Here’s exactly how to get Epona in The Legend the Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Regardless that if you’re who who’s jumping right into The Legend the Zelda: Ocarina that Time because that the twentieth time or the an initial time, you’re going to have actually questions. Here’s how to obtain Epona in LoZ Ocarina the Time.

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Before girlfriend can gain Epona, there space a few things you should keep in mind. First, you’ll need to discover Epona’s track as Young Link. We’ll get to exactly how you can do that in just a second. You’ll likewise need to be adult link in order to actually obtain Epona in Ocarina that Time. Friend can meet the legendary horse as Young Link, but won’t be able to actually ride that until later on in the game.

We’ve broken down the simple steps in bullet point type below. However, if you want extr details, be certain to read on down this page.

How to gain Epona in Ocarina that Time

Learn Epona’s track as Young connect by reflecting Malon your ocarina in ~ Lon Lon Ranch. As one adult, walk to the ranch with at least 70 rupees Pay 10 rupees to check a steed out Before experimentation a horse out, beat Epona’s tune to do Epona appear Test her the end again but this time, speak to Ingo Challenge him to a race for 50 rupees and also win Challenge the again with Epona top top the heat (don’t use the last carrot) Beat Ingo and also escape the locked gate by jumping over it (with sufficient speed)

How to discover Epona’s tune in Ocarina that Time

You can’t simply go over at any suggest to acquire Epona in Ocarina the Time, hop on her earlier and ride off into the sunset. You’ll need to first learn Epona’s song. To carry out this, you fulfill Malon in ~ Lon Lon Ranch and pull out your Ocarina while near her. Pat the tune that come up on-screen, and you’ll learn the song.

The ranch can be discovered in the main area the Hyrule field. We’ve had a map that Ocarina of Time’s overworld listed below to assist you recognize where you have to go.


Don’t worry if you’ve currently progressed to gift Adult attach in Ocarina the Time. It’s possible to go back to being Young connect by simply returning to the temple of Time and also placing the understand Sword back in the rock platform.

Returning to Lon Lon Ranch together Adult Link

With that done, development forward right into the game to the point where you room adult Link. Your next step is to do your means to the ranch, yet don’t go there unless you have at the very least 70 rupees.

You can quickly farm rupees by heading to castle Town and taking the first door top top Link’s best as he enters with the main gates. You’ll discover a room here filled with jars. Smash them all, take the rupees, go the end and back in again for simple farming.

Once you’ve derived 70 rupees in Ocarina that Time, head come Lon Lon Ranch and also pay 10 rupees to test the end a horse. When the one-minute timer starts, pull out your ocarina and play Epona’s song. This should cause Epona come appear.

It’s worth saving your game prior to you head come the ranch, for this reason if points don’t go your way, friend don’t require to uncover a bunch the rupees almost everywhere again to acquire Epona.

Next, walk over to her and interact v her. You should be provided the “test she out” option. Press A and you’ll be one step closer to gaining this legend horse.

After that, pay an additional 10 rupees to test out Epona. From here, head over to Ingo and also press A to talk to him. Agree to challenge him to a race for 50 rupees.

Now, every you need to do is success the race. After winning the race, challenge him again. This time, he’ll wager Epona. Agree to this wager and also again, success the race.

It will certainly be harder this time, however nothing absurd. Just stay ahead and also the steed will it is in yours soon enough. Don’t it is in tempted to ever before use the critical carrot that stamina, though. If you do, Epona will sluggish down and you’ll shed the race.

Unfortunately, Ingo doesn’t take the loss as well well and will shot to lock you into the ranch by locking the gate that you have to leave through. No worries, though. Gather some speed and run in ~ the gate. If you room going quick enough, Epona will certainly jump end the fence.

If you do it out of the ranch safely, the legendary horse is yours to keep. You can examine out this YouTube video, need to you desire a visual guide to aid you with the races against Ingo.

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That’s every you require to recognize to get Epona in Ocarina of Time. For much more Legend that Zelda: Ocarina of Time, inspect out this story around a male who uses the Ocarina of Time to regulate his home appliances.