In act 1 scene 3 the “The Tragedy the Macbeth”, Macbeth and also Banquo are presented to the 3 witches. The witches call Macbeth he will end up being thane that Cawdor and “king thereafter” and they tell Banquo he will not end up being a king yet his kids will end up being kings. Soon after the witches provide these predictions Ross and Angus arrive and tell Macbeth the he is the Thane that Cawdor. These occasions have a good impact top top both Macbeth and Banquo yet mainly Macbeth and also though they both had the very same experience, their responses are totally different.

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Macbeth’s very first response come the witches’ suspect is interest, he wants them to tell that more, “stay, you imperfect speakers, tell me more! ” as soon as the witches suspect come through Macbeth has a neutral solution saying, “This superordinary soliciting cannot be ill/ cannot be bad, if ill why on foot it provided me earnest that success? ” Macbeth then brings into factor to consider that, even though his meeting with the witches incites terror in him, he believes it would do no damage in talking to them due to the fact that their an initial prediction had currently come through.

After the witches very first predictions come through, Macbeth becomes wildly curious. He proceeds to think around what has actually happened and begins come wonder what will happen. He climate becomes significantly attracted come what the witches had to say and also yearns to know more. Macbeth becomes so established to make the promise to become king job-related out the it sparks angry in his mind. That then begins to think that murder, “my thought, who murder yet is but fantastical. ” Macbeths’ reaction come the witches marks the start of his bottom spiral which proceeds throughout the play.

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Banquos’ reaction was almost the the contrary of Macbeths’ reaction come the witches. Once Banquo look at the witches he says to Macbeth, “what room these for this reason withered, and also so wild in your attire the look not choose th’ inhabitants o’ th’ earth? ” Banquo, unequal Macbeth was an extremely skeptical in managing the witches. The even suggested that he and also Macbeth must have actually been experiencing from some kind of hallucination, “were together things below as we execute speak about, or have actually we consumed on the insane root, the takes a reason prisoner? Banquo becomes an extremely fearful once he look at the currently of the witches predictions, the even suggested to Macbeth the the witches were just trying to victory them end so they might betray them, “the citizens of darkness tell us truths win united state with honest trifles, to betray us, in deepest consequence. ” By saying this Banquo indicates that he think what they claimed would cause trouble “honest trifles”.


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