Now I've never read any type of of the publications for Gears the War. So perhaps I'm just simply missing some info that i would have the ability to get by analysis the books. But this is always bothered me. As we all understand at some allude in the Years between Gears 3 and 4 Anya Stroud later Anya Fenix overcome away because that an unknown reason. Marcus currently lives as an angry, broken and likely shell-shocked old male probably act things similarly to what Dominic was doing following his euthanasia that Maria.

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Do we in reality know how Anya died? to be an illness? natural causes? an accident? could she have potentially been killed by the COG and also Jinn?


Anya eliminated Marcus's tomato plants, therefore he had actually to teach her a lesson, if you know what ns mean...

We didn't view her death. Maybe she is alive the same means marcus' father were. Yet I DO believe that she's dead.

Maybe Marcus tells JD that she passed away to hide the truth from him??? probably she’s alive and also still in the COD?? Or perhaps she gained kidnapped by the locust? Or probably she ran off with Cole Train and had kids with him?? Idk, cram ideas

you think in a human being where they had robots building colonies/town there would certainly a healing for many illnesses

I agree v what you're saying, yet like OP claimed they have been a bit crazy atm. Contradictory though, if the COG had actually this entirety thing basically forcing ladies to have children, I'd choose to think that they would perform anything to store her healthy and balanced to hopefully repopulate more. Or possibly she was also old to give birth again? Or maybe, like I'm said is canon, she couldn't have kids so the COG couldn't spare medical resources for her and JD is actually adopted?

(Also ns don't understand who downvoted you because that coming up with ideas, here's mine up)

Well considering the reality that their people basically acquired turned upside under for the past 15 years give or take it maybe development for medical stuff take it a backseat come you know structure weapons.

We don’t actually know exactly how Anya died. I think it was condition but I could be wrong. Probably we’ll discover out in Gears of war 5 or the comics

In the beginning of Gears 4 they point out an occurrence at one of the cities/settlements that space being created by the COG that resulted in JD and also Del leave the COG.

My guess would certainly be the there to be some sort of "uprising/riot/protest" at the settlement and the DBs were sent out in for riot control and also she finished up dying to the injuries in the "suppression".

That's what i gleaned native the subtext anyway. That's my head canon right currently unless there's yes, really canon because that her.

Would also kind of describe why JD describes Baird together an asshole when he shows up with the old guard towards the finish of the game. Because he make the DBs.

You median settlement 4, right? Reyna gets pretty upset on Jinn as soon as they converse about it together well.

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Maybe Jinn tried come kidnap several of the Outsiders' kids/adults come the COG base (remember that kid, before closing the door because that the 3 horde tide battle versus the COG bots, asked Kait if they were gonna be taken away?) and tried to repopulate the person race, forcefully and also the outsiders denied?

Anya was additionally in charge of dumping the calcified locusts at fort Reval. It may have actually something to execute with that. I certainly can't wait to watch what spurred Del (and subsequently) to quit the COG, though. They've planted a most story "seeds", prepared for a future harvest.