You have the right to freeze yogurt, including Greek yogurt, and it"s a great way to save money and make creamy, frothy smoothies in no time!



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Does her local market run super specials ~ above yogurt? The sort of revenue you just cannot resist and also so you fill the fridge with means too many single-serving containers or huge tubs and then, a main later, finish up tossing some—or most—of that yogurt in the trash? Thankfully, there's a solution and it walk not require the willpower to no buy the yogurt. Instead, freeze yogurt is a remarkably quick and also easy method.

All yogurt—whether full-fat or nonfat, strained (like Greek or skyr), level or swirled through fruit—can it is in frozen for up to two months. Technically, it's safe to eat lengthy after that, yet two month is yes, really the limit once it pertains to taste and also texture. As with most foods, the longer yogurt is frozen, the more its quality will decline. Review on for just how to freeze yogurt, the best way to thaw yogurt and also tips for exactly how to use your stash that frozen yogurt.

The simplest, fastest means to frozen yogurt is to just pop the original container in the freezer. When you have the right to take this approach with larger tubs, it renders the many sense because that single-serving containers, as you deserve to then thaw only what girlfriend need.

Keep in mind that yogurt expands in the freezer, for this reason the seal on the container may break. If you are concerned about freezer burn or desire to store out any kind of freezer smells, location the separation, personal, instance container in a freezer bag prior to freezing.

Another option is to spoon yogurt into little freezer-safe containers (like these ones from Ziploc, buy them: Target, $3), which permits you to portion it according to exactly how you plan to use it, therefore there's no waste. That also means you can leave a tiny room because that the yogurt to expand. This technique is particularly an excellent for yogurt that has pieces of fruit or a great of fruit, as it's best to line the yogurt and fruit together before freezing—this will help the yogurt and fruit freeze evenly and way the fruit will certainly be evenly spread when the yogurt is thawed.

A similar an approach is come spoon yogurt right into ice cube trays for freezing. Permit the yogurt to freeze for several hrs or overnight and also then transport the cubes come a freezer bag for permanent storage (you could also use Souper Cubes, i m sorry come with a lid, buy them: Williams Sonoma, $20 because that a 1/2-cup tray). This technique is ideal for smoothie making, together you have the right to pop the frozen yogurt cubes straight in the blender through your other ingredients and quickly whip up a creamy, frothy treat.

A fourth technique is to frozen yogurt in scoops, yet this works ideal with thick Greek yogurt and also makes the many sense if friend purchase larger tubs. Heat a baking sheet v parchment document then use an ice cream cream scoop to part and place the yogurt ~ above the parchment. Frozen the scoops for several hours or overnight prior to moving them come a freezer bag because that longer-term storage. You can also use a certain size ice cream cream scoop, so you know precisely how lot yogurt is in every portion, which can save time if you arrangement to usage the yogurt for baking, together it's one much less ingredient come measure.

For all these freezer methods, protect against freezing yogurt for much longer than 2 months. And also to store track, always label and also date yogurt before freezing. This is a an excellent rule of thumb once freezing any food, together it renders it straightforward to keep track the what girlfriend have and also when you have to use it.

Regardless of exactly how you frozen yogurt, there's only one way to thaw it and also that is in the fridge, preferably overnight. Like many dairy items, yogurt will separate a bit when frozen, which can make the watery or grainy. This makes it crucial to line the s yogurt thoroughly prior to using. If it separates a lot, girlfriend can also blend yogurt in a food processor to bring back some of its smoothness. Once yogurt has been thawed, it cannot be refrozen.

Yogurt that has been frozen and thawed loses few of its creamy, smooth texture. In enhancement to textural changes, part yogurt tastes much more tart after gift frozen. While you can eat the by itself, shot freezing a tiny amount an initial to check out if you favor it—you might prefer part brands or seasonings to others. And remember that the longer yogurt is frozen, the much more its taste and also texture will certainly suffer, so if you carry out want to enjoy it by the spoonful, limit how long you freeze it.

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One way to gain frozen yogurt is by utilizing it in recipes wherein it doesn't need to be thawed. Smoothies, including this simple Fruit & Yogurt Smoothie or this Spinach-Avocado Smoothie, are perfect. Smoothie bowls and also shakes are likewise great.

If you execute thaw the yogurt, usage it in recipes whereby texture is less important. Focus on dishes that speak to for well-off creaminess and tart tanginess, however don't need to be at sight smooth. Frozen yogurt have the right to be used in marinades for fish or chicken—the yogurt help tenderize the meat—or revolve it right into a creamy, flavorful salad dressing. As long as they're not intended to be super smooth, dips and spreads are an additional place to usage thawed frozen yogurt.

Another excellent way to use formerly frozen yogurt, particularly yogurt that's been in the freezer for closer to two months, is in baked goods. Cakes, quick breads and also muffins are your ideal options, but any recipe that includes yogurt in the batter—including pancakes and waffles—can it is in made with thawed frozen yogurt. 

While yogurt doesn't magically turn right into the sweet and also creamy dessert we know and love as soon as we frozen it, some civilization do reap it straight from the freezer. You have the right to just destruction your spoon in, place popsicle pole into single servings when freezing, or plan ahead and make this Coconut Yogurt Pops. And, the course, using yogurt to actually make frozen yogurt is the own method of freeze yogurt and additionally quite simple. Some recipes, such together this Peach Frozen Yogurt, can also be made without an ice cream cream maker. 

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