When you hear the term “aquatic pets,” i beg your pardon aquatic creatures pertained to your mind? Fish, turtles, maybe also frog. Don’t you forget something? Yes, Hermit Crabs room the aquatic pets you don’t want to miss out on out on. Active, curious, and entertaining, these easy-to-maintain and colorful pets will bring new life right into your tank and also your home. However, there are number of differences between the Hermit Crabs and also aquatic pet you must know about before bringing one home.

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Can Hermit Crabs drown? Yes, unlike all the other aquatic pet you can have known or heard of, the gills the Hermit Crabs space not design to breath underwater. Thus, if girlfriend leave your pet Hermit Crabs in water because that a much longer period, lock are an extremely likely come drown. Back the lasting duration can vary because that individual Hermit Crabs, they have the right to last in water because that no much longer than 15-25 minute on average.

Does this typical that this crabs can not swim? and if not, carry out they still require water as much as the other crab species? If these questions have been haunting you, friend needn’t worry anymore. In this article, we will tell you whatever you should know around exposing her pet Hermit Crabs come water.

How Well carry out You understand Your pets Hermit Crabs?

Before we relocate on come talk about whether or not can Hermit Crabs drown, permit us first find out how well you understand your pet Hermit Crabs.

Did you know that there are over 800 species of Hermit Crabs in the world? While the is logically impossible to know around each among them, lock are divided into two vast categories that you should know about.

Let’s find out much more about these in the next section.

Land and Marine Hermit Crabs


Land Hermit Crabs room the team of terrestrial Hermit Crab species that live top top the ground but need access to both freshwater and also saltwater to survive. Top top the other hand, the maritime Hermit Crabs are aquatic crabs that invest their life underwater and also can only survive on soil as lengthy as their gills have moisture.

All varieties of the maritime Hermit Crabs are citizens of the ocean (saltwater), except the Clibanarius fonticola, a naval Hermit Crab that stays in freshwater.

Among the two, the floor Hermit Crabs are an ext commonly maintained as pets. However, that doesn’t median that the naval Hermit Crabs do not make an excellent pets. This Hermit Crabs are just an ext high-maintenance than the former and are finest raised by pets owners who have an ext experience elevating exotic aquatic pets.

You have the right to distinguish between a Land and a maritime Hermit Crab from their appearance. The human body of the land Hermit Crabs is solidly colored, often in shades that red or purple. Top top the other hand, Aquatic Hermit Crabs have actually a multi-colored body v striped or speckled legs. Due to the fact that they live in water, the shells of the naval Hermit Crabs room covered in barnacles.

Land Hermit Crabs do their residence in muddy or sandy areas and also live in high sand-hills in the forests. ~ above the various other hand, the naval Hermit Crabs live in shallow coral reefs where they can find planktons in abundance. Some of them often tend to live together deep together 450 meter in the ocean.

Other than these differences, the Land and also Marine Hermit Crabs are somewhat similar. Both the them space nocturnal in nature and also are very social, preferring come live in big groups.

Can Hermit Crabs Swim?

Most world don’t recognize this, yet not all crabs can swim. Many of this aquatic creatures merely walk or run on the bed the the ocean. The exact same is true because that the Hermit Crabs. They execute not know just how to swim; neither space their body designed for the activity. This makes them much more prone come drowning if left in water unattended for as well long.

Do Hermit Crabs need Moisture?

While the is true the Hermit Crabs can not swim and also will probably drown if left in water, these little creatures still need water to attain moisture.

But why execute Hermit Crabs require moisture?

The land Hermit Crabs, although castle cannot continue to be submerged in water, should keep their gills moist come survive. This is why that is encourage to maintain a humid setting inside their tanks at all times.

I spray the tank of my pet crabs through a mist bottle every day to keep it about 75-80% damp. Most world also add swimming pools in their tank, however we will talk about it in the next section.

If you don’t carry out your pets Hermit Crabs with suitable humidity, they can die that suffocation.

Hermit Crabs need Both Saltwater and Freshwater

Hermit Crabs undoubtedly need access to both saltwater and also freshwater inside your tank to stay healthy. Many pet-owners think that this crabs use freshwater for your drinking purposes and bathe in the saltwater.

This, however, is no true.

Most the the Hermit Crabs species can and will drink both freshwater and saltwater. Lock are also known for storing water inside their shells to keep their gills and also abdomen hydrated and functional.

For this purpose, they frequently mix freshwater with saltwater.

Do Hermit Crabs need A Pool?

Most crab-owners think that adding swimming in the tank of their pet Hermit Crabs is too lot of a hassle, especially with the included risk of lock drowning. However, ns personally think that although adding pools could mean walking the extra mile for you, the is essential for the good health of your pet.

There are three crucial functions the the pools inside her pet Hermit Crab’s tank: the very first one is to maintain humidity inside the tank. We’ve currently discussed exactly how humidity is the utmost importance for the survive of your pets. So, the is it s okay if you had a busy day at work and couldn’t remember come spray mist in your pet’s tank today; the pools will take care of that for you.

The second duty of the swimming pool is to enable your pets to to wash their shells. For Hermit Crabs, washing their covering is necessary to preserve hygiene due to the fact that they pee and poop inside your shell. They space compelled by their instinct to carry out so in their shells to are afraid being eaten if they walk out.

The third role of swim pools is simply providing them an abundance of water to drink from should they need it.

Now the we’ve created how essential pools are for your little pets stop talk about how we have the right to make their pool a safe place for castle by alleviating the threat of drowning.

How to Ensure that Your Hermit Crabs perform Not undo In The Pool?

There space two ways by which you have the right to ensure the your pets execute not drown in the swimming pool you’re adding in your tanks.

The very first one is to provide them with simple exit indigenous the pool. Because that this, friend can add a swimming pool ramp in your pool. Plastic canvas works as the perfect product for pool ramps. That is cheap, straightforward to set up, and does no rust.

Another cheat is no to download pools that space not deep sufficient for them to drown in. If your pet Hermit Crabs space medium-sized, go through a pool not deeper 보다 5 inches. The way, your pets deserve to submerge us in the water completely without recognize it daunting to acquire out when they require to.

Related Questions

Can I use tap water because that my pets Hermit Crabs?

No. You need to never use tap water for your Hermit Crabs prior to treating that first. Untreated insanity water includes chlorine, chloramines, heavy metals, and fluorines, every one of which have the right to prove to it is in lethal because that your tiny pets’ health.

How often should I readjust the water inside the tank of my pet Hermit Crabs?

Most Hermit Crab-owners have tendency to change the water of your pet’s tank on alternate days. But in my opinion, you should readjust it once every day. However, if friend can’t do time because that it daily, you can likewise consider setup up a filter in your tank.

Do Hermit Crabs have to be bathed regularly?

No. Hermit Crabs are great at bathing themselves, so friend don’t have to worry about bathing castle every day. However, if you have carried a brand-new pet crab home, girlfriend should give a lengthy bath in warm salt water to rid castle of any harmful virus or bacteria that they might carry. Heat salt water baths once a month deserve to be good for them together well.

Conclusion: have the right to Hermit Crabs drown?

In a nutshell, us have discovered that the human body of Hermit Crabs is not designed for swimming in the water. Therefore, if they are left in water without any type of supervision, they can drown really quickly.

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The time each Hermit Crab absorbs drowning relies on the dimension of their body. It is why you should never leave her pet crab within the water at any type of cost. Also when friend bathe them, make sure you space using a bowl that is not also deep because that them come drown in.