As a brand-new player the Roblox platform, you might wonder after friend buy Robux, how long that takes to show up. This details is crucial to know due to the fact that if your Robux does not show up for a long time, it have the right to indicate that there is a problem.

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How lengthy Does it Take because that Robux to present Up after ~ Buying It?

There is no information about how lengthy it takes for Robux to display up ~ buying it. Normally every product the you buy after ~ purchase, that will present up immediately after you pay for it. However, if there is a pending time, there might be a problem.

According come Roblox Wiki, Roblox changed the pending time which could be the reason of bigger quantities of Robux pending longer. It means that it might take up to 3 come 7 days depending on the lot of Robux. That is defined that 10,000 pending Robux being held for testimonial to stop abuse. If you find that the waiting time is longer than a week, you room able to make a report to the Roblox administrators. So, they will adjust how and also when you acquire your Robux. Execute you desire your Robux faster? If so, you are able to go to and shot to contact the Roblox team.


What must I execute If ns Bought Robux yet I walk Not acquire It?

After you bought Robux in Roblox, girlfriend may find that you did not get it. If this thing happens, you may be worried since you have actually paid because that it. Well, if girlfriend bought Robux yet you did not get it, there are numerous things the you room able to perform according to West gamings as you space able to see in the explanation below.

First, you need to make sure that you room entering the right account while you are purchasing. Due to the fact that there room a lot of world who play Roblox, your family or friends may also play it. So, that is possible that they have actually logged in your account ~ above the device where you space trying come buy the Robux on and also then you might be surprised when you login to her account the following time and all your Robux the are an alleged to be there space lost. So, the is crucial for girlfriend to inspect all the details correctly and also you additionally have come make sure that there space no typos or errors.You have to check your transaction history. Over there is a possibility that you may have actually spent her Robux and also you execute not psychic it. Or, there is someone rather who has used your Robux and also you do not recognize it. So, to check whether her Robux has actually been spent or not, you have actually to examine your transaction history. It is easy to do since Roblox maintains every the transaction background when her Robux is bought and also spent. So, every little thing will have the ability to be confirm here. To examine your Robux i m sorry is bought and spent, the an initial thing that you have to do is to click on the Robux icon. After that, you have to tap on your Robux value. Then, friend will be able to check the currency purchase whereby it is broken down to the previous day, week, month and a year under the an overview tab. If you space able to discover the purchase, you likewise have to inspect on the my Transactions tab. There, you will be able to see the Robux which was provided or spent.You are able to call your bank. If you discover that you cannot watch the Robux the you have actually bought under the review tab, the point that you are able to carry out is to call your bank. For part reasons, your financial institution might it is in holding the payment such as authentication and it have the right to make you have this problem. After you contact your bank, then they will certainly confirm the payment for you.You room able to call Roblox support. If you have checked everything and it seems that there is no miscellaneous wrong yet you watch that you did not get your Robux after girlfriend bought it, you can call Roblox assistance and provide them with the relevant details. By contacting Roblox support, lock will assist you to fix this problem and also you will have all the Robux the you have bought.

How to check My Robux in Roblox?

How to inspect the amount of Robux that ns have? If you use the Roblox mobile app, you can examine it by complying with the steps below.

The first thing the you need to do to inspect your Robux balance in the Roblox mobile app is to log right into the account where the Robux were bought.After that, you need to tap the Robux symbol which deserve to be discovered at the optimal of the app.Now, you have the right to see her Robux balance which is displayed at the top.

How to inspect my Robux from a browser? If you access Roblox through the browser, girlfriend can check your Robux balance by looking in ~ the upper best of the web browser window.

If you want to watch your Robux security history, you can do that by logging in come the account wherein the Robux to be bought. Then, you have to tap the Robux symbol which can be found in the upper appropriate of the web browser window. After ~ that, you need to tap your Robux value and also then the will load the mine Transactions page. Here, you space able to see your currency Purchases end the previous Day, Week, Month and Year. Besides, girlfriend are likewise able to view your Purchases come see just how the Robux were spent.

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Now, just how to check Robux the we have from the Roblox Xbox One app? To check your Robux from her Xbox One app, when you space on the home screen, you have to click the right Bumper (RB) till you can reach the Robux screen. Then, ~ above the Robux screen, specifically in the lower left corner, you deserve to see her current total which is beside my Balance.