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Você merece até a lua.

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(“You’re so great, you deserve everything.” Literally: “You deserve the moon.”)

Few things can help your Portuguese grow like bonding with native speakers. So those the an initial step in successfully broadening your communication with others? finding out compliments in Portuguese.

One doesn’t must be “fake” to watch someone and identify an individual traits worth mentioning. Compliments room not just a gateway to others’ attention, but also to their culture and habits—you have to formulate them properly according come the context and local use.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to a compilation of european Portuguese compliments and also compliments in Brazilian Portuguese. If you practice them enough, they may make the Portuguese more open come dialogue and also the Brazilian much more prone to cooperate.

Hopefully, the 20+ alternatives in this post will provide you v a great initial reference as a beginner- or intermediate-level speaker. Fine cover how to value someone’s work, exactly how to compliment a girl in Portuguese, some other European and Brazilian Portuguese compliments, and also the best method to provide compliments in a Portuguese-speaking country.

Table the Contents

1. Complimenting Someone’s Look

Before either person opens their mouth, one’s appearance can say a lot around them. In this vein, both girls and boys have a tough time resisting a an excellent compliment in Portuguese! Looks no everything, however they surely space something.

So how do friend compliment who in Portuguese around their looks? here are part phrases you deserve to remember:

Você é linda/lindo. (“You room beautiful/handsome.”)Que bonita(o) está hoje. (“You look great today.”)Você tem um sorriso lindo. (“You have a beautiful smile.”)Você é muito charmoso(a). (“You’re really charming.”)Você é estiloso(a). (“You’re stylish.”)Que gatinho(a)! (“What a beauty!” Literally: “What a kitty!”)


(Que gatinha! <“What a kitty!”>)

Many human being struggle come come up with appropriate compliments for ladies in Portuguese. Nice girls often get bored of being referred to as pretty, because that instance. No do civilization like to it is in judged only by their looks. So here are some more original methods to compliment a girl in Portuguese:

Seu ____ é muito giro. (“You’re attract a really fine _______.”) — Portugal only.Que elegância! (“You look at elegant!”)Você tem um ótimo senso de humor! (“You have a great sense of humor!”)Adoro suas manias. (“I love her ways.” Literally: “I love her mania.”)Você me inspira. (“You accumulate me.”)Você tem um coração lindo. (“You have actually a beautiful heart.”)

The following compliments no strictly pertained to looks, however are instances of much more original methods to compliment a girl in Portuguese.

You room the sunshine of my life.

Here’s a little selection for those who are madly in love. In any type of other context, these would sound cheesy. But in a moment of extreme intimacy and also chemistry, just go for it.

Você me faz querer ser uma pessoa melhor. (“You make me want to be a far better person.”)Eu só tenho olhos para você. (“I only have eyes for you.”)Sua beleza é enigmática. (“You have actually an enigmatic beauty.”)Não existe nada que soe mal na sua voz. (“Nothing the is talked in your voice sounds bad.”)

2. Complimenting Someone’s Work

Compliments in Portuguese are desirable in workplaces. Any manual top top “how to be a boss” will recommend the reasonable use of compliments or the continual mentioning of employees’ best characteristics come motivate a team.

Not just is providing compliments a good management maneuver, however is there anything more flattering than receiving appreciation because that a job well-done? it is a an extremely useful method to rental a compliment in Portuguese!


(Foi trabalho muito bem-feito! <“That was a really well-done job!”>)

Giving a compliment in Portuguese around someone’s expert abilities is much easier than flirting: the language is plain and also the speaker only requirements to worry about not sounding as well informal.

Bom trabalho! (“Good job!”)Matou dois coelhos com uma cajadada só! (“You were very efficient!” Literally: “You’ve killed two rabbits with just one stroke.” indistinguishable to “kill 2 birds through one stone.”) — much less formal & Brazil only.Meus parabéns! (“Congratulations!”)Foi trabalho muito bem-feito! (“That to be a really well-done job!”)O seu currículo é impressionante! (“You have actually an outstanding resumé!”)Mandou bem! (“Good one!”) — much less formal

3. Complimenting Someone’s Skills


Friendship is a rich resource of compliments in Portuguese. Below are part Portuguese compliments come express her confidence in someone:

Você é um(a) ótimo(a) amiga(o)! (“You’re a great friend!”)Estou contigo e não abro! (“You deserve to count top top me.” Literally: “I’m with you and also won’t open.”) — Brazil only.Você me faz feliz. (“You do me happy.”)És muito fixe. (“You’re an extremely nice.”) — Portugal only.

In more general situations, right here are some common ways to compliment someone’s skills:

Você _______ muito bem! (“You are very good at ______!”)Você é muito ________! (“You are very ______!”)

The empty in the second sentence have the right to be filled v adjectives, together as:

Interessante (“Interesting”)Forte (“Strong”)Engraçado(a) (“Funny”)Divertido(a) (“Fun”)Sincero(a) (“Sincere”)Atlético(a) (“Athletic”)Alto astral (“Joyful”) — Informal.

Also, there space some species of compliments in Portuguese girlfriend can direct to people you’re not an extremely close come in a society context. For instance, compliments to the chief in Portuguese:

Meus cumprimentos ao chefe! (“I send my compliments come the chef!”)A comida estava excelente! (“The food was excellent!”)Você cozinha como um profissional! (“You chef like a professional!”)


(Meus cumprimentos ao chefe! <“I send my compliments to the chef!”>)

4. Just how to Make your Compliments Sound more Sincere


This section relates more to the shipment of compliments in Portuguese than to the vocabulary itself. Below are some tips on just how to compliment in Portuguese in a way that’s believable and also meaningful:

Don’t be afraid to compliment as well much, as lengthy as her compliments room honest.Only say what you important mean—or at least what you deserve to support rationally.Don’t trade an interesting talk for cheap compliments.

5. What to expect After giving Compliments

People in Brazil react in different ways to compliments in Portuguese than civilization in Portugal do. Apart from silly stereotypes, there are some social trends associated in this matter. Compliments in Portuguese society are an extremely interesting to get an initial reaction to, due to the fact that the human being here are more socially closed or shy 보다 Brazilian people.

One might expect both Portuguese and also Brazilian people to present appreciation because that the compliment:

Obrigadinho! (“Thank you really much!”) — Portugal only.São os seus olhos… (“It’s in your eyes…”)Muito amável! (“Thanks!” Literally: “Very lovely!”)Obrigado(a)! (“Thank you!”)Valeu! (“Thanks!”) — unshened & Brazil only.

Then, the target the the compliment could respond v a mutual compliment.

Considering that compliments in Portuguese society are a means of bonding, the agree of the compliment often tends to be different in Portugal and also Brazil.

For example, a stranger who provides too numerous compliments in a an initial conversation is an ext likely to do a Portuguese human being feel uptight, if a Brazilian human would feel an ext comfortable. The Portuguese tend to it is in a tiny “colder,” when Brazilians can create a type of “instant intimacy.”

This intimacy is regularly fake, yet it’s a common social trait to treat a familiar stranger nominally as a member that the family. The is, to do someone feeling comfortable in social environments and make the conversation an ext interesting (or at least an ext bearable, in bad cases).


(An obvious intimacy is sometimes only momentary…)

This can send the wrong message to a foreigner. For instance: a Brazilian who, in the an initial conversation, shares information that sounds too an individual to a foreigner have the right to be taken as real interest or flirting. Often, it way nothing, though.

Brazilian Portuguese compliments sometimes emphasis on points that europeans would never ever mention. This piece of information is especially advantageous for flirty men looking come compliment a girl in Portuguese. When gaining in touch v the international culture, salary equal fist to the social dynamics and also the compliments in Brazilian Portuguese.

Having stated that, Portuguese human being won’t generally react bad to compliments. They just take more time to develop confidence and are an ext literal in your approach. Compliments the are an ext specific will communicate better than large ones.

6. A raspa do tacho

So, we’ve completed a raspa execute tacho—the end. This post has presented some of the many common and effective methods to give compliments in Portuguese.

Most the these space Brazilian Portuguese compliments, however can additionally be supplied in Portugal, Angola, and also other Portuguese-speaking countries. This tiny guide will direct your steps toward success together you communicate with human being from these countries.

Always remember that exercise makes perfect, so you can always broaden your knowledge with brand-new lessons, articles, audio files, and also videos at mmsanotherstage2019.com.

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Compliments in Brazilian Portuguese space a fast step come shorten distances between people. The most fascinating information about them actually reflects up as soon as the vocabulary is used to real-life situations. The actual dynamics through other cultures are an extremely rich, and it’s where at least fifty percent of the interest in language use is.

What are common compliments in your language? re-publishing them through us in the comment below!