If you are in a rush and also need the defrosted quickly and want come know just how to carry out it properly, climate you are in the appropriate place.

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Today, we room going come look in ~ the 3 best and quickest way to thaw Cool Whip.

So, keep reading to discover out how.

What wake up If Cool Whip Is no Defrosted Properly?


Before we gain into exactly how to correctly defrost Cool Whip, that is crucial to know what can take place if the is not thawed properly.

If you carry out not thaw the popular whipped cream properly, you space going to finish up through a ruined product, that will much more than likely have to be thrown away.

The two key things the go wrong once thawed improperly are:

It deserve to liquefyIt have the right to spoil


There room some people who think that the best means to thaw Cool Whip is letting it sit at room temperature.

This is the worst thing that you can do, as as soon as it sits the end at room temperature, the will often turn right into a fluid mess and will become unusable.

The fluffiness and also volume you room looking for, will be non-existent.

It can Spoil:

Aside from Cool Whip’s texture turning into liquid because of incorrect defrosting, if thawed at room temperature there is also a feasible food security concern.

According come the us Food and also Drug Administration, foods that room refrigerated choose dairy products, must never be left the end of the refrigerator at room temperature for more than 2 hours.

This time drops to one hour if the wait temperature is over 90° F.

By sitting the end of the fridge, over there is boost in the development of harmful bacteria that deserve to be reason food borne illnesses, which deserve to make you extremely sick.

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How to Thaw Cool Whip: safest & Quickest methods Highlighted

There are different methods accessible if you room looking come defrost Cool Whip easily & properly.

The three finest are:

Overnight in the refrigeratorCold water bathMicrowave

Each method has that is pros and also cons, we will look in ~ them, in addition to detailed step-by-step thawing instructions, below.

Overnight in the Refrigerator: The Safest means to Thaw Frozen Cool Whip

While the refrigerator is not the quickest method to thaw Cool Whip, the is the safest and you room guaranteed to have a product the does not go flat and also can be offered as intended.

It is likewise recommend through Kraft, manufacturers the the product.


Take the container the frozen Cool Whip out of the freezer and also place in the refrigerator.It take away about 6 hrs for it to thaw, however you deserve to let the sit overnight.Once it is totally defrosted, it need to be ready to usage as is.

Cold Water: A quick & Safe way to Thaw Cool Whip (If You have a little of Time)

Using the cold water method is no the absolute quickest technique to defrost Cool Whip, but if you have a couple of minute to spare, climate it is faster than leaving it in the frozen fridge overnight.

What’s great about making use of this technique is that you execute not have to wait for it come thaw in the refrigerator overnight or worry around the texture being maybe spoiled in the microwave (we research this method in the next section).

Please Note: While this speeds up the process, us recommend letting it sit in the refrigerator to thaw.

There is a possibility it could liquefy and also not be as fluffy together it should be. Use at your own discrection.

You have two alternatives using the cold water method:

Submerge the container in a bowl of cold waterLet cold water operation over the container.Steps: (Submerging in Cold Water)Fill a bowl through cold water.Take the container the Cool Whip and submerge in the key of cold water.Let that sit for around 30 minutes. It must be completely thawed and also ready come be used after the time.Steps: (Running Under in Cold Water)Place the container the Cool Whip in a bowl.Place the key under the kitchen faucet and allow the water to repetitively run over the container.Do this for about 10-15 minute (depending on how huge a container). After ~ this time, the Cool Whip should be thawed and ready to use.

Microwave: Quickest means to Defrost Frozen Cool Whip (Not The Safest)

Defrosting Cool Whip in the microwave is no RECCOMENDED.

The microwave is the quickest means to thaw, HOWEVER, there is a great chance you might end up spoiling it, if not done properly.

There space horror story (like here), where some microwaved Cool Whip and also it turned into a yellow tub of goo.

The crucial to thawing through the microwave is not use it at complete power and additionally not to store it in there too long.


Place the frozen Cool Whip in a microwave safe container/plate.Use the microwaves defrost setting or use 30% power and also zap it because that 45 seconds.Remove and check. The center will still it is in frozen, for this reason stir roughly the contents and also place back in the microwave.Place in the microwave for one more 45 seconds. Inspect to view if there room still frozen parts, if so stir and place ago in the microwave.You will currently do the procedure in 30 2nd intervals, till the Cool Whip is totally thawed out.

Note: In using this method, friend will shed some the the texture and also it i will not ~ be as fluffy, contrasted to letting that sit in the refrigerator come thaw.

You should additionally be conscious that when you use the microwave to thaw the Cool Whip, you will certainly not be

Wrapping the up

I hope this overview was clear in help you recognize the different methods that deserve to be offered to thaw Cool Whip.

Getting it prepared to usage is quite easy, when you carry out it properly.

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With that said, allow me know in the comments listed below which technique you used and also how did it turn out.