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24 September 2014

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Skeleton - Ribcage


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True, false and also floating ribs

Your ribcage is assembled native three species of bone - your sternum, 12 bag of ribs and also 12 thoracic vertebrae.

All of your ribs attach to her spine, yet only the peak seven pairs mmsanotherstage2019.comnnect to your sternum. These are known as "true ribs" and they room mmsanotherstage2019.comnnected to your sternum by strips of cartilage. The next three bag of ribs are known as "false ribs". Rather of attaching directly to your sternum, castle all attach to your lowest true rib. The last 2 pairs that ribs are referred to as "floating ribs". This only attach to her spine.

Delicate ribs offer protection

Your ribs type a protective cage that encloses plenty of of your delicate internal organs, such as your heart and lungs. Her rib bones themselves are rather fragile and also are easily broken in one accident or even by a violent sneeze. A broken rib is very painful. A mmsanotherstage2019.commpletely broken rib deserve to be dangerous, together it mmsanotherstage2019.comuld puncture your heart or lungs.


When you inhale, muscles in between your ribs lift her ribcage helping her lungs come expand. When you exhale, your ribcage move down, squeezing air the end of her lungs.

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