I still discover it hard to think how easily it seems that the previous two years have flown by! I keep thinking of myself as a sophomore even though I should start thinking about junior-y form things. I claimed my two majors in ~ the finish of mine sophomore year--environmental studies and also psychology—and ns super excited around both the them. Ecological studies is a reasonably new significant here in ~ mmsanotherstage2019.com so ns feel choose I’m helping do mmsanotherstage2019.com background by gift a member of among the first classes to research it!

Outside that the “World the Classes” (yes, I simply coined that phrase), I store myself pretty busy doing many tasks around campus. First, during Orientation, i’m a very first Year the end Orientation pilgrimage (FOOT for short) leader. That way that for 3 days throughout Orientation, I gain to take first-years the end on hikes and also white water rafting trips approximately the Pioneer Valley. It’s an excellent to get to know a few first-years, but it can additionally be very complicated to climb one of the many adjacent mountains in the August/early September heat! besides being a FOOT leader I’m also the Editor-in chef of the Olio—which is the yearbook of mmsanotherstage2019.com College. It has actually been roughly since 1855 and also it feels nice neat to it is in a part of something that has actually been approximately for for this reason long. I’m additionally a DJ for the campus radio station, WAMH 89.3FM. My present is every Tuesday indigenous 2-4 (listen in at http://www3.mmsanotherstage2019.com/~wamh/). I’m additionally a member the the green mmsanotherstage2019.com task where we job-related towards acquiring not just the College, yet students to increase their awareness in environmental sustainability and awareness. I play intramural sports as soon as I can on mine team “The flying Lobsters of Doom”—we’re the only intramural team with corresponding t-shirts and also hats. Ns was additionally just recently chosen to the Student-Faculty Committee for the Psychology room which method that this year I will be significant in the hiring of a brand-new tenure-track professor.

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I likewise have several jobs right here on campus that help keep me busy. I job-related in the article office, i m sorry is often thought about one that the many fun places to work-related on campus. Every time i go to job-related I feel like someone must make a truth show around life in the article office—I swear the would most likely be even much better than the Office (awesome show). I also work in the Emily Dickinson Museum—which is located in she actual home. Many civilization don’t know that she lived right here in mmsanotherstage2019.com because that her whole life. Mmsanotherstage2019.com College own the museum i m sorry is how many mmsanotherstage2019.com students get the opportunity to work-related there. I’m additionally a tour guide (hope come see several of you readers on mine tour!). I additionally just started doing research study with one of the numerous Copeland Fellows here at mmsanotherstage2019.com. She and also I will be working closely to analyze water hyacinths and also their affect on lakes around the world.

Although I’m really busy, i swear I also have time for plenty that fun and sleep.

I’ll be creating this blog all semester long about my busy and exciting life here at mmsanotherstage2019.com so keep checking back. I love answering and also receiving emails therefore if you have actually a question or comment please feel free to email me in ~ sgehrdes11
mmsanotherstage2019.com . Ok think of part catchy sign-off expression soon!


Sara"s Blog Entries (listed chronologically, recent to earliest)

Final update!

Finals have actually been taken and also papers have been written. Final grades have been received and also I didn’t do too shabby—if I may say so myself. I’m certain you nothing really want to hear about studying and also all that jazz. Instead, ns going come talk around my two weeks ~ above campus after finals. The main after finals is what’s well-known as senior Week. Pretty lot all underclassmen leave campus for the summer (except because that the special few like me that stay and work) and the graduating seniors every head to one of two people Cape ko or Myrtle Beach for the week. Staying on campus, though, is so much fun. It’s funny to it is in on campus throughout the institution year, yet it’s most likely ten times as lot fun come be below without occupational (which is an additional reason why so plenty of students come back for interterm).

I spent the week functioning in the post office with my friend Nico. We played so numerous games of Uno—and no matter what the says, ns won many of them. Really, don’t hear to anything he says. We worked hard in the article office transparent the week and also goofed off afterwards. Sasha to be living in my suite for this reason she and I watched movies and also Nico and also I played lots of games of YamSlam—this great game it is a mix between Yahtzee and also poker. My girlfriend Tim and also I took a expedition to five Guys (the best burgers anywhere). Basically, several fun to be had. Then the seniors came back. The whole weekend prior to Commencement was dedicated to tent parties—which are precisely what lock sound like, parties in tents. Although i didn’t go to any type of tent next this year, I’m yes, really excited for next year as soon as it’s my course throwing them!

Sunday to be Commencement and also Sasha and also I woke up nice and early come snag our favorite viewing spot. The awareness is held on the freshman Quad and we choose to sit in between James and Stearns—it’s a tiny farther ago but us don’t have to worry around any tall civilization sitting in front of us and also blocking our view! us watched the ceremony and also cheered and also clapped as soon as the seniors we were friends with walked throughout stage, obtained their diploma and also shook chairman Marx’s hand. They were also given a cane through a unique course seal—it’s a tradition here at mmsanotherstage2019.com the every an elderly receives a cane. Ns think it’s because mmsanotherstage2019.com support us also after us graduate—get it? Anyway, ~ the consciousness we took pleasure in the luncheon on the quad and gave lots of hugs come the graduating seniors. That going to be yes, really weird following year not having actually my now graduated friends on campus—and there will certainly be a whole brand-new class to meet and get to know before I leaving mmsanotherstage2019.com in a brief year.

The following week, recognized as Reunion—when alumni come ago to check out others from your class—might have been even an ext fun than an elderly Week. Once again, Nico and also I were working in the post office, but we played many tennis—which i hadn’t played in FOREVER and found the end I’m not that good at it—and even got to walk to six Flags. I’m now the proud owner that a Season Pass and also plan to use it a lot of this summer while i’m on campus law thesis research. Speaking of that research, I’ve already started and also it’s going yes, really well! great me luck and don’t forget, if friend have any type of questions, feel totally free to email me anytime at sgehrdes11
mmsanotherstage2019.com ! i hope friend guys took pleasure in reading my blog because that the year!

Answer to last updates riddle: Mushrooms! (Hey, I thought it to be funny)

Lots of amazing things walking on below at mmsanotherstage2019.com. 2 weekends back I had actually a an extremely interesting and exhausting weekend. First, I went to a friend’s date of birth party ~ above Friday night—lots the fun. It’s nice just how close knit that a household your friend become! The following day, two friends and I actually saw Boston and also worked security at a 3Oh!3 and Drake concert. The present was at Northeastern and it was nice due to the fact that I obtained to see the show for totally free while doing basically a minimal quantity of work. 3Oh!3 had actually actually to be my very first pick for the feather concert we have here in ~ mmsanotherstage2019.com (try not to referee me too much) yet they didn’t win the school-wide vote—so this way, ns still gained to watch them for free. And also because Boston is so close, us were able come leave about noon to get to the venue in ~ 3 and also we had actually plenty that time come spare. We were exhausted after the show and also starving due to the fact that we to be unable come eat native 3 come 11, but it was absolutely worth it. Brooke, among the girls i went with, and I woke up nice and early the next morning because we go white-water rafting through the Outing Club—for for free! It was a nice sweet deal—the water was really high because of every the rain we had been getting so the rapids were extra rough! I had actually never been on rapids favor that and one the the rafting travel guide commented afterwards, throughout the photo present they had actually of us all make the efforts to get through the roughest rapid, that ns must have been thirsty—my mouth was open up the entirety time because I was screaming! The an extremely next morning, Brooke, two other girls and also I went to the regional elementary school and had our an initial mini class. We space working with fourth graders once a week and teaching them all about ecosystems and photosynthesis. The children are awesome and they seem really right into what we room teaching which is great! The teacher, Mrs. White, was likewise really wonderful and it’s clear her students yes, really love her! The remainder of the week went by and also was relatively uneventful. I checked out a lecture offered by Napoleon Chagnon and also it to be neat come hear about his adventures v the Yanomamo ind in the Amazon.

The next weekend to be Admitted students Weekend below at mmsanotherstage2019.com. Roughly 400 high college seniors involved spend the weekend. I held for the first time and my pre-frosh was wonderful and also I expect she decides to concerned mmsanotherstage2019.com. Ns took she to town where we hit up a sale at Newbury Comics and also Captain candy (the brand-new awesome candy store in town). We helped the eco-friendly mmsanotherstage2019.com job create bracelets made the end of magazines and also potato chip bags—they were cute and eco-friendly! Katerina and I then grabbed dinner in ~ Val (it to be steak night) and then headed to asian Night Market. Various teams on campus changed Keefe Campus center by hanging paper lanterns everywhere. There to be games and also giveaways and also SO much FOOD! over there were likewise amazing performances native various teams on campus and in the consortium—every school other than Hampshire was represented that night and they all placed on awesome shows. ~ above Sunday, I operated registration for this reason I gained to fulfill a the majority of newly-admitted students and I was a component of a panel on college student life at mmsanotherstage2019.com. I invested the rest of the day either functioning at the Emily Dickinson Museum or functioning on a huge presentation I had actually for my Conservation biologic class. The presentation went turn off without a hitch (though I may have spoken a little fast) ~ above Tuesday and then all my time was committed to examining for either the lab handy exam I had on Wednesday or my Memory test I had Thursday morning—it to be rough having actually two exams in 2 days and hopefully i did yes sir on both the them! ever before since, I had spent most of my time simply relaxing and also recovering native the stunner amount of studying I had actually to do.

This weekend, was our feather Weekend for this reason there was a lot of of large events walking on top top campus. Friday to be our spring formal so anyone put obtained all pull up and danced the night far in a tent on Valentine Quad. Sasha and I chose to continue to be the entire time—we knew us wouldn’t have been able to acquire much sleep since our dorm is directly next to that quad. Check out the picture of Sasha and I—does anyone ever before go to any kind of kind the formal event without acquisition the timeless prom posture photo? on Saturday, we had our spring concert—Jason Derulo and The Roots. The concert was complimentary to mmsanotherstage2019.com and also students and also my friends managed to snag a pretty great spot in the crowd. I was great at just how much power the tuba player in the roots had—it must be so tough to carry out a live show while playing the tuba! Our feather carnival was an alleged to it is in yesterday, but it was rescheduled to following weekend since the sky was threaten rain every day. Now you males are all caught up!

The answer to critical week’s riddle: Ape-ril!

This week’s riddle (courtesy the my friend Trevor): What type of room has no windows, no doors and no corners?

Updates! So lot to tell you all. First, I had a wonderful spring Break—I was in Naples v my family and the weather was gorgeous! Anyway, i got earlier to campus and was swamped through a bunch of records due the main after feather break. Why perform professors feeling the must do that? They know we’re all going to turn off relaxing and also enjoying ourself on spring Break, so you will do think they’d offer us another week to carry out the papers, but, alas, no such luck. 2 weekends ago, my girlfriend Nico and also I went on one adventure come the brand-new Five men that opened in Enfield (about 25 miles far from campus). The was entirely worth the drive. Afterwards, we met up with Nico’s girlfriend and went to a Hartford Wolf-pack hockey game. I had actually never been to one before, and I was excited to see all the large name artist they have coming to do in the coming months. Justin Beiber is coming at the finish of April and Lady Gaga is comes in September! It’s an excellent to have actually such a huge arena so relatively close by (about an hour journey away). Critical week, the ordered room draw list come out. Room draw is just how we pick what rooms we live in next year. Unfortunately, my room group ended up relatively low ~ above the random ordering for my year, but, since we will be seniors, that shouldn’t matter too much because we’ll definitely get singles. I in reality tried to to convince my room team to contend in Lip Sync—a song and dance competition that gets the winners to the height of the room attract list for their year—but mine friends didn’t want to.

I had an great Bio lab last week. We were dissecting all sorts that creatures—like crayfish and also crickets. Over there were also live specimens for united state to examine out. I had a great photo that me stop the two millipedes in lab, however I can"t it seems to be ~ to acquire the picture uploader come work--I"ll try again later. In the 3-part lab, we’ve dissected or will dissect a fetal pig, a dogfish shark, a clam, a sheep’s heart, a worm and also more! Overall, I had a the majority of fun hanging out v the crayfish (there to be live ones that would certainly threaten come pinch her fingers if you ever before got too close), the hermit crabs (live again, they preserved walking anywhere my hands) and the millipedes!

There to be so many great lectures ns attended critical week too. First, Dr. Drew, an alumnus the mmsanotherstage2019.com, came and also gave a talk. The spoke about his work-related with addicts and, that course, his television show “Celebrity Rehab” and also his “Teen Mom” reunion episodes. The overall message from his great was that the most amazing task offerings and also opportunities room not generally planned and that you have to go v your gut once it comes to spontaneous offers. He spontaneously welcomed the sell to have actually his very own radio program in the 80’s, and also look whereby he is now! The adhering to evening, Ben Cohen, as in Ben from Ben and Jerry’s ice cream Cream, came and gave a talk about how ice cream readjusted the world. The Friedmann room to be packed because that this talk and also Ben was really entertaining and it was great to hear just how the firm got that start. Jerry Greenfield additionally tagged along and they carried some delicious ice cream cream bars v them. My friend Randi and also I actually obtained both Ben and Jerry to sign our ice cream bar boxes! Up till then, the just other autograph I had was Mickey’s from when I saw Disney once I to be 9 or so.

Last Thursday, I had actually the amazing chance to not only go come a lecture offered by Richard Wrangham, a primatologist and current Professor that Biological anthropology at Harvard, yet have dinner through him as well. The professor of one of my biologic classes, development of human Nature, organized Wrangham since we read his book “Demonic Males” and took a couple of of us out come dinner at a regional Chinese restaurant. It to be so much fun come hear stories of as soon as Wrangham remained in Africa working with chimpanzees and bonobos. He was also kind of enough to authorize my copy the “Demonic Males!” So my autograph/signature count for those of you keeping track is now 3. All view what rather I can get before the semester ends! 

The Emily Dickinson Museum opened this past week, so currently my weekend afternoons space spent end there—which was turbulent this weekend due to the fact that the weather was SO extremely nice. I regulated to enjoy it despite by sitting outside and reading whenever ns could. I additionally got to accomplish a newly accepted mmsanotherstage2019.com college student on an errand ns ran in town. I can tell he just gained in due to the fact that he remained in Hastings buying tons of mmsanotherstage2019.com gear—not that there’s anything wrong with that (everyone’s guilty the it). So, congratulations to every the accepted mmsanotherstage2019.com students and I expect to check out you all (well, maybe not every 1,000-some of you) at welcomed Student’s Weekend. Mike, Yin and I will certainly be panelists on the “This is mmsanotherstage2019.com” dashboard so everyone need to come check it out and also ask united state all kinds of questions!

Answer to critical week’s riddle: Darkness

This week’s riddle, in honor of mine dinner v Wrangham: as soon as do monkey’s fall from the sky?

I to be officially done any kind of pre-spring break occupational I had, which has freed up part time to upgrade my blog. These previous two weeks have actually been filled through papers and also exams and very tiny real downtime unfortunately, however many amazing things occurred nonetheless. As with Mike did, I went to a power by the Harlem Gospel Choir and I had actually a blast! They go a great job of obtaining the audience connected through clapping and also dancing and also even had everyone v February birthdays (it was still February then) acquire on stage and we sang to them. Also just like Mike, I checked out the Zu complete Moon party and danced the night away. The long (and by lengthy I probably average 15 minute) walk come the Zu was beautiful thanks to the eye that was falling. It was literally difficult to every tree branch—which additionally meant it was perfect snowball snow. There to be snowball fights walk on everywhere!

The following day, I placed off schoolwork and also went on a snow tubing trip arranged by the Outing Club. For those of you no in the know, eye tubing is basically once you sit in a tube and also you’re either throw yourself or acquire pushed under a eye ramp and also then slide down the rest of the shoot! It’s essentially sledding yet you go a small faster and you can join the tubes with each other so you tube down v your friends. Ns went through Sasha and also my friend Brooke and we made brand-new friends along the way. Basically, we had actually a blast. We obtained in numerous snowball fights and also made friends v the males who to be in charge. It was us versus them and, right after our last run, we showed them mmsanotherstage2019.com doesn’t mess around when it comes to snowball fights by loading our tubes up through snowballs and unleashing a rage of snowballs top top the guys. Great times were had actually by all and I definitely plan on going back next year.

On Wednesday, Brooke and also I actually checked out the Zu and also had dinner. Us both have lots of friends who live there, and since they aren’t on the meal plan, it to be nice to sit down and have dinner through them—especially one of the very delicious dinners the Zu constantly makes. The Zu is the food co-op on campus and also once every 2 weeks, every resident is forced to chef a meal for the other residents so anyone gets a home-cooked, vegetarian meal every night. Although ns don’t have plenty of complaints around Val, it to be nice come diverge from a typical Val meal and have delicious cheesy pasta in ~ the Zu. ~ dinner, ns went back to my room and also studied for the ‘Memory’ exam I had the following day.

On Friday, I saw a Program-board sponsored event dubbed “Live tape Karaoke”. That was just like regular karaoke, however instead the a recording providing the music, it to be an yes, really band. I’d imagine anyone who participated in reality felt prefer a rock star when doing it. Ns didn’t have actually the offal to gain up and perform the night, yet I’ve been regretting it ever since—not because I’m a an excellent singer (I’m pretty certain I’m not) but because how regularly do you obtain a opportunity to be the lead singer in a band?

On Saturday, I went to the women’s ice hockey game. It was the quarterfinals in the NESCAC championship. Mmsanotherstage2019.com was hosting the tournament and also they were play Bowdoin. The stands to be PACKED because that the game. Mmsanotherstage2019.com regulated to come earlier from a 2-0 deficit come tie the up and the game got in overtime. During overtime, Bowdoin controlled to acquire a strength play once 2 that our football player were placed in the box. It to be nerve wracking to check out 3 mmsanotherstage2019.com players shot to protect against 5 Bowdoin players from scoring in the sudden-death overtime but they controlled to perform it! The crowd breathed an substantial sigh the relief once the final mmsanotherstage2019.com player got earlier on the ice. Eventually, mmsanotherstage2019.com scored and also won the game! The finals ended up being around Trinity on Sunday. My friend Morgan and I dressed up in our ideal purple and also white outfits to support the team and also despite going right into overtime again, mmsanotherstage2019.com won! everyone went wild—the team was throwing their gloves and sticks top top the ice and also the crowd to be cheering until they walk hoarse. Now, the team is ~ above their method to Nationals again, which is being hosted in Minnesota this year. Two of mine friends, who never miss out on a hockey game, are actually driving every the way over to assistance the team! ns guess it works though since Spring break starts tomorrow and the games are following weekend.

Speaking of feather Break, I’d far better start packing. I’m conference my family in Florida and we’re hitting increase the beach! It’ll be nice due to the fact that I’ve spent the previous two feather breaks here at mmsanotherstage2019.com being jealous of all my friend out gaining tans. This time, I have actually a whole 5 work in Florida to occupational on my own tan, and I get back to mmsanotherstage2019.com ~ above Thursday. Usually during Spring Break, the weather here is still pretty chilly—but this past week has been gorgeous! It’s difficult to believe in these past 2 weeks, i have gone eye tubing and also had a class outside since the weather was so nice!

Answer to last week’s riddle: In the dictionary!

This week’s riddle: The much more you have actually of it, the much less you see. What is it?

Hello Hello!

I have had actually one of the busiest weeks ever before this past week, which is why i haven’t had actually a opportunity to write! So i have basically spent the entire past main either researching for an exam , writing a paper or working on research study for my professor. Luckily, I finally have a break—which is why ns can ultimately update friend all. Before all the wildly of mine classwork began, I spent the 12th and also 13th in Boston. I had actually a doctor’s appointment and also my friends Malu and Sasha decided to tag along and we saw the take care of Potter exhibit in ~ the Museum the Science! It was amazing, and, think me, if us were allowed to take it photos I would certainly be share them all v you ideal here. The exhibit was complete of props native the movie so I gained to watch all sorts of things prefer the original Sorcerer’s rock and the moment Turner (which would be really advantageous here at mmsanotherstage2019.com) but I’ll avoid geeking about it here. We likewise went to see the Blue male Group and we wondered almost everywhere the city searching for a very delicious breakfast place the following morning (if girlfriend have any kind of suggestions, allow me know!). Since Boston is therefore close, it was simple for united state to obtain there and ago and not miss out on any type of of Saturday evening festivities. When we gained back, Malu and I and also a few other friends visited watch where the Wild things Are, i m sorry was mirroring in FLICS that weekend. FLICS is a wonderful regimen for movie lovers choose me that shows movies the end of theaters but not however on DVD for free.

After the movie, I committed the rest of my night and the complying with day to examining for my Monday bio exam and also finishing a bio paper. Ns won’t bore you v all the details of my work, but I had A lot of it—and v the Olympics gift on and also everything, it to be not easy to concentrate and get the done—but I controlled to obtain through that all and also then some friends and also I go skiing top top Friday night. The Outing Club funded the trip and the student federal government paid for the ski rentals and lift tickets. I hadn’t been skiing because 8th grade and I figured it would be like riding a bike—I would certainly pick it up ideal away. So no true. Needless to say, i was an extremely sore for the next few days and also am quiet bruised from all my falls. The next night, I checked out my normal UMass hockey video game (they shed to Merrimack unfortunately) and watched a movie through Sasha and our friend Krystyn. Sunday was mostly spent reading and also working top top a record I had actually due because that my development of human being Nature course today. Malu and I simply got back from the movie (we saw Dear John—on a scale of one to ten, I’d offer it a 4) due to the fact that the movie theater has actually a distinct Tuesday deal where all tickets are only $5.25 and also we had some totally free time.

So yes sir a little of an update on my life! If girlfriend have any kind of questions around anything mmsanotherstage2019.com (or college life in general), send them my way!

Answer come my critical blog’s riddle: His breath!

In respect of the Olympics: whereby does ice come ~ hockey?


Sorry around how lengthy it has been because my critical post! ns wasn’t sure if Admissions want me to blog this semester, yet they haven’t told me to stop, so I’ll just continue telling you guys around my life. I endured my finals okay—they in reality went much better than ns expected—and I had actually a good time while i was at home. Ns got back to institution two main ago, top top the 22nd, therefore interterm was still walk on. Interterm big pretty much the month that January and it’s a time for students to come earlier to campus and also take non-credit classes, execute research, or just relax. The dorms and also dining hall space all open so it’s not as if you left come fend for yourself. In my case, ns was coming earlier to job-related with the professor the I had actually been working with all semester. I spent my days working on a computer, make the efforts to number out this routine that I need to learn and I invested my night hanging out v friends, play Uno and also Yamslam (it’s a great game—check that out!).

Eventually, everyone trickled earlier to campus and also classes began again. The an initial week and a half of the semester is a duration called “Add-Drop” where students have the right to shop any class they want. It offers students the opportunity to attend a class session or two and also then decide if they desire to take the class for the rest of the semester. This deserve to be rather hectic together there are so numerous interesting classes available here in ~ mmsanotherstage2019.com—my friend Sasha in reality shopped 7 classes! I, personally, have actually never taken benefit of Add-Drop—I guess: v I simply stick with whatever I choose out. Anyway, it was nice to get earlier to classes after ~ a nice long break and also I’m genuinely excited around my great this semester. I’m acquisition Adaptation and the Organism, development of person Nature, preservation Biology and also Memory—basically a most science classes, which is permitted since we have an open curriculum.

So yes a small update about my life. I’ll store filling you all in till Admissions tells me to stop!

 Answer to last month’s riddle: since it’s too much to walk! (yes, I recognize it’s cheesy)

This week’s riddle: This is light together a feather yet no man have the right to hold it because that long. What is it?

So ns thought perhaps you every would favor to see what mine room looks like. It"s not normally quite this clean however I shot to keep it tidy. It"s very tiny for an mmsanotherstage2019.com room but cozy--check the out!





I need to say, I had actually a nice awesome week. It began off v a huge history document due on Wednesday (which was not awesome). I spent all afternoon and evening top top Monday working on it and also was not yet done. Top top Tuesday, I had actually my continuous classes and also my radio show and also then operated on my document some more. Later on that night though, my friends Philip and Sasha and I checked out dinner in ~ an alumni’s house. The Alumni Office funded this program that allows students to walk visit and also have dinner with local alumni. Us were paired up v a member of the course of 1956. We picked him up some nice purple and also white flowers and drove over to his home. He and also his mam were at sight nice and it was really amazing to learn around what his life was choose at mmsanotherstage2019.com and all the things that he and his wife have actually done post-mmsanotherstage2019.com. That was amazing to hear exactly how successful he was after mmsanotherstage2019.com—since, that course, i hope come be—but additionally fascinating to check out where his education here has actually taken him. He and his wife checked out Malawi and also he in reality helped develop their structure (or among their constitutions). We sat and also chatted for awhile then had actually a very delicious dinner of lamb and also potatoes. Afterwards we sat back around and ate (or ns at the very least tried) the dessert—a kind of pancake through fruit on top. Unfortunately, I had to speak to it a night fairly early many thanks to mine history record but we had a exorbitant time v them and also hope to go ago again soon! once I got back to mine room, i was may be to end up my file and relax for the an initial time in a couple of days.

On Wednesday, I had actually my last meeting the my background class, therefore it to be the last time I got to watch the within students. We had actually a nice final meeting where our President, Tony Marx, actually concerned the jail and also said a few words. He also gave out certificates to the within students and also I might tell that it really intended a lot to them. Afterwards, we had pizza and soda—which the guys had not had actually in a long time—and chatted about future plans. Few of the guys have actually really good ideas that they plan on follow while in jail and once they gain out. One instance is among the males wants to produce an anti-drug regime for students. His setup was yes, really well assumed out and I hope the he continues to pursue it when he is released. On Thursday, I visited a screening the the films King Corn and large River. The screening was sponsored by the environment-friendly mmsanotherstage2019.com Project and t he eco-friendly Studies department and also the director of the films actually involved the screening and had a Q&A conference afterwards. After that a couple friends came over and we watched the last episode of Glee until April! We’ve end up being obsessed—you could probably absolutely call us gleeks.

I spent the weekend hanging out through friends, going come hockey games and preparing because that the Abnormal Psychology exam I had on Monday morning. This particular day was the last day that classes and also the beginning of our 2 day of analysis Period. Ns only have actually two exams left and then i’m done! Unfortunately, they both occur to it is in on Sunday for this reason I will certainly be law a many stats and econ review in between now and then as well as finishing mine Christmas shopping and also attending a friend’s vacation party tomorrow. We’re doing white elephant/yankee swap—and i really expect it doesn’t turn out the means it go on the very first Christmas episode of The Office! great me luck on my finals!

Answer to last week’s riddle: Frosted Flakes!

This week’s riddle: Why execute birds fly south for the winter?


It feels prefer it has been for this reason long since I critical filled you all in on my life right here at mmsanotherstage2019.com, yet it to be Thanksgiving break and also I’m sure you don’t want to hear all around my time at home. Anyway, this past week was actually pretty liven for me work-wise. I had actually a presentation due for my background class (the one in the jail) and also I had actually a breeze of my economics file due as well (which walk much far better than I intended it to). Ns did need to spend many hours ~ above a statistics job counting words and also syllables the newspaper posts by hand since I no think to discover a computer program to carry out that because that me. My team is make the efforts to check out if over there is a difference in the Flesch reading Ease Scores of the brand-new York Times and also the local day-to-day Hampshire Gazette. We operated on the record a bit much more last night and also it appears that there is a statistics difference—meaning it is more daunting to know the NYT 보다 the day-to-day Hampshire Gazette.

The environment-friendly mmsanotherstage2019.com Project had a screening the Ferngully on Thursday and we had a pretty great turnout. Not just is the a great movie, but it’s nice come kick ago and clock a cartoon for a bit. My girlfriend Sasha and also I visited FLICS Friday afternoon and also saw The Informant. FLICS is a program that presents movie that room out that theaters and also not yet on DVD and shows lock in our movie theater on campus. It’s a nice method to spend a couple of hours and many people carry popcorn or snacks. ~ the movie, I visited UMass for this hockey game against Boston College—which was offered out, for this reason there were 8,000 people there city hall the game. It is so weird come me considering mmsanotherstage2019.com College just has around 1,700 students. If everyone who went to mmsanotherstage2019.com visited the Mullins Center, we wouldn’t also fill a 4 minutes 1 of the arena! regrettably UMass lost, however I to be cheered up at a friend’s birthday party when I got earlier to campus.

I spent Saturday afternoon relaxing before I saw the mmsanotherstage2019.com women’s ice cream hockey game. I have a friend on the team (who walk an awesome job and even scored a goal). Mmsanotherstage2019.com won that game 3-2. Indigenous there, I checked out Voices for the Voiceless—an yearly poetry concert top top campus. Poets from every over new England come and share their work. Although i couldn’t stay for the entire event, ns really enjoyed what ns did acquire to hear. I had to leave early to capture a beat my friend Eric was in, “The mistake Madeline Made.” after ~ the show, I chose not to walk to Crossett Christmas—a tap (or huge dance party) on campus and just remained in—attempted to do a little of homework (was not an extremely successful) and watched Saturday Night Live. Yesterday, i went to work at the Emily Dickinson Museum then operated on my group stats project.

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The answer come my last update’s riddle: The staying toothpicks assignment NINE.

 This week’s riddle is in honor of it being December and our an initial real snow this previous Saturday: What do snowmen eat for breakfast?

I’ve been such a poor blogger! Curse my liven schedule! It’s to be such a big week too. We BEAT WILLIAMS!!! regrettably I had actually a big document for mine Abnormal Psych class due on Monday so i wasn’t may be to in reality go to the game—but i did watch it top top TV. Apparently, there were as plenty of mmsanotherstage2019.com fans together there were Williams pan which is awesome. It was fun being able come see several of my girlfriend in the crowd. Since the team won, they winner the NESCAC title outright because that the first time in our program"s history, and they ended their season undefeated!

Since it’s been awhile and a lot has actually happened, ok just provide you the highlights the me week and a fifty percent (not necessarily in the appropriate order). My dorm had an awesome dorm event where we obtained to get in the kitchen on Lewis-Sebring (part that Valentine) and also make oneself a delicious meal of chicken quesadillas on crepes. It was nice to acquire a rest from Val for a night to add I’ve always really chosen cooking. When I was in high school I actually assumed I would certainly be a chef because that awhile.

My green mmsanotherstage2019.com job meeting was external this week with a quite campfire. We made s’mores and also actually dubbed Senator Kerry asking him to really fight because that climate readjust when that goes come Copenhagen in December. We hung out for a couple of hours and also enjoyed the nice view of Memorial Hill.

On Thursday I saw a performance of “Midsummers”. That is one adaption that A Midsummer Night’s Dream whereby the story is collection in a 1999 teenager movie. It was adapted and directed by a senior here at mmsanotherstage2019.com and acted in through mmsanotherstage2019.com and also 5 college students. The entire actors did together a great job and the costumes and also music to be great!

I invested the whole weekend virtually writing my paper, yet I did get to have actually some funny too. I went to two UMass ice cream hockey games and also my friend’s rugby prom. It was funny to go from cheering because that a sports team nearly immediately to being in a dress and heels. It have the right to be really weird to view the same people you view every job in semi-formal attire quite than their usual everyday clothes.

The best component of my past week to be yesterday as soon as my friend Nico and I drove over to Boston and also went to a Boston Bruins game! lock lost, however it to be still an excellent to go to a agree hockey game and see how large the players are! plus there was a hit (which made mine night) and also David Ortiz perform the ceremonial puck drop. The arena erupted in applause as shortly as he come out top top the ice. Unfortunately i forgot my camera so ns didn’t obtain any good pictures to present you guys. It is nice gift so close come Boston—we left campus in ~ 3:30, gained there in an hour and a fifty percent and were ago on campus by 11:30. The so easy to just head over to Boston because that the day or afternoon. Thanksgiving break begins this Friday and also I can’t wait to walk home and relax! I’ll write again ~ break!

Answer to last week’s riddle: your eyes.

This week’s riddle: A man had twelve toothpicks in front of him. He took one away. Currently he had nine in former of him. Just how is this possible?

So I understand it’s to be a while since I critical updated—my apologies. I’ve been super busy. This previous week and also a fifty percent has been invested preparing because that the 2 exams I had this week and celebrating Halloween. My countless jobs top top campus have likewise been keeping me occupied. As I pointed out in my introduce paragraph, I work-related in the article Office on campus—and although I have the beforehand shifts (7:30-9:30…yeah…) the men there constantly manage to get my day off to the right start. I’m constantly amazed at how many letters and also packages involved students every day—and it’s constantly really amazing when one of them is for me! To any parents reading: treatment packages space the finest thing ever. I gained one this week and it was filled through my favorite candy and also a cool Halloween mask.

I additionally work as a tour overview (obviously) and also the tourism I gave last Monday to be nice and also small. Tiny tours room the best, not only for the household taking the tour, however for the guide as well. Not just do we not need to walk backwards, however we actually obtain to have actually conversations v the students and also parents. My tours room on Mondays at 1 in instance anyone to be wondering. I likewise mentioned in my last write-up my project at the Emily Dickinson Museum—which is now open again, with a modified tourism schedule and also a brand brand-new special tour.

My other huge job on campus is the study I to be doing with one of the Copeland Fellows. Ideal now, I’ve usually been looking in ~ LandSat images—which are satellite images—and identifying any kind of Water Hyacinths i can discover in significant world lakes. Nice soon, i’m going to start learning how to usage the regime that will assist my more accurately determine the hyacinths and also track castle a little bit over time.

Enough about my jobs. I had actually two exams this week (econ and abnormal psychology) and also I think, for the many part, they went pretty well. Among the points that ns still haven’t quite obtained used to about college is just how much her grade relies on just a few exams or assignments. Because that my abnormal psych class, for example, my last grade will certainly consist that 4 things: 3 exams and also 1 research study paper. I’ve taken various other classes wherein all the gets graded space 2 exams. It’s yes, really frightening come think that, if ns don’t do well top top one exam, that my grade can take a huge hit, but it’s something that ns guess I’ve obtained used to over the years.

On Halloween, ns dressed up in my lion costume (I’d write-up pictures yet for part reason, ns failed to take some) and went to the UMass ice cream hockey game. That was yes, really cool because every one of the students at the video game were likewise in costume. I experienced an great Optimus element costume the lit up and also everything! I spent the remainder of the night going about to various parties top top campus.

Oh! I also went to the men"s rugby game against Williams and also we won!! that was really exciting since the guys had bet their jerseys so as quickly as the whistle to be blown, the Williams players had actually to eliminate their jerseys and hand castle over. Ns saw countless of the guys dressed as Williams players because that Halloween.

Answer to critical week’s riddle: The year can be rotate upside down and also it would still review the exact same year. That won’t happen again until the year 6969!

This week’s riddle: be you ever before so quick, v vision keen, by her eyes, us are never seen. Unless perchance the should pertained to pass, you view our reflection in a feather glass. What room we?

mmsanotherstage2019.com winner OUR HOMECOMING GAME!! Yay!! unfortunately for us spectators, it remained in the pouring rain.

Rewind: mine week to be pretty low-key since I regulated to acquire all mine schoolwork done over the weekend. The Olio (the yearbook the I work on) office was painted and it is currently in ours lovely college colors—purple and also white. The so lot fun to occupational in over there now since the walls room such a fun color! mine Wednesday history class i talked about in my last post went even far better than it typically does. Anyone was really into our discussion about women’s reformatory prisons and compassionate release—which is when a sinner is released from his sentence early for distinct reasons. The two and also a half hours seemed to paris by.

On Thursday, ns did a favor because that a friend and picked her visiting girlfriend up from the Bradley Airport. Having actually Bradley therefore close is yes, really convenient—I recognize tons the students that fly out of that airport for breaks. It’s only 45 minutes under the road. Afterwards, we checked out a delicious dinner at Panda East—a Chinese/Japanese restaurant in town. I invested Friday running roughly all day prepare a photo contest for the Olio and also painting and also hanging gigantic posters because that 350. Because that those of you that don’t know, scientists have figured out that the safe level that carbon in the environment is 350 ppm—and ideal now, the level is 387 ppm. Official 350 day was on Saturday and since the was ours homecoming, campus didn’t host a large event but the town of Amhe rst did. We did host a 350 candlelight vigil, however I had to miss out on that and the Homecoming Bonfire due to the fact that I saw a UMass ice cream hockey game—my very very first one! I had so lot fun! The Minutemen beat Maine, yet it to be a lengthy game and also there to be a ton that fights. I got home with time to watch a movie v a friend.

On Saturday, ns woke increase nice and also early, donned mine mmsanotherstage2019.com sweatshirt and headed come breakfast—where ns then conduct to spill a surprisingly large amount that maple syrup anywhere said sweatshirt. I tried in vain come scrub that off however that maple syrup to be hanging on for dear life. As soon as I headed end to the game and also it started pouring though, no one might even tell that I’m a super confusing eater. Despite the rain, ns watched the whole game v my friends where we beat Wesleyan

23-0! The stands to be filled v purple and also the wait echoed v the noise of every the homecoming thunderstixs society Council gave out.  


After warming up with a warm shower, I invested the remainder of the job doing homework (boring ns know). Today, ns went to occupational at the Emily Dickinson Museum—that finished with an amazing outcome. Usually the ceiling in one of the rooms completely collapsed. Thankfully, no one was hurt but practically everything in the room—including priceless paintings and furniture—was destroyed. The museum will certainly be closed because that the foreseeable future. I saw dinner in ~ the Zu tonight—which is the food co-op dorm top top campus. Basically, residents chef a meal when every other week for its residents and also sometimes guests. My friend Max to be the chief tonight and he made yummy pasta through peanut sauce and other goodies. That brings me to right currently where ns kicking back, be sure after my harrowing suffer at the museum today and watching house reruns. I couldn’t imagine a better Sunday night (minus the harrowing endure of course!).

Answer to critical week’s riddle: the number were all in alphabetical order. I.e. Eight, five, four, nine, one, seven, six, three, two, zero.

This week’s riddle: What taken place in 1961 that will certainly not take place for another 4000 years?

So my mom concerned visit for fall Break (which this year, yes, really wasn’t much of a break…sad times). I invested Friday act homework so that I could relax as soon as she to be here and she got here so late Friday night. We invested Saturday shopping at Holyoke Mall. This shopping center is substantial and it’s nice having it fairly close by. We drove, so that was just a 15 minute drive, but taking the bus, that not even that lengthy of a trip if i remember appropriately from freshman year—you do have to transfer rather a couple of times though. Anyways, we shopped till us dropped then she treated me to a delicious early dinner in Springfield. We capped turn off the night with pedicures and also a trip to the movie (we witnessed Whip It!). All in all, a very relaxing day—a welcome rest from my sometimes hectic days here at mmsanotherstage2019.com.

The following morning, we had actually breakfast at route 9 diner, i beg your pardon is this cute 24-hour diner that has awesome pancakes and also even much better milkshakes (although allow the record show I walk not have actually a milkshake for breakfast). We stopped by the Yankee Candle Flagship save which is possibly 20 minutes far from campus. I had no idea what to mean entering this building, but it was substantial and surprisingly cool! Yeah, there to be a lot of candles, but there was also a mini village, Santa’s workshop and wax hands. It also snows there. Indoors. Yeah, it is pretty cool. Supposedly there was also a King Candle (aka a gigantic candle) but we didn’t have enough time because that me to totally explore, so i definitely setup on going ago sometime before Winter Break. My mother headed home and also I went to work-related at the Emily Dickinson Museum. If you’re ever in the area, or if you end up coming to mmsanotherstage2019.com, you should totally examine out the Museum. The Museum is in reality the residence she lived in and also the tours are really interesting. There are a the majority of facts around Emily that not that many world know. Did you know Emily’s hair to be red? fun fact: mmsanotherstage2019.com university actually has actually a lock of Emily’s hair in that is archives. Anyways, my break finished with me continually forgetting the Monday was in reality Monday and also not Sunday and also that was poor news bears.

The remainder of the week walk on without anything too exciting happening. Well, actually, ns in this history class the most civilization would uncover interesting, yet I guess i have just gotten a little used come it. The class is called “Historical Perspectives on the Criminal justice System and the us Economy” i beg your pardon I understand is a mouthful, yet what is yes, really cool around the course is wherein it is taught. It’s taught in the Hampshire county Jail and half of my classmates are inmates. As soon as I told my parental this, they freaked out but I love the class so far. Having actually classmates who space literally going through specifically what the class is about has really intensified the experience. They market a fully different view on subject than would certainly be readily available if the course was just mmsanotherstage2019.com students. So…that’s quite darn cool.

I take ago what I stated before—something else really interesting happened top top Friday. Myself and some other students had lunch with the mmsanotherstage2019.com university trustees and various deans. We obtained the opportunity to talk them around mmsanotherstage2019.com and also what we would certainly change about it. I decided to sit at the “Facilities” table so ns talked come a trustee and a dean around some the the problems students have with few of the structures on campus. Lock were really attentive and also I really believe that they will certainly take what us told them into serious consideration—after all, who knows much better what the needs of campus space than the students who live ~ above it? over there were additionally tables for sustainability, athletics, academic focus, and also many more. We likewise got a yummy catered having lunch courtesy that Valentine Dining Hall.

I’ve invested the weekend the town hall movies v friends, capturing up ~ above homework, working and also going the end to a few of the parties on campus. All things considered, it was a very good week.

Oh yeah. The snowed this week. WTF mother Nature? It"s the center of October.

Answer to last week’s riddle: are you asleep?

This week’s riddle: The adhering to number is the only one of its kind. 8,549,176,320 What is therefore special about it?

 This past week has gone by in a frenzy. I had an exam on Sunday night and also another one top top Monday morning. Regardless of knowing this, I placed off every one of my studying till Sunday. I spent Friday doing research study with the Copeland other I’ve been working with. Us are at some point going to be studying water hyacinths—when we decide precisely what around them we plan on spring at, i’ll let you know. For currently though, i’m learning just how to use the programs we will be working through and evaluating satellite pictures of miscellaneous lakes throughout the world, trying to find water hyacinth and also changes over the years. The really amazing to be doing research—I feel prefer I’m trying mine future career on because that size—even though i don’t quite understand what that will be.

I spent Saturday relaxing and also doing some reading and also on Sunday i joined mine dorm for an apple picking adventure! Mike Hudak, one of the various other bloggers, is mine RC and I understand he talked about apple picking on his blog—but us went on various shifts. On my shift, it finished up simply being me and my girlfriend Sasha and we walked roughly the orchard choose the best looking to apologize we could find.

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There were also some Clydesdale equines we fed some of the new apples. We regulated to pick 30 apples prior to our bag overflowed and also we called it a day. On the method back to campus, we determined to protect against at Atkins which is this neat regional grocery save that makes amazing cupcakes and also apple cider doughnuts (or so ns hear—I’ve never actually had one). Us wondered roughly in there for a an excellent half hour checking out all the different candies and also baked goods then us hightailed it earlier to campus to research for ours exams (we both had actually the very same exam Sunday night). In ~ 7:20 we headed in the direction of the exam location. To me, that’s entirely the worst part—just obtaining to the exam room. I shot to operation every truth I studied through my head and always get really worried I will certainly forget something.
After the exam, ns went ago to mine room and studied because that my various other exam because that a bit, yet ultimately determined getting a good night’s remainder was more important. The exam became much harder than I anticipated however I survived. I invested the remainder of the main running about doing work-related for the yearbook or doing reading for my history class. I’m now officially top top break setting as this weekend is fall weekend (there room no class on Monday) and also this semester i don’t have actually Friday classes. My mom is coming as much as visit for autumn break therefore she and I will be able to explore the Pioneer valley a bit more. I’ll report ago soon!

Answer to last week’s riddle: The Letter M. My mommy said this riddle was too simple so i’ve tried to discover a harder one for this week. If you know a great riddle, feel free to email it to me!