I have noticed that part hispanics say "doble u" and also some rather say "doble v". I m sorry one is the correct one? In english us say double u, not dual v.

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Both might be acceptable.

Here you will right here it pronounce (point in ~ the letter) ---> Alphabet v sound

Here you will check out it written as "ve" doble ---> link text

In Mexico we say "doble u" together in "doble u, doble u, doble u, punto, mmsanotherstage2019.com, punto, com" (some even save time and also just to speak "triple doble u, punto..."


Really??????? Doble u?????

I am sorry, no offense...but the sounds probably as funny to me as the doble uve to you.

We speak doble uve


Here in Dominican Republic, are use both terms, however to me.... "doble uve" makes no sense; together in Wilson friend don't pronounce like Vilson... You speak Uilson. - mgumbs, FEB 14, 2015
An english word it's no a good justification because that understand any kind of letter in various other languages. Think about this: the "w" embebed in this german indigenous "volkswagen" is no pronounced choose in english!! undoubtedly in Spain they to speak "uve doble" or "doble uve". - caos30, SEP 25, 2015
In fact, in german, the "w" in "volkswagen" is just pronounced like a "v". I'm sorry, yet i suspect that the latin spanishers just traduced from english "double u" come "doble u" :( - caos30, SEP 25, 2015

Just because your key-board is a dual v, the does not way that it needs to be a double v. As soon as I create it I create it prefer a uu. Double v is an ext germanic, prefer VolksWagen (W sounds favor V). In english it sounds favor U together in Work.

In spanish we barely usage it, many of the words space "anglicismos" (words the come from English) prefer Wyoming, Wafles. Etc. And some local aboriginal words favor wachuma.

So we deserve to say that in spanish it greatly sounds prefer a double u.

Hope you taken what ns pasted in spanish native the rae.es and if we are going to start talking around the origen Germany, ns recommend you come go examine how is express in german. - ajproart2, SEP 29, 2016
Que curioso vecina, en Colombia y Venezuela hablamos un español muy similar. ¿Cuál es su punto de vista como profesora de español? - RicardoP, NOV 2, 2009

I say twin u and I am a kiwi (New Zealander) yet this more than likely doesn"t help!

When us look in ~ the key-board on our computer and/or phone call keys, what perform you see? A "W" or "two U letter together" (UU).I"m pretty sure you witnessed something closest to VV rather of UU. So my answer is "Doble V"

En mi escuela y colegios asistidos durante mi niñes y adolescencia se me enseño que es "doble V"

Info from www.rae . Esw.

f. Vigésima sexta letra del abecedario español, y vigésima tercera del orden latino internacional, usada en voces de procedencia extranjera. En ras lenguas en ras que existe como fonema, su articulación es ora de u semiconsonante, como en inglés, ora fricativa labiodental y sonora, como en alemán. En español se pronuncia como b en nombres propios de personajes godos, p. Ej., en Walia, Witerico, Wamba; en nombres propios o derivados procedentes del alemán, p. Ej., en Wagner, Westfalia, wagneriano, y en algunos casos más. En vocablos de procedencia inglesa conserva a veces la pronunciación de u semiconsonante; p. Ej., en Washington, washingtoniano. Su nombre es uve doble, ve doble o doble ve.

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ORTOGR. En palabras totalmente incorporadas al idioma es frecuente que la grafía w haya sido reemplazada por v simple; p. Ej., en vagón, vals, vatio.