That’s a tack holding increase a tack. Our reader from Göteborg will surely appreciate this. Picture credit: Marcus Cederström

As you discover a new language, it’s comfortable to have actually a few words in your vocabulary pretty at an early stage on. Discovering a couple of sport on “thank you” is a good start. There room a lot of of different ways to say “thank you” in swedish so let’s take a look in ~ a few examples.

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The an initial is the simple one, the basic one, the usual one: tack. It way “thanks” or “thank you.” Make certain you gain that “c” in over there otherwise friend spell the swedish word for roof. And that’s not fairly as helpful. Use this word liberally.

Next is tack så mycket. It means, literally, “thanks so much.” however basically, “thank you really much.” that a little much more thankful and also a little more intense.

Relatedly, yes tusen tack, “a thousand thanks” and also stort tack, “big thanks.” Both are offered to to express a hard chunk of gratitude. Your friend just helped you move into a third story apartment on a hot and also humid work in August? that friend deserves a stort tack. And some pizza.

Then you’ve acquired a means to to speak “thank you” that really emphasizes the human you’re thanking. Tack ska du ha, because that example, equates literally as “thanks shall you have,” which is no a good translation, however makes it clear what you doing. This is an additional phrase that is a little an ext grateful than just tack, you saying thank you very much, emphasizing the you. Once you speak to the bank because you messed up and also paid your credit transaction card bill two days late, and also the person you speak through waives her fees and says no worries, they deserve a tack ska du ha. You grateful and you’re especially grateful come that specific person.

You can additionally say tackar. Once you say (or listen this), you’ll regularly hear it alone. Simply tackar. Yet you might occasionally hear jag tackar or man tackar, “I say thanks to you” or “one many thanks you.” It deserve to sound pretty formal if you don’t drop the pronoun, but it’s another good way of thanking someone and you’ll check out it offered pretty regularly.

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Finally, just repeat yourself! Tack tack is a perfectly acceptable method of saying “thank you.” Plus, it sort of rolls turn off the tongue, tack tack. Tack tack. Tack tack.