Paint fresh Stucco — The ideal Way

when determining the right moment to repaint your client"s fresh stucco, numerous assume the the surface"s dried time is the most essential factor. While time does play a role, as painting high pH stucco too soon almost always results in shade burnout, there is no rule of thumb regarding the lot of time stucco demands to cure to it is in "paint ready." In addition, over there are other considerations to keep in mind — such together the lot of moisture obtainable from rainfall, humidity or the application, itself.

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because that example, hands-on hydration and/or rainfall can help lower the pH level and also speed up the curing process. Therefore, the most crucial dynamic is the extent of the stucco"s curing and its pH level, not the amount of time elapsed since the stucco was applied.

Painting Stucco

because stucco is hydrophobic, water is a vital catalyst in the chemistry reaction the helps this product harden and also cure — and is why it is recommended that it it is in moist-cured end a number of days, together it keeps the cement"s humidity high sufficient to hydrate or cure.

Freshly applied stucco often tends to be highly alkaline or have a high pH. PH is the scale by which we measure acidity (0-7 ~ above the scale) or alkalinity (7-14 on the scale). When an initial applied, new stucco have the right to have an alkalinity as high as 13 yet — together it cures — the reaction binding the lime in the mix and causes the pH to drop. Because that the reaction come continue and full curing to occur, that must have water. Many manufacturers don"t recommend painting stucco uneven the pH level is 10 or below. If effectively hydrated, stucco will certainly easily acquire a pH in the range of 8 or 9, if correctly hydrated.

therefore what happens if paint is used to stucco as soon as the pH balance is as well high? most commonly, a "burning" may occur, which may appear as a dulled sheen or mottling that the coating and, eventually, leads to repaint deterioration. In ~ this point, it"s best to realize the the damage is done, as the further enhancement of water might aggravate the situation and cause chipping and delamination.

Unfortunately, over there is no "magic number" once it pertains to how numerous days a fresh wall of stucco demands to cure for the pH level to drop to an acceptable level. That said, we can provide best practices concerning the optimal measures to assist ensure the paint job go smoothly.

As discussed earlier, stucco hydration is affected by plenty of factors, consisting of humidity, temperature, wind and also direct sunlight. Therefore, suitable hydration is critical when preparing a stucco surface for paint. Come hydrate a wall, use water through an also spray end the entire surface until it begins to run off. Enable the wall surface to absorb the water and repeat numerous times. The surface may need to be hosed number of times per day for several days. The need for added wetting have the right to be dictated through the exposure conditions, wind, humidity, temperature and also orientations. For example, south- and west-facing walls might require much more than north- or east-facing walls. Continue to hydrate the surface until that lowers to the desired pH level.

The most commonly used an approach to recognize pH is v a pH pencil (which have the right to be obtained from most paint distributors) and also distilled water. Scratch a little area ~ above the check surface and also wet it with distilled water. A color chart is noted to match the shade of the test area through the equivalent pH color level.

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one more best exercise is to prime stucco prior to painting, as primer functions as one intermediary in between the stucco and coating. It additionally stops stucco from drawing moisture indigenous the coating and also discoloring it. A good, alkali-resistant primer will assist your coating administer greater coverage and better performance.