For beginners, tright here is nopoint better than Serbian love phrases, because I’m fed up through the truth that world always initially want to learn poor words. I expect, isn’t it better to begin your language discovering through something polite and also really nice for a change?

Thing Or Two About Serbians

People from Serbia are really nice and also polite. If anybody finds himself in trouble Serbians are constantly prepared to aid. They are extremely cheerful civilization that make new friends exceptionally basic. They love to go to kafana (Serbian traditional bar), drink rakija (Serbian nationwide drink), and also say živeli (Cheers) all the time.

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In fact, I dare to say that while we are from Serbia, our hearts belengthy to the entirety civilization.



Why Should You Learn Serbian Love Phrases?

If you really prefer someone from Serbia, I think it’s really beneficial to learn some Serbian love phrases and words in his or her aboriginal language. Trust me, that method you will certainly impush that person also even more.

This will certainly defiantly give you more chances to make her or him fall in love through you. If you desire to win over someone who is Serbian, or from any type of part of what provided to be Yugoslausing, you should attempt to learn a few Serbian love phrases.

Serbian Love Phrases



Speaking Tips

Let’s talk about exactly how to say “I love you too” and also “me too” in Serbian.

You have the right to say:

Volim i ja tebe (I love you too).

or just

I ja tebe (me too). This literally implies “and also I you” and also it renders no feeling.

However, I strongly recommfinish you to use the second one bereason it’s shorter and much easier to remember and to say.

If you made a mistake, then you should say the following:

Žao mi je (I am sorry).


To je bila moja krivica (it was my fault).

In this instance, Serbians typically say Ja sam kriv (man) or Ja sam kriva (woman) since it’s much easier.

Just sheight this language of love

When you watch the guy or woman you choose, don’t be afrhelp to use any type of of these Serbian love phrases or words. It ssuggest doesn’t issue if you make mistakes.

If you use these declarations in the Serbian language, you’re going to boost your possibilities to make your distinct person autumn in love through you. particularly because you’re going to say it in his/her aboriginal language.

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You have the right to just usage language finding out apps such as the Ling App to loss in love also more…in your distinct someone however additionally in this beautiful Serbian language or their tasty food.