowl, or must you refrigerate them? How much of a distinction does picking one storage technique over the other?

If one of two people of these inquiries sounds familiar, this short article is for you. In it, we talk about:

storage options for grapefruitsthe shelf life that this citrus fruitsigns that your grapefruit is no longer safe come eat

Interested? read on.


How To store Grapefruit

The optimal ar to store whole grapefruits is the crisper drawer in the fridge, and the fruits sealed in a plastic bag. If you’re okay with a much shorter storage time, leaving grapefruits at room temperature is okay too.

Whether you pick to refrigerate grapefruits or not counts on exactly how long you need to store them.

If you plan on eating them within a couple of days, feel free to leave them in a fruit bowl. But if you’re not quite sure if you’re going come gorge ~ above these negative boys this day or in a week, the fridge is a lot safer choice.

Two grapefruits
Like v lemons, if you desire to gain some extra warehouse time, placed the grapefruits in a plastic bag or airtight container. Either will assist with retaining moisture because that longer.


Grapefruits you buy are already ripe and also ready because that eating or juicing. The very same is true for other citrus fruits, such as limes or oranges. That means wherever you put them, they deserve to sit there until you’re all set to eat them.

Peeling grapefruit: job-related in progress

How long Does Grapefruit Last?

Whole grapefruits last about a week at room temperature and between 2 to 3 weeks in the fridge. Cut grapefruits last for 3 come 4 days until they start gaining mushy.

To acquire the longest possible storage time, make certain you pick grapefruits that room firm to the touch, uniform in color, and without any sunken spots or damaged areas.


If you buy grapefruits top top a sale and also they’re already on the softer side, cut the mentioned storage time in half. Or, better yet, eat castle as soon as possible.

Grapefruit, after removing the albedo and membrane
Once friend peel grapefruits, your storage time reduce to only a couple of days. If you want to prep them in breakthrough to snack on throughout the week, don’t make more than you need for three days.


If you’re not currently doing it, try removing the albedo, the white layer in between the peel and the fruit, prior to eating grapefruit. The albedo is bitter, and also I guarantee you’ll love the grapefruit taste for this reason much more if you remove it.

Whole grapefruit1 week2 – 3 weeks
Cut grapefruit3 – 4 days
Please keep in mind the periods in the table over are only estimates.

Peeled grapefruit in circle

How come Tell If Grapefruit Is Bad?

Signs that spoiled grapefruit include:

Rot or mold. If either is the case, it’s pretty noticeable the fruit is gone.Soft structure or water leaking. Grapefruit loser moisture contents over time. If the totality fruit feeling soft or mushy, its high quality isn’t an excellent enough to eat anymore. The same uses if it’s already leaking water.An turn off or stale smell. This is particularly important for cut-up grapefruit that sits in the fridge.Too long storage time. If that entirety grapefruit sit in the veggie drawer for like a month, or those cut-up piece for a week, it’s time for them to go. Far better safe 보다 sorry.

Of course, if anything about the fruit seems off, you must discard that grapefruit too. Your senses room pretty an excellent at spotting fruits that space no much longer safe come eat. Use your eyes, nose, and taste buds to ensure that old grapefruit is still it s okay to consume.

TipSome small sunken point out or damaged locations on the peel are okay. If require be, discard surrounding piece or pieces, and also use the rest.

The very first sign that your grapefruit has started deteriorating is normally the fallen of stem-end as result of moisture loss.

If you notice that her is soft close to that area, it’s time to use it, or at least make a arrangement of doing that within a job or two. Otherwise, the specimen could get come a point it’s no good anymore.

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Grapefruit endocarp – the really fruit friend eat

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