How walk Amoeba acquire its Food?

An amoeba eats small plants and also animals existing in pond water where it lives.An amoeba absorbs food by expanding arm-like structures referred to as pseudopodia indigenous any part of the body, because it is shapeless.

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When a food fragment comes close to the amoeba, climate the amoeba produces 2 pseudopodia around the food particle and also surrounds it.

Digestion procedure in one Amoeba

The two pseudopodia then join approximately the food particle and trap it in a food vacuole v a small water.The food vacuole contains digestive enzymes which malfunction the food into nutrients and undigested waste.

The nutrient from the food space directly took in by the body of the amoeba, the cytoplasm.The undigested wastes are just thrown out of the body through a rupture anywhere in the cell wall.After the nutrients are absorbed, the vacuole disappears.

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