Las las vegas Road trip Series

When taking a road pilgrimage to Vegas, the drive is component of the fun. If girlfriend are starting your journey in Denver, driving to ras Vegas is a great way to marvel at the natural beauty that the Southwest before getting here in the city of neon lights, all while make memories through your friends and also family. This journey is sure to take you through some of the most breathtaking sights the will save you awake. Driving native Denver to ras Vegas is a expedition that everyone need to experience.

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Pack your bags, rally the troops, and also fill the tank, because we have all the road trip recommendations to have actually the finest Denver to las vegas drive.

The Logistics: Route, drive Time & Traffic

Taking a Denver to las Vegas road expedition is the perfect length for 2 days the leisurely driving. The I-70 W and the I-15 S space the two main roads you’ll be traveling on to get to Vegas, acquisition you 749 miles through the stunning Southwestern landscapes that Colorado, Utah, and Nevada. With ideal traffic and weather conditions, the road trip takes approximately 11.5 hrs to drive. Because the pilgrimage nears half a work of driving, we recommend taking an overnight remainder so you have an ext time to enjoy all the beautiful pit stops and also stunning views along the means without ending up being exhausted.

If possible, avoid beginning your Denver to las vegas drive ~ above the well-known weekend days, and also instead leaving on less-popular steering days. Traffic often tends to it is in lighter on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday compared to weekend driving. Permit for longer drive time if you plan on traveling to the city for ras Vegas events or throughout the holidays. No matter where you’re driving native or which day of the week, the web traffic is certain to choose up closer come the city.

Denver to ras Vegas Road expedition Stops


Vail, Colorado | 652 mile to Vegas

There isn’t much Vail doesn’t market to travelers, from outdoor adventures and entertainment come shopping and dining. You could easily invest a weekend here, but shot to pick your favorite activities so friend can acquire to las vegas faster.

Glenwood hot Springs will | 591 miles to Vegas

You’re still near the begin of her road trip to Vegas, so why don’t you treat her muscles to a relaxing soak prior to hours of driving? The Glenwood warm Springs will is a human being famous hot spring swimming pool which offers many therapeutic qualities.

Palisade, Colorado | 517 miles to Vegas

If you require a little pit avoid for lunch while driving from Denver to las Vegas, make a visit come Palisade, CO. This city is recognized for that vineyards and farming scene, i m sorry is perfect for having actually a it s as beautiful as picture meal. You re welcome drink responsibly.

Arches national Park | 453 miles to Vegas

You’re certain to have actually seen these natural wonders everywhere social media. If you haven’t to be yet, it’s time to visit the arcs National Park to see over 2,000 natural rock arches. Try visiting close to sunset, once the red rocks space truly glowing.

Mystic hot Springs that Monroe | 348 miles to Vegas

Discovered top top a road pilgrimage to Denver through Mike Ginsburg, the Mystic hot Springs have actually been an artistic spot for music lovers and also artists. Take a soak in the herbal hot springs, or examine out the concert schedule to record a show.

Fremont Indian State Park and Museum | 261 mile to Vegas

Whether you’re a history buff or not, the Fremont Indian State Park and Museum is a great place come visit to learn more of Utah’s history. The museum screens items from the Fremont Indian village, including pottery, arrowheads, and also baskets.

Cedar Breaks national Monument | 204 mile to Vegas

vSitting over 10,000 feet tall, the Cedar Breaks national Monument provides a truly breathtaking watch of Utah’s landscape. Depending on when you visit, you can capture one the their many events, from the Wildflower Festival to their Star Parties.

Kolob Canyons Visitor center | 151 miles to Vegas

The Kolob Canyons expectancy 5 miles of scenic roadway in Zion national Park. Whether you setup to hike or simply want a beautiful view, this majestic red canyons was standing 2,000 feet tall. If hiking, look for the Larson Cabin in the Kolob Canyon wilderness.

Red Cliffs Recreation Area | 133 mile to Vegas

If you up for a hike if nearing the finish of her Denver to las Vegas drive, visit the Red Cliffs Recreation Area. This area has actually amazing hikes that bring you to awesome dinosaur tracks and the Red Cliffs Anasazi Site.

Mesquite, Nevada | 78 miles to Vegas

After a lengthy road trip and a small over an hour to vegas left, make a rapid stop in Mesquite because that a taste that what the rest of her weekend will entail. Both CasaBlanca and Virgin flow are good stops to stretch her legs and maybe your wallet.

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Some to speak life isn’t only around the destination, it’s about the journey. If she planning your next trip to ras Vegas, consider hitting the road and also making an adventure the end of it.