Yes, technically the an ad for a car, however HOLY COW is this video of chickens mesmerizing:

Chickens deserve to keep their heads stable when their body move, many thanks to your long, S-shaped necks. (That’s why it LOOKS like their heads room bobbing once they to walk — your heads room actually continuing to be in the exact same place. If you put a chicken on a treadmill — and also we aren’t saying you do — it stops bobbing its head.)

According to Cornell’s Kevin McGowan:

By keeping the head still, the bird it s okay a far better look at the world and also is may be to see things an ext clearly. That can focus on one spot because that a longer period of time.

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This tactic is especially valuable for seeing motion. Bird are very interested in moving things: tiny moving objects come catch and also eat (such together insects), and big moving objects that could be dangerous and also need to it is in avoided (such together hawks). Detecting motion while you are moving is hard; the best method to carry out it is to was standing still. The head bobbing of birds permits them to detect movement while castle are relocating too.

Please cancel all my appointments.

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