This very delicious coffee liqueur find itself at house in White Russians, and also can do a fun enhancement to part “grown up” warm chocolate!

Of course, girlfriend may discover yourself through a party of Kahlua that’s to be sitting in the liquor room for fairly some time. Can Kahlua go bad? How deserve to you call if Kahlua is still safe to drink? check out on to discover out!

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Can Kahlua walk Bad?

Like many liqueurs, Kahlua does go bad. While your party of Kahlua may not damn in the traditional sense of cultivation mold, or going rancid, in time it will start to decrease in quality.

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The manufacturer recommends the Kahlua be consumed within 4 years of the manufacturing date. This shelf life reference is the same, even if it is or not the bottle has been opened, and does not depend on the warehouse method.

While the product may be tho be safe to consume after four years, the high quality will have likely degraded, and also your combined drinks could taste a tiny flat!

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How to Tell If Kahlua has Gone Bad

The key flavor in Kahlua is coffee, and also over time, the aromatic compounds in the brew start to rest down. This will certainly make the liqueur less flavorful, and at the exact same time, will diminish the smell.

So, the an initial way to check if that party of Kahlua is still an excellent is to odor it. If the odor of coffee is strong, climate the Kahlua is most likely still good. A weaker smell, or no smell at all shows that the taste will likely be off, and won’t taste as good.

While it’s unlikely, Kahlua that has actually been contaminated might potentially harbor unwanted bacterial or mold growth. If friend smell any kind of sour or other off odors, the Kahlua has likely gone bad and also should no be consumed. Similarly, if there are any visual indicators of mold growth, though very unlikely (if not almost impossible), the Kahlua should be discarded.

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Kahlua will clear up after a while, and though this doesn’t show spoilage, that does mean that the flavor has actually likely changed a bit. You can mix the drink ago together by gently tipping the party upside down a couple of times before serving – simply be sure it’s strictly sealed!

Sugar crystals developing on the edge of the party are another sign the the Kahlua may have seen far better days, though it’s still most likely safe come drink.

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How to keep Kahlua

Kahlua have to be save on computer in a cool, dark place, away from exposure to heat or straight sunlight. If you’d prefer, you have the right to store Kahlua in the refrigerator, though this will certainly not rise the shelf life by any comprehensive measure.

Many civilization prefer to keep Kahlua in the refrigerator because that taste reasons, as this liqueur is best served chilled.

The most vital thing come remember when storing Kahlua, is the the bottle must remain strictly sealed. The odor compounds room sensitive to air exposure, therefore tightly closeup of the door the party is the best means to maintain the solid coffee flavor. This will likewise prevent the alcohol from oxidizing and also reduce the evaporation, which tends to take place with alcohol-based beverages.

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Storing Kahlua in the freezer is not recommended. While there is a great deal of alcohol, which will protect against the Kahlua from freezing solid in most house freezers, the beverage will become thick and also possibly chunky when frozen. This will certainly make pouring Kahlua fairly difficult, and also give your combined drinks an uncomfortable texture.

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You can, of course, chill a bottle of Kahlua in the freezer because that a half hour or therefore to gain the liqueur to a much better temperature because that drinking, so regarding avoid making use of too lot ice.