IMVU is one online neighborhood where people create their very own customized 3D avatars and enjoy spending time with friends online. With over six million subscribers, and with the largest virtual items catalog, there is many of funny to be had actually on the platform. You can create, sell, and also buy goods, collection up games, and chatrooms, and also did we cite the tradition avatars?

However, if girlfriend like many of us have uncovered yourself spending an ext time online and less time on things that are vital to you, you might want to take it a break. Just promising yourself you i will not ~ be safety as much time online might not work and also you might want come disable or delete some of your social and also games account to help you continue to be accountable.

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Luckily the easiest and also official means to deactivate your IMVU account is not irreversible unless you desire it come be. Come disable your account, monitor these basic steps:

Enter your account password when prompted
Then pick continue
Once your account is deleted a success page will show up informing friend of this

You must make certain that the email address attached to her account is energetic and the you have access to it. Upon deleting her account, you will certainly receive an email from IMVU through a reactivation link. You need to save this if you’d like to reactivate your account in the future.

Image example of a mrs avatar

If friend cannot discover this e-mail however still wish to reactivate her account, you have the right to do this by opening a assistance ticket in the aid center in ~ IMVU and stating her account name, e-mail, and few other details about the account you wish to restore.

Note that IMVU may delete your account permanently without letting you know if it remains in an inactive state for a lengthy time. They will certainly not delete her account permanently if you execute not go through the deletion procedure but just stop utilizing it.

If you want the firm to delete your data immediately, the best method to accomplish this is come send lock an email. Friend can access their e-mail attend to on the website. Friend can additionally just e-mail come delete your account although the technique above is less complicated in our opinion. Note that the email technique only works for newer accounts 2-3 years.

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IMVU also has a phone call customer support line girlfriend can speak to to delete your account. This is detailed on your website under aid and Support. Some people may prefer this alternative as it is instant, and you benefit from the human touch when others may prefer the options we gift previously.