Deidara uses the mouths in his palms to prepare clay because that his explosion release. Exactly how did he get these mouths? to be he born with them or go he gain them some various other way?




Somewhat contradictory to the various other two answers, it is in reality unknown how Deidara acquired the mouths in his hands, as it is no revealed in canon.

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The Wikia does point out the hands in their Iwagakure Kinjutsu article, but it"s crucial to note that the component talking about the hand is merely speculative.

Quote indigenous Wikia (emphasis my own):

It is likely the the mouths ~ above the user"s palms and also chest room the an outcome of making use of this technique

The method he stole from Iwagakure is talked about in the third databook:


In this Data publication article, the mentions the an approach that that steals indigenous Iwagakure is the capability to wrinkles his chakra into clay. It deserve to be guessed at that this is wherein the hand come from, but it"s feasible that he got the hand elsewhere and also can simply use that ability through those mouths.

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The an initial thing to say is the he to be not simply born with them, ~ he shed both arms fighting gaara and then naruto and kakashi, he had actually replacement arms grafted on and the donor arms likewise had the mouths. Naruto wikia has this come say top top the subject:

Deidara also possessed one-of-a-kind mouths in the palms of his hands and on the left side of his chest as a an outcome of stealing and also using a an effective kinjutsu from his town on himself. Deidara was required to leaving Iwagakure as soon as he stole a kinjutsu to develop his passion for art.

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