("To be" is the really typical verb that lets us say the "he is in the warm air balloon", or "they are terrific socks", or "I am a snappy dresser".)

The two develops of "to be" in Spanish are Ser and Estar

I'll explain when to usage each one in a moment, but an initial let's watch what castle look like. Here's how to to speak "I am...", "you are...", "they are..." etc, utilizing both ser and estar.

When to use "ser"

You'll use words indigenous the "ser" column once you're talking about permanent claims or characteristics.

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Our girl María is smart. Not simply today, but all the time. So we usage ser, since we're talking about a permanent characteristic.

Likewise, Jose is walk to stay an architect, I'm walk to continue to be tall, and also I will constantly be brothers through my brother. For this reason in all these situations you would usage ser

But as soon as I'm talking around my friend that is in the warm air balloon (a distinctly non-permanent situation) i would usage estar instead.

When to usage "estar"

Estar (and its miscellaneous forms) is provided when talking about something the is a non-permanent state or location.

All that these cases are not long-term states or characteristics, therefore we usage estar. Maria has been well in the past and also will hopefully acquire better, for this reason that's not permanent. Juan isn't nailed to his floorboards, so that's not irreversible either.

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In particular, you would constantly use estar when you're talking around someone being at a particular location — since people can and also do relocate around!

If you use ser, then Maria is a nice girl in general. If you use estar, it could be due to the fact that she's pull on up for a party. One is a irreversible characteristic, and the various other is a short-term state.



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